Friday, January 11, 2008

Criminals worried about being "outlaws"

Hundreds gather to protest driver's license rules
Several hundred people, mostly Latino, are rallying on the Capitol steps in protest of strict new driver's license rules scheduled that will make it harder for illegal immigrants to drive.

Signs in Spanish and in English pleaded against the change, scheduled to start Feb. 4. One large banner read: "Taking our driver license away take our honesty away. We don't want to be outlaws."

I got news for you my illegal amigos: you are already dishonest and you are already outlaws.

You can "not ask" and "demand" all you want, you aren't getting it.


Rick Hickey said...

Yeah but Rallies last year pushed that Amnesty Bill thru the Senate right? Not.
The House then? nope.

And the traveling Illegal alien only ID Consulate card is still available with those 12 state agencies tagging along, right? Not.

And those 5,000 signatures will get them a License, right? Not.

The side of Law and Order and Honor, OUR side, will always win.

Remember Good guys always win and the bad guys are put in jail(or deported).

THANK YOU again for reminding the General Public that we have too many Foreign criminals here.

OFIR phone calls & E-mails again just went berserk today.
Thank you for increasing our membership, signatures and money donated.
RALLY next week too, please.

Allen said...

I guess Please and Thank You got lost in translation.

Hip, hip for OFIR!!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear that clip on the Victoria Taft show (your welcome Vicky for the plug!) where one of the illegal alien supporters said that if they could not get licenses that they would turn to bank robberies if that is what it took to feed their families?

Listening to that remark made my blood boil. It was then I finally realized that this is no game here.....these people have absolutely ZERO respect for the american people or the laws of the country. So much for "family values don't stop at the Rio Grande" crap that Bush has been spouting.

Anonymous said...

10:29 -- Um...just because someone says something doesn't make it true. Do you really think illegal immigrants are going to start robbing banks to feed their families because they can't get a drivers license? They will get along just fine without a drivers license. They will continue to drive and they will use their matricular cards as ID and the banks will accept them. Basically, it's business as usual. Not having a license isn't going to make too big of an impact in their ability to make do.

And don't call me an illegal alien supporter because I'm not. I just see things for what they are.

No drivers license is a minor inconvenience. They'll get along pretty much just fine without them.

Anonymous said...

Anti-immigration assholes like Miglavs have been around for thousands of years. And you know what? When all's said and done, at the end of the day, they lose, and human freedom and justice prevails.

OregonGuy said...

The Governor is mad. Democrat legislators enable his madness.

We're living in our own King George moment.

"The Vision is strong with this one."

Charlie D. said...

The sad fact is what is happening here is people are being denied the right to feed their families. That is what it will all come down to in the end anyways. I agree that the borders need to be secured, but what the state of Oregon is doing is a wrong headed approach. These immigrants are helping Oregon's economy and they are just trying to have better lives. Refusing the ID in the form of the Oregon Drivers License is probably the only way to really track who is here in this state. As a retired law enforcement officer, I think that this is a dangerous approach.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, of all the thousands of laws that are on the books, why are you fixated on the handful that pertain to illegal immigration? Crossing into this country without papers isn't, strictly speaking, illegal anyway; it's a violation of a rule ... the federal equiviliant of a citation for jaywalking. Look it up.

What motivates you, Mr. Miglavs? How has illegal immigration DIRECTLY impacted the actual conditions of YOUR personal life?

Anonymous said...

charlie d., you are so wrong that I do not know where to begin. First off, no one is being denied the right to feed his/her family. The fact is that anyone that unlawfully enters the US is not entitled to work her. End of story. They are more than welcome to return home to their beloved homeland to feed their families.

And is it the duty of Mr./Mrs. Oregon taxpayer to provide schooling, medical care, WIC, food stamps, etc. to people who disobey our laws and just decide to swarm on our country just because they get a fatter paycheck up here? No it is not.....and you would not expect Mexican citizens to do the same if the tables were turned.

Face it......these people are getting desperate. They have been horribly rude uninvited guests to our country and it is time for them to leave. The jig is up and they are getting nastier as things are getting tougher for them. They could really care less about the legal citizens of this country. They only care about what they can grab while here.

Anonymous said...

CHarlie if you arrested and deported more of them when you were a cop, this mess wouldn't be so shitty.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Charlie and others. This is a bad, bad policy. Our roads are already hell. An illegal alien weather or not he/she has a drivers license is still an illegal alien. One with out a license is much more dangerous and less findable than one without. Who ever thought this up must be an idiot. We are talking about Tax-n-Gouge-Me and Patty Wentz though.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:57 you have to remember that currently in Oregon there is a law that restricts law enforcement from arresting someone based on their legal status. that will change though. thanks to OFIR

Anonymous said...

OFIRs Inititiative cannot force law enforcemnt to arrest undocs. The measure if passed and if not ruled unconstitutional in the courts just makes it so law enforcement CAN if they wish.

With law enforcemnt agencies around Oregon low on cash, the last thing they want to do is have to be de facto ICE agents for free. My uncle who is actually the police chief of a fair sized agency in Oregon said that he will not be making his officers enforce immigration laws as it is far too costly and is the job of the federal government.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Charlie D.

There are hundreds and thousands of people accross the United States that do not have a drivers license, who still somehow manage to feed their families.

As a former Police Officer you should know that even in States where it is easy as hell to get a DL, (even if you are illegal) a huge number of illegals STILL don't bother to get one. (I know, I'm a former Police Officer myself)

A Drivers License not only allows the bearer to operate a motor vehicle, it is also a legal document stating who we are, when we were born, the color of our eyes and hair, how tall we are, and where we live. The ability to obtain one with flimsy or false documentation is the last thing we need. Almost all of the 9-11 hijackers had obtained a State Issued DL by using false documentation. Why? Because it was easy, that's why.

There is no logical or rational reason why anyone would be against having to PROVE WHO YOU ARE prior to the State issuing a card, verifying the fact.

Remember, reason, rationality, and logic will win the argument every time. Touchy-feely, politically correct arguments are almost always based on irrational thought.

Bryan said...

"Remember, reason, rationality, and logic will win the argument every time. Touchy-feely, politically correct arguments are almost always based on irrational thought."

You're right on that point, Anthony. I think if you argued using reason, rationality, and logic instead of spewing your irrational illogical poltically charged shit, you'd win more arguments.

Anthony DeLucca said...


It's tough to reason with those of you who aren't willing to think in reasonable terms. You say that my argument is irrational and without reason, yet you don't explain why.

It's like attempting a debate with my ultra liberal lawyer sister. She continually makes the statement "My opinion is as valid as yours." Well it isn't. My opinions are almost always based on prior research and study of the facts of the topic at hand, while hers are based primarily on whatever "Code Pink" and "Rosie O'Donnel" paste on their websites...which is usually wrought with amazingly inaccurate data, or outright disingenuous garbage. While I will fight tooth and nail for her right to express her opinion, there is no way in hell that the majority of liberal arguments are as "valid" as mine.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:19 then your uncle should be fired for being a traitor and for being unable to do his job.

Scottiebill said...

Anon 6:52 - If Anon 11:19's uncle should be fired for not doing his job and for being a traitor to the country and the State of Oregon, the by that logic, so should Teddy the Useless, Guillermo Bradbury, Hardy Har Har Myers, and, of course, Tommy Potter the Irrelevant.

And those firings would be GOOOOOOOD!

But we all know how soon that will happen, don't we.

Anonymous said...

If they don't have driver's licenses, they won't be able to drive! Because driving without a license is against the law and ... er, uh ... they ... um

Anonymous said...

This issue of driver’s licenses once again puts OFIR’s naiveté and ignorance on display.

Let’s say this law passes. What do you think it’s going to do? If you think it’s actually going to stop illegals from driving, then I have some oceanfront property in Eastern Oregon I’d like to sell to ya. Fact is (as one other poster already mentioned), most illegals don’t bother to get a driver’s license as things currently stand. The only thing this law would do is ensure that the trend continues. And it’s going to help ensure my insurance premiums go up, as more and more unlicensed drivers hit the road.

And as far as arresting these people goes, yet another poster also got it right: most local law enforcement agencies don’t have the financial or other necessary resources to start arresting all, or even most, illegals with whom they come into contact. And I’ll guarantee you that most local law enforcement agencies have little to no desire to become de facto ICE agents.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Illegal immigration is an economic issue, not a law enforcement issue. If well-intentioned-but-ultimately-foolhardy individuals and groups like OFIR keep trying to fix the problem through criminal sanctions instead of pragmatic economic coercion, they’ll be about as successful at getting rid of illegals as anti-drug forces have been at getting rid of drugs. (And in both cases, it’s because advocacy groups ignore the economic underpinnings of the respective problems.)