Friday, January 04, 2008

Don't give us Huckabee


Anonymous said...


Big Mike Lewis said...

Yeah, If given the Iowa Caucus choices, I would vote for Obama.

Big Mike Lewis said...

I'm curious what others think.

Go to my other blog and vote in the 2 polls I have placed there about the Iowa Caucus.

Anonymous said...

Romney is a double talking elitist.

Romney is more likely to stab you in the back on illegal immigration than Huckabee.

Romeny is an obediant lap dog of the elite, who undeniably want open borders and amnesty.

Huckabee is a Conservative populist and thus can be politically pressured by Conservatives in the heartland to be tough on illegal immigration.

Romney would weather the storm with elite backing and support while signing a bill granting "amnesty" just like when he carried out same-sex marriage on behalf of a Mass. judiciary that itself had no constitutional power to impose gay marriage.

There was a valid, recognized, constitutional argument based on "seperation of powers" doctrine that Romeny could have asserted while saying he would not carry out the court's opinion.

Romney didn't, he stabbed traditional marriage in the back.

Would he do the same on "amnesty?"

I bet he would.

Daniel, you've been conned and conned badly.

Now you're an unwitting tool, in other words, a useful idiot, of the open boders elite that already know Romeny will stab patriots like you in the back.

Look at Fred Thompson if you can't stomach Huckabee.

Again, Romeny is a flip-flopping fake.

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who they "give" you guys, Daniel! There will NOT be a Republicon in the White House in 2009!

PUBLIUS said...

Ha, great video.

Scottiebill said...

Huckabee will turn out to be the Republican Jimmy Carter. An appeaser of the terrorists, a waffling do-nothing that will cater to the criminals (witness his pardoning a convicted rapist in Arkansas who killed shortly after his release), a crony of the ACLU and other anti-American entities. He will be a total disaster as was jimmy Carter.

If he does in fact get the nomination, I will write in Ross Perot or Ralph Nader or just about anyone other than Hucksterbee. But NEVER Hillary or Obama or the slip-and-fall shyster, Edwards.

Surely, Edwards was one whom Shakespeare was referring to when He wrote," First we will kill all the lawyers."

Anonymous said...

The bottom line: Huckabee, Romney, McCain. It doesn't matter. When it's time to vote come November, Daniel Miglavs will throw his "principles" to the wind, hold his nose, and vote for whatever sorry-ass elitist right-wing millionaire Republican is on the ballot. And life will go on.

Anonymous said...

Surely, Edwards was one whom Shakespeare was referring to when He wrote," First we will kill all the lawyers."

Yet another subtle, thinly-veiled comment by a fascist-minded Miglavian hinting that one's political opponents ought to be killed. Now, if only "Hostile" from a previous thread were here, he could skull-fuck him, too.

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neo_fish said...

I hope the following 14 reasons are forwarded over and over again until they are read so many times that the reader gets sick of reading them. I have included the URL's for verification of the following facts:

1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year.

2. $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.

3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.

4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English!

5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.

6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens.

7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens.

8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare and Social Services by the American taxpayers.

9. $200 Billion Dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens.

10. The illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that's two-and-a-half times that of white non-illegal aliens. In particular, their children, are going to make a huge additional crime problem in the US.

11. During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that crossed our Southern Border also, as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from Terrorist Countries. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana, crossed into the U. S from the Southern border. Homeland Security Report.

12. The National Policy Institute, "estimated that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or an average cost of between $41 and $46 billion annually over a five year period."

13. In 2006 illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances back to their countries of origin.

14. "The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One Million Sex Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States".

Total cost is a whooping... $338.3 BILLION A YEAR!!!
If this doesn't bother you then just delete the message, but on the other hand, if it does raise the hair on the back of your neck, then forward it.

Snopes is provided for doubters:

Social Security Change For 2008 The United States Senate voted to extend Social Security Benefits to Illegal Aliens beginning in 2008. The following are the senators who voted to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits. They are grouped by home state. If a state is not listed, there was no voting representative


Alaska: Stevens (R)
Arizona : McCain (R)
Arkansas : Lincoln (D) Pryor (D)
California : Boxer (D) Feinstein (D)
Colorado : Salazar (D)
Connecticut : Dodd (D) Lieberman (D)
Delaware : Biden (D) Carper (D)
Florida : Martinez (R)
Hawaii : Akaka (D) Inouye (D)
Illinois : Durbin (D) Obama (D)
Indiana : Bayh (D) Lugar (R)
Iowa : Harkin (D)
Kansas : Brownback (R)
Louisiana : Landrieu (D)
Maryland : Mikulski (D) Sarbanes (D)
Massachusetts : Kennedy (D) Kerry (D)
Montana : Baucus (D)
Nebraska : Hagel (R)
Nevada : Reid (D)
New Jersey : Lautenberg (D) Menendez (D)
New Mexico : Bingaman (D)
New York : Clinton (D) Schumer (D)
North Dakota : Dorgan (D)
Ohio : DeWine (R) Voinovich(R)
Oregon : Wyden (D)
Pennsylvania : Specter (R)
Rhode Island : Chafee (R) Reed (D)
South Carolina : Graham (R)
South Dakota : Johnson (D)
Vermont : Jeffords (I) Leahy (D)
Washington : Cantwell (D) Murray (D)
West Virginia : Rockefeller (D), by Not Voting
Wisconsin : Feingold (D) Kohl (D)

Anonymous said...

How many of those are from Anthony DeLucca's "FBI/INS Statistical Report"?

Anonymous said...

Neo-Fish, just because someone says it on CNN doesn't mean it's true. How naive are you, anyway?

Oh -- guess you answered my question: Thanks for the link to I went, thanks to your suggestion, to read about the $45 billion "illegal aliens" sent back to Mexico, but I'm afraid I got distracted by the articles about UFOs, mind control and how half of the people in Vanity Fair's annual ranking of power brokers are Jewish.

Roger Doger said...

up-Chuck Norris? He sucks as an actor. May be good at martial arts, but the guy is not someone that is gonna bring the folks. If that is the best Huckabee can do for a personality. Sad...very sad.

As for Romney, he will not be the nominee. The anti-immigrant crowd really lost out on their issue throwing it up for Romney. Tancrepo was more than a kiss of death. Now with Tancrepo gone, there is not really the standard bearer for the movement there once was. And it won't take much to sink Romney. I am waiting for the Portland Based push poll scandel to blow his campaign wide open.

Looking at the ABC debate tonight, the top issue was the ECONOMY-- stupid. Republicans have nowhere to go with that issue except the tiolet. So they can only talk GODS, GUNS and GAYS. The war is even a little moot. Immigration, it didn't even make it as a mentionable in the poll. With a recession looming, WallStreet more than needs all the cheap labor it can get. With Republicans, money always talks the loudest.

Anonymous said...

CNN Transcripts of Lou Dobbs, who's been caught LYING how many times? And, "neo-fish", didn't you kind of fudge a couple of items that seem to be duplicates of each other (the "H&W" numbers)?

Criminal activity numbers are inaccurate too. And don't call me an "apologist" for illegal aliens either. If you want to come on this site with made up numbers from websites that are obviously not objective then you will be trounced FROM BOTH SIDES. Facts not fiction or don't bother coming on this site. Do you have a problem with the truth?

The TRUTH is bad enough. You don't need to come in here with fairy tale numbers from sites with a clear agenda to lie.


Anonymous said...

It matters not who the GOP nominee is. He has already lost.

Snakehandler said...

Perhaps it's the cast iron gut, but I could stomach Huckabee as POTUS far more easily than I could Romneybot, Dead Fred or Rudy "I was the mayor of N.Y.C. when we were attacked" Guiliani. Hell, McCain would be preferable to the afore mentioned 3. That's just me.

Snakehandler said...

Furthermore, Chuck Norris is a horrid actor (his chosen craft) and possesses an average IQ at best. Guess Huckabee is courting the white trash mobile home dwelling NASCAR set having him behind him during a televised speech. One would think he'd be interested in attracting rather than repelling potential voters higher on the food chain. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Surely, Edwards was one whom Shakespeare was referring to when He wrote," First we will kill all the lawyers."

This reminds me of that scene in a Fish Called Wanda.

Kevin Kline: I'm not an idiot. Idiots don't read Nietzsche.

Jamie-Lee Curtis: Sure they do, they just don't understand it.


Anonymous said...

Don’t read too much into Huckabee winning Iowa. As we’ll see during tomorrow’s New Hampshire primary, an evangelical winning in a mid-western state is a much different proposition than an evangelical winning in an East or West Coast state. I suspect it will mostly be downhill for Huckabee from here on out.

Don’t get me wrong. While I disagree with many of Huckabee’s policies, I don’t think he’s a bad guy. He strikes me as a basically decent person. But most Americans are just too smart to put a man in the White House who believes the Earth is only 6,000 years old.

ablur said...

The election is a disaster. It is more like choosing which to be devoured by a lion or a tiger, then choosing a person who puts America first.

We need to get rid of all the self serving power hungry losers and find some real Americans.

Anonymous posts? Do any of you actually have the courage to stand up for what you say?