Saturday, December 31, 2005

Corruption in Mexico? Really?

Elite unit´s image tarnished by scandals
A string of incidents, including a DVD recording of a drug-related execution, have shaken Mexico´s faith in the new Federal Investigation Agency, created to fight powerful organized crime rings.

Those drug-related executions do sometimes "shake" the faith in law enforcement. Not completely destroy the faith... just shake it a little.

A recent series of indictments and disclosures about corrupt federal agents has rocked the federal Attorney General´s Office (PGR) and undermined one of President Vicente Fox´s few solid accomplishments: the creation of an elite, honest federal force to fight kidnappers and drug dealers.

The charges accuse federal agents of doing the bidding of drug traffickers and carrying out kidnappings and extortion plots, the same kind of corruption the agency was created to stop.

Hey I've got a plan! Let's leave our border open with these lunatics so that they can smuggle drugs and criminals into our country! That will keep Americans safe because we all know that protection of the American people is the governments highest priority. Right after making sure that our toilets don't flush too much water.

Illegal alien of the day


Wow, those illegal aliens are hardworking!

Our replacements

Washington State Partnership Network for Hispanic Workforce Development: An Application of Interactive On-line Learning
Goal: Expand education and workforce training access available to Mexican populations living in Oregon and Washington, USA through trans-national Internet facilitated teaching and learning collaboration.

Note that the goal is not to educate Hispanics as the title suggests, the goal is to educate Mexicans. (aka foreign citizens)

In many US labor market regions, including many in the Pacific Northwest, Hispanic immigrants are the most rapidly growing demographic labor force group and their preparation to fill business and labor skill gaps is critical to regional and national economic growth.

As an American worker I can't say that I'm too thrilled that we are importing "the most rapidly growing" labor force from another country.

Basic literacy and language skills are a current barrier to successful training of immigrants to fill living wage employment opportunities expected to be available within rapidly growing segments of the US and Washington State economy over the next 10 years.

One minute they are "doing the jobs that Americans won't do" and the next we are using tax dollars to help prepare them for "living wage employment." It's very ironic considering that these same elites are the ones who claim that there is a major shortage of "living wage" (what is that?) jobs as it is.

In addition, the initiative will improve the ability of ordinary Mexicans to obtain living wage employment or start successful businesses no matter where they live.

Where they should be living is Mexico. It's not our fault their government ran that country into the ground. They have a huge supply of natural resources and they claim to have a huge hardworking labor force, what's the problem?

This taxpayer funded project even has a flow chart with all arrows pointing to American citizens getting screwed.

It is mind boggling to see how much time, money and effort are going into educating another countries population, especially when they are criminal aliens, when our own education system needs some work.

If you have anything to say about this project contact:

Bill Gillis

Ralph B. Ibarra

Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm certified (not) organic

As my regular readers know by now I am very consistent with my posting. I always get one up in the morning before work, one right after work and usually one in the evening. Everyday.

The lack of a post last night and this morning was due to a family thing. Routine medical stuff with one of my kids so I was out of the house last night. Let me say, I sure am glad to live in America where we have the best medical care available. As opposed to say, Canada... "the time that patients wait to be seen by a specialist has almost doubled ― from 9.3 weeks to 17.7 weeks.1 More and more Canadians are avoiding waiting lists by crossing the border or seeking private clinics in Canada to get the service they need." SOURCE

1. Average waiting time from referral by a general practitioner until treatment by a specialist. 1993 and 2004 figures from the Fraser Institute.

Hey Daniel, I regularly read liberal websites, what's that funny stuff just above this?

That my friend is a footnote. It means that I'm not just making things up or saying stupid things that are not provable such as "everyone loves the health care in Canada."

But back to my original post, this is getting way off track, I do not like organic products. Or at least not organic beer. I got a craft beer set for Christmas that has a lot of microbrews from Oregon, Washington and California. As I write this I am drinking a "certified organic" Wolaver's pale ale. It tastes like it needs some chemicals.

While there is apparently a market for "certified organic" products (I know someone who only uses organic mouthwash) it is certainly not for me!

When I eat my baby birds for breakfast (eggs) I want them to be unnaturally big, when I drink my beer I want to know that the hops were kept bug free with peticides and when I am clubbing a baby seal to death to make some slippers I want to know that he was given steroids so that at least he had a fighting chance against me and my baseball bat.

Time to try another beer...
*humming the song "it's five O'clock somewhere"*

A small change


While reviewing your account, we noticed that you are currently displaying Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with our policies. For instance, we found violations of AdSense policies on pages such as

Publishers are not permitted to encourage users to click on Google ads or bring excessive attention to ad units. For example, your site cannot contain phrases such as “click the ads,” “support our sponsors,” “visit these recommended links,” or other similar language that could apply to the Google ads on your site. Publishers may not use arrows or other symbols to direct attention to the ads on their sites, and publishers may not label the Google ads with text other than “sponsored links” or “advertisements.”

Please make any necessary changes to your web pages in the next 72 hours. We also suggest that you take the time to review our program policies ( to ensure that all of your other pages are in compliance.

I know that Gullyborg also had a hard time with Google and has since switched to another ad service. I also read an article by an editor at PC World who knew a friend whose account was terminated just as he was about to get his first check.

I'm going to continue to use Google but I had to take down the offending phrase. Oh well.

Illegal alien of the day






Thanks to the reader who sent this link! Juan Rosillo is just another one of those "good hearted folks" from down south that came here to keep our economy afloat. Because we all know that our economy depends on child molestors.

Do you think that the victim(s) of this man would be ok with strawberries costing ten cents extra if it meant that they could be sure that he would never be able to break into this country again? I know that I would.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

We're so broke

DHS is so broke that on their website they offer this:

There are 78 job opportunitiesas of 12/29/2005

That's right, no hiring freeze at the agency that claims they are $172 million in the red. But then again, how could you stop hiring when important jobs like Art Therapist and all the various managers, supervisors, specialists and coordinators whose duties all seem to overlap need to be filled.

I'm sure that somewhere an elderly widow without health insurance is probably waiting for her "art therapist" ($47,436 + benefits annually) right now. That's more important to her than heart medication.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Alcoholics anonymous: time for a pot break

Meeting Title: Governor’s Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse Programs
Oregon treats 60 thousand A&D clients per year, 23 DUII clients, of which only 10 are enrolled in the medical marijuana program.

Smashing success! Oregon (read:taxpayers) pay to treat drug addicts while at the same time licencing them to grow and smoke marijuana! Genius!

The meeting also talks about Oregon have a lot of IV drug users but they insist that the presence of needle exchange programs don't encourage needle use. Cause you know how the market works like that, readily available products are usually ignored... wait a minute...

We could save a few dollars at DHS today

State agency faces $172 million budget gap
The director of the Oregon Department of Human Services says the agency faces a $172 million shortfall in its current 2005-2007 budget.

"You could fix this by making cuts somewhere but I think it's a fool's errand," said Alan Bates, D-Ashland, one of several lawmakers who said Tuesday that they favored a special session.

My collection of DHS nonsense from previous posts:

Previous Post titled "DHS: Tips to flaunt the law"
This is the official word from DHS on how to get food stamps for illegal aliens. It's literally a step by step procedure complete with a common example. Be ready to throw up.

Previous Post titled "DHS: Strapped for Cash"
Talking about things like the "Department of Human Services Diversity Development Coordinating Council" and With jobs like "Diversity Coordinator" (Marita Baragli) and "Cultural Competency & Workforce Diversity Manager" (Open position) and "affirmative action officer" (Travis Richard) I can see why they need so much money.

Can't Marita and Travis handle the whole "diversity" thing by themselves? Do they really need a "Cultural Competency & Workforce Diversity Manager" who makes $59736 annually? Couldn't that 60k go towards helping the needy?

Previous Post titled "Priority populations: The Chosen Ones"
$3208 - $4476 MONTHLY
That's $53,712 annually + 15% benefits = $61768.80 total cost to the taxpayers
This job is to serve lesbians and low income women. No joke.

Previous Post titled "Marching to a different tune..."
Who has a booth at the Portland Pride Parade? DHS! (I think that they are right next to the Freedom Socialist Party booth)

Previous Post titled "Another public agency openly works with illegal aliens"
About DHS helping to adminster programs throught OHOP which has scores of information on how to give public assistance to illegal aliens.

Previous Post titled "Tax dollars go towards hindering your constitutional rights"
Maybe DHS could save some money by not going around talking like this: "Guns are now a prevalent health hazard."

Previous Post titled "Don't let them fool you, they have money"
Another "now hiring" post.

This was just a quick search of my archives for the phrase "DHS." How much money could be save by eliminating some of the above nonsense? Let's see, we've got food stamps for illegal aliens, tons of job titles with the word "diversity" in them, participation in liberal events for unknown reasons, and thinking that it's their job to discourage gun ownership.

I see a few dollars there.

Speaking of putting down the pipe

Ran across the Green Parties list of "current candidates in office" and I noticed that someone who could possibly affect my life was a greenie. Obviously I couldn't have that so I prepared to go about seeing how I could change this. What did I find? That the Green Party is either stupid, lying or lazy.

Elected Pacific Greens
Lisa Melyan, Boardmember, Tualatin Valley Water District, Washington County

TVWD Board of commisioners
No Lisa Melyan to be found.

Hmm, maybe that whole communal socialist system doesn't produce good results after all...

Nabisco stock shoots up

Medical marijuana among changing laws
Holders of medical marijuana cards in Oregon now will be allowed to have up to 1½ pounds of dried marijuana and six mature plants under a new state law that takes effect Jan. 1.

The increased possession limit, part of an effort to clear up ambiguities in the state’s 1998 medical marijuana program, was among the hundreds of new laws approved by the 2005 Oregon Legislature.

No you're not crazy, that is the law that we the people voted down when it went up as a ballot measure. The pot heads are extremely happy but I found a serious oxymoron on the OregonNORML site:


I'm not sure why winter is so critical, maybe sales from this years harvest are coming in, but is there really such thing as a "responsible marijuana consumer?"

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I will rule with an iron fist

For a sight that may be welcoming to some of you and disturbing to others, check out Kate1040.

My first act would be to nominate Ann Coulter to the Supreme Court!

NOTE: This was not done at my prompting but I'm actually quite fond of the picture. It's pretty clever and I have since met the artist who is a great guy.

Kulongoski + Fox = trouble

Passing the GED can be an impossible dream for students who are just learning English. Because a GED is a goal for many of our Spanish speakers, the Londer Learning Center has begun offering Spanish language GED testing, as well as basic math in Spanish and reading in Spanish.

Salvador D. and Angel C. Salvador began studying English at the Learning Center last year. When looking for jobs, he learned how important the GED is to employers. Salvador relapsed, but was able to resume his studies at the Learning Center once he was stabilized.

This issue of "The Learning Curve" which is a publication by Multnomah County and the corrections dept they even feature a Mexican flag to accompany this pathetic article.

But the kicker:
Through an agreement with Governor Ted Kulongoski and Mexico's President Vicente Fox, the Mexican Consulate is setting up Spanish literacy programs throughout the state.

Materials are free and can be accessed off the internet. Through these courses, a Spanish speaker from any country in Latin America can earn a primary or secondary school certificate.

Thanks so much Governor Teddy. Now people from other countries can come here and get "free materials" (free to them, not to taxpayers) to get educated in another language. Way to go.

Get ready to shed some tears...
Thanks to this access to Mexico's adult education material, the Londer Learning Center currently has one student who is learning to read in Spanish. This student, Luis, was orphaned
at an early age and never attended school in Mexico. Luis's son dropped out of high school in Portland and has been involved in gangs. Since beginning his reading classes at the Learning
Center, Luis now has the confidence to start studying English.

Luis, thanks so much for coming to this country with absolutely no skills, no ability to speak the language and fathering a child who is now a gang member. It's all worth it though because you have the "confidence to start studying English."

Is NOW going to do something?

Western Muslims' Racist Rape Spree
In Australia, Norway, Sweden and other Western nations, there is a distinct race-based crime in motion being ignored by the diversity police: Islamic men are raping Western women for ethnic reasons. We know this because the rapists have openly declared their sectarian motivations.

And earlier this year Australians were outraged when Lebanese Sheik Faiz Mohammed gave a lecture in Sydney where he informed his audience that rape victims had no one to blame but themselves. Women, he said, who wore skimpy clothing, invited men to rape them.

This column documents many instances of Muslims condoning the rape of non-muslims and makes a compelling case that this is an epidemic.

How come I don't see any rush to create new "hate crime" laws?

Illegal alien of the day

Reynaldo E. Rapalo

Story from FOXNews:
A man accused of sexually assaulting seven girls and women was recaptured late Monday, nearly a week after escaping from jail by rappelling down the building on bed sheets, police said.

Local and federal authorities had been scouring neighborhoods, airports, train stations and ports for Rapalo, a 34-year-old Honduran.

The inability to catch the rapist terrified women and the parents of young girls across the Little Havana area. One victim was 79 years old. Three others were young girls who were attacked in the span of four weeks. An 11-year-old was raped as she arrived home from school.

Story from Sun-Sentinel:
Rewards totaling $16,000 were offered for information leading to Rapalo's arrest, including $10,000 offered by the FBI. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were also involved in the manhunt for Rapalo, who is originally from Honduras.

From America's Most Wanted:
Reynaldo Rapalo, a Honduran citizen whose visa had expired, was arrested Septmeber 19, 2003 after terrorizing the Miami community.

You have to pull teeth to find out that this guy is an illegal alien. Most of the media used variations of the AP report where the most they said was that he was a Honduran. I guess that extra fact that he shouldn't have been in this country to rape 11 year olds as they walk home from schools isn't important.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Quality network programming Part II

In addition to the quality show featured in the post below I just saw a promo for a show called "Injustice."

It's about all those convicted felons in prison who are really innocent. Yeah, all 0.00000001% of them. But I guess if you throw in some wild promiscuous sex, racist cops and crime victims who lie (except in the case of rape or hate crimes, those victims never lie) (oh wait, exception to the exception, if someone accuses Bill Clinton of rape then the victim is lying) I guess that they can stretch that into a whole season of television.

I could get into the seriousness of the media portraying convicted ciminals as grief stricken victims of an unfair justice system but I'm going to be too busy with jury duty. I'm sure that the suspect is innocent though, he looks like that guy from tv...

They are using my name... without a warrant

New NBC Drama Show Mocks Christianity
NBC is touting the network's mid-season replacement series "The Book of Daniel" with language that implies it is a serious drama about Christian people and Christian faith. The main character is Daniel Webster, a drug-addicted Episcopal priest whose wife depends heavily on her mid-day martinis.

Webster regularly sees and talks with a very unconventional white-robed, bearded Jesus. The Webster family is rounded out by a 23-year-old homosexual Republican son, a 16-year-old daughter who is a drug dealer, and a 16-year-old adopted son who is having sex with the bishop's daughter.

This is what passes for a family sitcom these days. The only part that shocks me is that the parents are married. AFA has a link on their site to send a letter to those at NBC responsible for this mockery.

New Mac Johnson column

Bush Violates Terrorists' Nuclear Privacy
Not to be outdone, U.S. News and World Report put on its water wings Friday and tried to create a splash of it own, by reporting that the same renegade Bush administration has been monitoring radiation levels in the public air -- without a warrant! Gasp! The power-mad Bushies have done this in a diabolical attempt to get early warning of terrorists preparing to use a nuclear or dirty bomb against an American city. According to the story, this program is fraught with all sorts of subtle privacy issues.

I mean, when you don’t have the right to leak radiation into the communal air from a clandestine nuclear bomb, what rights do you have really? Clearly, Bush is Hitler, but worse.

It's funny but it's serious. I know that I laughed reading this but we should really be concerned about the mental stability of journalists and their constant aid to the enemy.

For those of you who have read about this "scandal" in the media, let Mac tell you about it, he's more informative and very witty.

Singing a different tune

September 7, 2001

PRESIDENT VICENTE FOX: Well, first, I respect the U.S. Congress; they have the final word, and the final decision, no doubt. We don't want to interfere on U.S. politics or U.S. mechanisms, so that's number one.

Now those of you who have read my recent posts like this one and this one know that Fox is now singing a different tune.

On September 7, 2001 I think that Fox was quite comfortable that the man in the White House, President Bush, was firmly on his side and that public opinion on this was relatively muted.

Fast forward to December 2005 and you have an entire country outraged over illegal immigration and it's devastating effects, private citizens willing to take up the call of the Minutemen and defend our border, and groups like OFIR who are willing to follow the Mexican Consulate around the state of Oregon to protest illegal aliens getting sham ID's and government services.

Not only is Fox now willing to "interfere" with U.S. politics and U.S. mechanisms, he has resorted to childish name calling and threats.

Illegal alien of the day

Today's illegal alien who "deserve[s] to be respected in all their rights because they are hard working" -Vicente Fox is none other than...


On October 20, 2005 this contributing member of society was arrested on six counts of Sex Abuse in the first degree. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) put a hold on him on November 16, 2005. Then somehow he was arrested for five more counts of Sex Abuse in the first degree on December 20, 2005.

I can only assume that they found more victims while he was in custody. This illegal alien deserves no respect Mr. Fox. We don't want him in our country. Lives have been ruined because he was in our country.

Those lives may have been spared if our border was secure, if Mexico would stop encouraging it's citizens to migrate illegaly and if our government agencies would stop pampering people who have broken multiple laws.

Lock him up and then deport him!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

A very Merry Christmas from Daniel and Veronica. Good wishes to all of you!

I want to thank my regular readers, I appreciate you letting me vent in this forum and thanks for coming up and saying hi when you recognize me at various political functions.

Thanks to the regular commentors, even those of you who simply call me a nazi. I enjoy the feedback, criticism, support and nonsensical statements.

Also, thanks to all the bloggers on the lists to the right. They are a great group of people, check out their sites.

I correspond with many of them, have had the opportunity to meet some of them and appreciate the kind words and help they have had for me.

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!

Now hiring (with your money)

Diversity & Outreach Specialist

$2,788 - $3,909 MONTHLY

There will be an approximate 5% increase to the top step of the salary range listed above effective 7/1/06. In addition to annual step increases, there will be a 2% increase in salary on 12/1/06.
(Those poor state workers never get raise... they just get an annual step increase, a classification step increase and oh wait, they do get a raise)

Bilingual applicants are encouraged to apply and may be eligible for a pay differential of 5% over their base rate pay

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department invites applications for the new position of Diversity & Outreach Specialist.

Why is the Parks Department creating a "new position" for this diversity nonsense? Are all the the departments current functions completely taken care of? Are they so flush with cash that they must create new job titles to wittle some of it away?

How about keeping the public restrooms open during sports season when kids are playing games at the local park instead of hiring someone whose only job is to make sure that enough black lesbians are on the public payroll.

Illegal alien of the day

Note: This is going to be a new daily feature. I will highlight just one illegal alien every single day who has done absolutely despicable things. I hope to overwhelm people with the shear number. (I could do 10 every day, there's that many)












I thought that I would start my list with a drug dealer who has endangered the welfare of a minor. Maybe he had a meth lab in the house with his kids?

Yes, he just came here to work hard, make a better life for himself... and make a worse life for everyone in America!

Deport him!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Not just Christmas, all holidays!

Catholic League Denounces Cal State Dept. Head's Holiday D├ęcor Ban
The Catholic League is criticizing an administrator at California State University - Sacramento who informed her department that decorations for holidays such as Christmas and the Fourth of July are now banned from the office because they "represent discrimination" and "ethnic insensitivity."

...the memo informing Sonntag's staff of the policy change did not stop at one or two popular holiday observances, but declared that "in order to avoid offending others, they would not display any sort of decorations for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentines, the Fourth of July, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter."

Liberal tolerance n. To avoid offending one or two people with pysochological disorders we must offend everyone else.

Stopping the anchor babies

Some of you saw the news ealier this month about a plan to end the birthright citizenship for anchor babies.

Why is this a good idea?

According to this report titled:

A needs and assets assessment of the Hispanic community of Multnomah County
(Shocking conclusion by government about the needs: they need more social services)

In 1999 the number of Hispanic births to mothers who were born in the USA was 275. The number of Hispanic births to mothers who were born in Mexico was 885.

An additional 146 babies were born to mothers whose birthplace was some other South American country.

Why is this a problem? Illegal aliens coming here to have their children is a huge drain on our school system, social services and law enforcement agencies.

The really troubling thought is that most illegal aliens are males but it is impossible to calculate the number of children that they have fathered. (although a survey of pregnant 16 year olds might be revealing)

The cutting edge of news

It seems that the Portland Mercury, you know, that publication that can't quite decide if it's a tabloid or a dirty magazine, has finally gotten around to printing something on the Mexican Consulate/PCUN protest organized by OFIR. Their headline:

With the Threat of a Homosexual Takeover Averted, Conservatives Take Aim at Their Next Target—Immigrants
Around the building marched hundreds of supporters of immigrant rights from at least a dozen organizations, carrying signs with messages like "We put food on your table" and "No human is illegal." But across the street (and two police cars and a small army of cops away), stood a group of 30 to 50 people, invariably white and middle age or older, fervently screaming for the undocumented workers to be deported.

And it gets more "fair and balanced" from there...

They start rambling about the KKK and "angry majorities becoming singularly obsessed with law and order."

Read it for a laugh.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mexico helping with drug war? NO!

Now I'm really on a roll. Mexico's president, Vicente Fox, has been spitting on America for a long time and I'm hitting a boiling point.

Mexico refuses to help us in the war on terror, they refuse to extradite cop-killers and other people who could possibly face the death penatly in America, they have printed comic book style brochures on how to sneak into the US illegaly and now Fox is hiring a PR firm to try to subvert the will of the American people with regards to border protection and immigration enforcement.

Well the PR firm is going to have their work cut out for them. (see below posts for contact info)

We all know that Mexico is no ally in the war on drugs, that corrupt country depends on narco dollars for income. (they blame us for having drug addicts in this country)

But it seems that Fox has made statements about legalization being the avenue for ending drug sales. For those of you who love the whole "multicultural" nonsense you can add rampant drug use to the whole pre-teen age of consent thing that Mexico's culture entails.

Mexico's president has dropped a bombshell before next month's Summit of the Americas by telling Mexican newspapers that legalizing drugs is the only way to win the expensive and bloody war against narcotics trafficking.

Talk is one thing, but with a pair of appointments to his cabinet, Fox has put well-known advocates of drug policy reform in two critical posts. He named author and political scientist Jorge Castaneda as Foreign Minister and former Mexico City police chief Alejandro Gertz Manero to head the newly created Public Security Ministry.

Castaneda has advocated repeatedly and eloquently for drug legalization, most notably in a widely read September 1999 essay in Newsweek.

Are there any criminal acts that president Fox doesn't approve of?

Update on Mexico's PR firm

New video provided by American Patrol

Watch (video)

The PR firm that Vicented Fox has hired is called Allyn & Company. Their job: water down HR 4437, the act that will provide for increased border security and interior immigration enforcement.

You can contact them HERE

Please let them know how you feel about them working with a foreign government to subvert the laws of our country.

After watching that whole video (during which I think that I threw up in my mouth) I am outraged. This PR firm is going to get a lot of mail from me, they don't appear to be publicly traded but I will contact their customers to let them know that I am boycotting their products until they find a new PR firm.

More contact info HERE

Companies that do bussiness with these traitors:
American Airlines. Bank of America. EDS Mexico. 7-Eleven. Deloitte & Touche. Mary Kay Cosmetics. Marriott. XM Satellite Radio. SBC. Wal-Mart.

What's the problem (at PCC)?

Yet another shining example of liberalism has infected higher education. P.O.E.T is a group of students and faculty who basically want to abolish cars. They say that we are running out of oil. Yep, can't get any more. No more to be found. None. Anywere.

In a completely unrelated story:
Senate Blocks Arctic Drilling Provision

Imagine a bussiness meeting:

Bob: We're almost out of widgets to provide our product/perform our service!

Joe: That's right, we are almost out of widgets. Woe is to us.

Jane: The world is ending, we won't have any more widgets!!!!

Daniel: Hey guys, we could get some widgets from over here...

Bob, Joe, Jane (in unison): NO!

The label they use when they know it's true

Terrorist billboards rejected as 'racist'
A national advertising company is refusing to post a controversial billboard showing Arab terrorists armed with explosives and carrying an American driver's license.

The billboard is sponsored by New York-based Coalition for a Secure Driver's License, which says the campaign "is aimed at state governments who have failed to implement driver's license reforms that would strengthen our nation against terrorism."

Has everyone forgotten the 19 terrorists who killed 3000 Americans? "According to the March 28, 2002 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Robert Thibadeau, director of Carnegie Mellon's Internet Security labratory, says that "the 19 terrorists on Sept. 11 were holding 63 state driver's licenses for identification.""

Now they support gang members

Courtesty of American Patrol

Watch (Video)

This is absolutely amazing. The open border advocates and criminal apologists have picked the least sympathetic group possible to protest on the behalf of... gang members.

Way to convince the American people that your citizens should be able to come here as they please president Fox. Sorry, but we're not going to let you guard our henhouse.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Education dollars for this?

Oregon Peacemakers
PeaceMakers is a conference for middle and high school students to learn practical information and skills about non-violence and peacemaking that can be implemented and shared in their schools and communities.

Sponsored by:
Lane co DHS
Lane co ESD

This year's plenary session featured James Haines (pictured), a Sociology and Rhetoric Major at Willamette University and self-proclaimed future revolutionary. Presently he is taking time off from school to participate in and facilitate discussion on what he has coined "discovering identity," working on his own biases as well as trying to understand the institutionalized isms which affect us in every aspect of our lives.

I love how they refer to the dropout as "taking time off from school" to talk about institutionalized isms. It was bad enough when college professors could make a living off of psuedo-sophistication but now anyone can do it?

Bottom line: Should ESD money (school money) go towards a program that has speakers from Planned Parenthood come talk about "relationships of all types" and someone else to talk about Tai Chi?

How about instead of teaching kids about "othering" we teach them reading, writing and math? You know, stuff they will use to get jobs.

When did crying become a legislative tactic?

Senate Blocks Arctic Drilling Provision
The Senate today failed to pass a major defense appropriations bill after a Democratic-led bloc stymied it with a filibuster in an effort to force removal of a controversial provision on oil drilling in an Alaskan wildlife refuge.

With 60 votes needed to overcome the filibuster and cut off debate on the bill, its backers fell short by four votes. The tally on a motion to invoke cloture so the Senate could move to a vote on the bill itself was 56-44.

A clear majority is not enough to get anything done in the Senate these days. How did this happen? It started with the judicial nominees and when the media declared it acceptable practice by treating the filibuster as a routine occurance.

Typical of democrats, they campaigned (mostly lying about what they believe) on issues, lost seats, but still feel that they deserve control.

They feel the same way about heroin addicts. Sure someone chooses to stick a needle in their arm, sure they can't string a coherent sentence together, sure they are a huge hygeine risk, but that doesn't mean that they don't deserve to live in a nice house and have a "family wage job" just like that guy over there who studied and worked hard his whole life and doesn't do drugs.

New Ann Coulter column

Live and Let Spy
But if we must engage in a national debate on half-measures: After 9/11, any president who was not spying on people calling phone numbers associated with terrorists should be impeached for being an inept commander in chief.

With a huge gaping hole in lower Manhattan, I'm not sure why we have to keep reminding people, but we are at war. (Perhaps it's because of the media blackout on images of the 9/11 attack. We're not allowed to see those because seeing planes plowing into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon might make us feel angry and jingoistic.)

Bottom line: To think that it's "unreasonable" (the constitutional standard) to search phone numbers taken from known terrorists is absurd.

If you liberals want to surrender then march your happy selves to Pakistan and convert to Islam (or have your head cut off) but for the rest of us, we're fighting terrorists.

See also

Deport them quickly

Mexico Retaliates for Border Wall Plan
The Mexican government, angered by a U.S. proposal to extend a wall along the border to keep out migrants, has struck back with radio ads urging Mexican workers to denounce rights violations in the United States.

It's hard to underestimate the ill-feeling the proposal has generated in Mexico, where editorial pages are dominated by cartoons of Uncle Sam putting up walls bearing anti-Mexican messages.

Hmm, Mexico has editorial cartoons depicting a wall and America has jails full of criminal alien child rapists... which countries population should have more "ill-feelings?"

An AP reporter from Mexico helped write this article and it shows. Only criminal alien advocates are quoted, there isn't even a pretense of showing the other side of the coin.

Please, write your Senators and tell them to keep the language in HR 4437 intact. We need increased interior enforcement and a strengthened border.

Senator Smith
Phone numbers

Ron Wyden
Phone numbers

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I'm a victim of a "hate crime"

PCC Hate Crimes and Bias Incident Report
Definitions: A Hate Crime is any criminal act in which biased motive is a clear contributing factor. A hate incident is any act, including conduct, speech, or expression, in which biased motive is a clear contributing factor. Hate incidents do not have to include a criminal act. A Bias Incident is actions that are motivated by prejudice or hate, but may not meet the necessary elements required to be a crime.

Seen today at PCC:

Not having a vagina or being a "woman of color" I found myself victimized twice today by just one poster. It was an awful experience. It brought back all those emotions that were passed down geneticlly from my ancestors who were victims.

These kinds of hateful incidents must stop. How many times must I be reminded that I'm a second class citizen? I demand that this speech be criminalized! The people who have opinions similair to the thoughts expressed by the poster should be given horrible labels and be outcasts in society. Public funds should be used for re-education camps, we'll call them... public schools.

For those of you who haven't heard of "The Vagina Monologues" check here.

Are they really this dumb?

I am a regular BlueOregon reader. I know, I know, they try to keep black people from voting. I keep saying that so it must be true.

But despite their racial prejudices, I keep going back. Why you ask? Maybe it's the fact that they champion the first amendment but have banned me (and others) from commenting on their site. Maybe it's how they pass themselves off as psuedo-sophisticates by ending a good number of posts with the word "discuss." What follows in the comments consists of "Bush sucks" and isn't much of a discussion. Or, quite possibly, it's that Kari Chisholm is constantly lauded in the Fishwrapper as a "media consultant" when he is a partisan hack in every sense of the word.

Anyways, BlueOregon has a new cartoonist who looks to be around 10 years old. Far be it from me to attack a child, I just feel bad that he's been indoctrinated this young. His poorly drawn cartoons consist of, wait for it... "Bush sucks."

But to get a real taste of the intelligence and sophistication over at the segregation loving lunch counter, you have to read this post by Cody Hoesly. I'm not sure which is funniest, the fact that he cites a movie as evidence that we will not have peace for the next 100 years:

Now you only need see Syriana for the latest reminder that global peace doesn't stand a chance for at least a couple hundred years.

Hey Cody, it's a MOVIE. You know, pretend, make-believe. Or that he thinks Google Earth is going to bring us world peace. (The thesis of his post) He seems convinced that before Google came around with their satellite pictures no one could find those secret military installations that various countries were hiding. So I guess now you go into the Pentagon and see a bunch of military analysts hundled around their Dell computer using Google to find secret bases.

I'm sure that Rumsfeld is right now being yelled at for not thinking of this whole "satellite" thing sooner...

Try not smoking pot before you blog Cody.

As for you Kari, you even deleted my comment from you post that you started with This is a personal appeal to our right-wing readers:. Did having something intelligent to say interupt the realistic calls for impeachment?

Monday, December 19, 2005

You want "suggestions" then we'll give you suggestions

The Oregon Department of Human Services, (DHS), is one of the state agencies that attends the Mexican Carousel of Information Programs.

You have a mechanism to voice your complaints about DHS. The Oregon Legislature has formed the House Interim Task Force on DHS review. Attached is a web page link for the House Interim Task Force on DHS Review. In an effort to obtain as much information as possible, Rep. Richardson is soliciting feedback from anyone who knows, understands and has suggestions on DHS. The Task Force webpage has five (5) topics that have individual links to a Comment page.

Please encourage people to use our website to communicate their interest to the Task Force.

Skin color is more important than work ethic

The opening paragraph at several county "jobs" websites:

Diversity is a key to the future success of Lane County.

Multnomah County is building a diverse work force and encourages applications from candidates who will contribute to our diversity.

At TriMet, you'll find a diverse workforce that reflects our community, and a commitment to providing world-class transit service.

Other more reasonable counties talked about having a "drug free" workplace and talked about passing a background check. Our two most "progressive" counties only care if you have the right skin color or sleep with someone of the same gender.

History started today

Kitzhaber's Rx for state
The last time John Kitzhaber put Oregon on the map as a health care pioneer, it was by working within the decades-old system that delivers medical care.

This time, the former doctor and governor wants to bulldoze what he sees as an antiquated system and replace it with a 21st-century model that would deliver universal health care to every Oregonian.

It's like yesterday never happened with this people. They don't seem to remember that they just "kicked" thousands of people from the failed Oregon Health Plan. (While at the same time actively recruiting new people for the plan)

Do they not remember the anticipated budget for that program and how it ballooned into something that consumes a huge portion of Oregon's budget?

What they do remember is how every time a tax increase is proposed the first thing put on the chopping block if it doesn't pass is the health plan. If everyone is on the health plan then more people may be inclined to vote for higher taxes. Higher taxes mean more government. More goverment means more democrats. More democrats means higher taxes.

It's a vicious cycle of abuse.

New Mac Johnson column

Dems Must Believe Bush Made U.S. Safer
In October of 2001, the Patriot Act, giving the federal government increased power to monitor and prosecute suspected terrorists, was passed in the U.S. Senate with only one dissenting vote. Forty-Seven Democrats voted for the bill. They justified their support of the measure, rightfully, by explaining that terrorism posed a grave threat to America and more potent policing would be needed until we could get the long-term problem under control.

If the Patriot act was needed back then but not now, what has changed?

Daniel's Monday Musing

If guns don't prevent violence then how come the same liberals who are willing to attack ladies wearing fur, empty SUV parking lots and businessmen at the WTO aren't out attacking the local NRA meeting?

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Iran, Iraq, N Korea... Oregon?

Ore. city is fertile "eco" ground
Eugene, Ore. - The threads that bind a radical environmental cell whose members have set fires and sabotaged property across the West are woven through this college town, according to federal prosecutors.

Eugene, long a counterculture hot spot, has been viewed as the hub for aggressive environmental and political action since protesters from here convened in Seattle in 1999 to lead rampant violence outside the World Trade Organization conference.

This is an interesting article that doesn't come from an Oregon newspaper. It seems as if the rest of the country may start to consider us part of the Axis of Evil.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Thank a great American

Tancredo wins round 1to build Mexico fence
It was a victory the once-obscure Colorado congressman savored yesterday.

When the House of Representatives passed a tough new border control bill last night, Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo was all smiles.

Tancredo added: "The fact that Congress was forced to discuss immigration reform in itself is a victory for my allies. Such a victory has been years in the making, and credit is due to the millions of Americans who attended town halls, wrote letters to the editor, called talk radio shows, and even defended the border on their own. I thank them whole-heartedly for their efforts, and I am deeply honored by the support they have shown me and my congressional allies."

We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Rep. Tancredo. Check out his Reform NOW site and send him a thank you!

For Mexico's reaction see the post below.

Criminals mad at law enforcement

Mexico Condemns Immigration Bill
MEXICO CITY — The Mexican government slammed the U.S. Congress for approving an immigration bill that would tighten border controls and make it harder for undocumented immigrants to get jobs.

The House also authorized the building of a fence along parts of the U.S.-Mexico border, but did not include any new temporary work program for migrants, something Mexico insists is needed.

"The U.S. executive branch publicly expressed its commitment to an integral immigration reform, with a new program for temporary workers," the statement continued. "The Mexican government will redouble its efforts to achieve this shared goal."

Guess what you idiots, the "U.S. executive branch" isn't a monarchy. The citizens of America are it's government and we don't want any more of your criminals! And while we're at it, we are going to send you the criminals that we already have right back to you!

You don't like it? Become a superpower instead of some third world country that leeches of America and depends on criminals and drugs for your income. Then maybe you will have some clout. Until then, shut up.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Portland hates crosses? Wonder why...

I know that I've posted on this before but with the threats to crucify Lars in Pioneer Courthouse Square and all the anti-Christian rhectoric related to the birth of Christ and the federal holiday of Christmas, I thought that I would repeat myself:

According to the Princeton Review the top five schools where Students Ignore God On A Regular Basis include our very own Reed College (#1) and Lewis and Clark college (#5).

To see my original post on this where I provided some good examples of what these two colleges are doing click here. (It's worth it)

Things like:

Lewis & Clark's Department of Religious Studies has chosen to focus on the study of religion as a social and cultural phenomenon.

Guilt and innocence

A quick trip around the left wing blogosphere and related websites reveals an interesting hypocrisy. The same people who insist that Tookie was innocent, yes Tookie, the guy who was convicted by a jury of his peers and went through 26 years of appeals, those same people have already condemned Tom DeLay without a trial.

Places like Democratic Underground have comments like this:

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Shit Creek) received yet more bad news last week after a judge dismissed conspiracy charges against him, but upheld more serious money laundering charges. Oh dear.

They seem to think that a judge dimissing charges without a trial (something that is very rare) is "bad news" for Mr. DeLay. The "upholding" of other charges simply means that there will be a trial. He has not been convicted but is apparently guilty in the minds of most liberals. Unlike Tookie who was obviously innocent.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Up to the minute info

H.R. 4437 Vote Day Action Center
That is the NumbersUSA action page for HR 4437, a bill to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants into this country and to get some interior enforcement as well.

NumbersUSA has all the amendments as they are being debated (some are bad, some are good) and info to contact your congressman. Please urge them to vote for the strongest protections against this criminal invasion.

You spent $300,210 on art, did you realize it?

The Regional Arts & Culture CouncilAwards $300,210 in Grants
Seventy-six artists and arts organizations in the Portland metropolitan area have received funding from the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) for projects to occur in 2006.

About RACC:
RACC is funded in part by local, regional, state and federal governments to provide grants to artists and operating support to art organizations in the tri-county region.

When you went to work today did you think "I sure am glad that I'm working hard so that my local government can buy this piece of crap."

And you may not be sophisticated enought to realize it, but his is quality art. It's title: Whirlymajig.

The RACC, with a straight face, says it's a "sculpture" that was paid for by the "percent for art" program.

Good old fashioned stereotyping

Reaching Out to Diverse Families
Reaching out to Hispanic families

* Hire Hispanic teacher aides for classrooms, and arrange for child care,
transportation and interpreters for school activities.

* Furnish the Family Resource Centers in the schools with information,
applications and forms such as:
* Driver’s license applications,
* Food Stamp application forms,
* Tax forms,
* Voter registration cards, and
* Directories of community services.

* Schedule conferences and meetings with consideration for families’ availability
and work schedules. Working parents frequently cannot attend daytime
activities; Hispanic women are generally not available when it is time to feed
their families.

* Talk with families, not at them. Compliment families on their children’s behavior
and performance. Praise them for their cultural values, such as strong family
loyalty. Welcome their questions.

* Welcome all families without questions about immigration status or identification
papers, birth certificates or social security numbers.

And this is just the Hispanics. You know, the ones who need day care, have strong family loyalty and whose women are generally not available at meal times.

There are some great assumptions here about black and Asian families as well. Cause you know, they're all alike...

If a conservative group suggested that Hispanic families needed food stamp application forms they would be villified for stereotyping. When the School Board Association does it they call it "outreach." Guess what? I know Hispanic people who don't need day care provided by the school or a drivers license application handed to them. Maybe they aren't all alike...

Tolerant Portland

Many of you heard the disapointing news today that the Christmas Cross will not be put on display in Pioneer Courthouse Square. The idea was initiated by talk show host Lars Larson who thought that it would be a good reminder to everyone that Jesus is the reason for the season.

You can read his statement at the above link but I'll sum it up: those tolerant liberals have made so many threats of violence and vandalism that the project can't move forward.

Some examples of the Atheist Left attacking this idea:

"Wouldn't mind if someone posted the day and time lars will be trotting down to piosquare with his building project. Would like to see how people respond to this local celebrity fanatic. What if the crowd rushed lars and mounted him on his own cross? "

"crucifixion isn't a laughing matter? It is if you do it today--kind of an archaic violence.
My point was that if Lars is going to martyr himself to the cause, he ought to do it up right. And I'm sure we'll find many takers for the opportunity to post him up there."

Lars on The Cross?
I'll bring the nails... sharp ones
SOURCE (Willamette Week)

How nice of them.

Daniel criticizes Mexico as "disgraceful" and "shameful"

Mexican President Criticizes U.S. Border Wall
Mexico's president on Wednesday criticized the U.S. decision to complete a wall along the border and use drones to increase security, calling it "disgraceful and shameful."

"This situation we're seeing, a disgraceful and shameful moment where walls are being built, security systems are being reinforced, and human and labor rights are being violated more and more, won't protect the economy of the United States," President Vicente Fox said.

"It would be hard to know what would happen to the economy of the United States if it wasn't for the enormous contribution, the productivity, the quality of work of our countrymen in that country," Fox added.

Of all the things that are "disgraceful" and "shameful" about our immigration situation, the border wall and increased security is not one of them.

What's disgraceful is that the president of Mexico can still hold his head up when it's clear that there is a mass exodus of his citizens to a better country. That condidtions in his own country are so bad that his main job seems to be encouraging illegal migration. Mexican citizens are voting with their feet, obviously they don't think too highly of Mexico and by extension, you Mr. Fox.

What's shameful is that our president allows a foreign government to encourage the invasion of our country, the violation of our laws and then claim that it's neccessary for our economic viability. President Bush should rebuke Fox's statements that our society is dependent on illegal labor. The point should be made that Mexico's economy is dependent on illegal labor as their second largest source of (documented) income is remittance from America. I say "documented" because they make quite a bit off of narcotics as well.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Coming to work hard

Tancredo: 51 Terrorist Suspects Crossed Border Illegally
Tancredo says: "What scares me is not this list from federal law enforcement -- after all, we've already caught those terrorists. What scares me is the potentially hundreds of terrorists who make their way through our porous borders each year and go undetected."

The day after the nuke goes off in a major city we will close the borders. Until then it's "see no evil" when it comes to our nations biggest security threat.

Does anyone else think that it shouldn't have to come to that?

What should we do with our president if a bomb destroys a city and it was smuggled across the Mexican border? He knows the danger. It would be a preventable attack. What would you think of him then?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Enforce the law or step down

181.850. (1) No law enforcement agency of the State of Oregon or of any political subdivision of the state shall use agency moneys, equipment or personnel for the purpose of detecting or apprehending persons whose only violation of law is that they are persons of foreign citizenship [residing] present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws.

Hillsboro Police Chief Ron Louie

“We’re trying to build bridges with people living in fear. If police officers become agents of the
Immigration and Naturalization Service, their ability to deal with issues such as domestic violence and crime prevention will be severely curtailed.”
(“Helping People Without Papers,” Portland Oregonian, 4/5/02)

"181" Laws Under Attack
As expected, three bills have been introduced that would repeal or dismantle Oregon’s laws that prohibit state and local police from enforcing federal immigration law (ORS 181.850)...

For the past few months, we [the ACLU] have helped build an impressive coalition of organizations prepared to respond to the legislative attempts to repeal or amend these laws. This coalition includes PCUN, Network for Immigrant Justice, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, numerous organizations advocating against domestic violence, the Japanese American Citizens League, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, Basic Rights Oregon, Commission on Hispanic Affairs, Rural Organizing Project, Latino Network, and the Oregon AFL-CIO, just to name a few.

Hillsboro Police Chief Ron Louie has also been very supportive of our [the ACLU] efforts.

Next item:

The ACLU of Oregon is joined by the following road show co-endorsers: American Immigration Lawyers Association, Oregon Chapter • APANO • BridgeCity Friends • Center for Environmental Equity • Japanese American CitizensLeague, Portland chapter • Northwest Workers’ Justice Project • Oregon NOW •PCUN • Rural Organizing Project • West County Coalition for Human Dignity

With a speech by:
Profiling on Race, Religion, National Origin and Immigration Status - Ron Louie, Hillsboro Police Chief

Next item:

And in Hillsboro, Ore., Police Chief Ron Louie has ordered his officers to refuse to assist any federal terrorism investigations that his department believes violate state law or constitutional rights.
How do I say this? Duh Louie, you think that you need to tell your officers not to break the law? Isn't that an unspoken order all the time? What was the point Louie?

My point is that time and again Chief Louie has demonstrated that he doesn't just want to follow the letter of the law when it comes to 181.850, he wants to actively help illegal aliens. For those of you who are familiar with Hillsboro it is quite apparent that they are allowed to flourish there.

It is very clear that the ACLU and law enforcment are on opposing sides a clear majority of the time, so why would a police chief cozy up to that criminal enabling group at every opportunity he gets? Send the Hillsboro police a message:

Stop associating with the ACLU, stop giving aid and comfort to illegal aliens and start protecting your citizens!

Note: I have it on good authority that when I post an email adress for someone who is actively working to help illegal aliens, that person gets a fair amount of mail. Keep up the good work.

New Mac Johnson column

A Nation of Widgets: The Wall Street Journal and Open Borders
When you discuss the idea of unrestricted human migration across national borders, you have to recall this. Immigration has economic consequences, but it is not exclusively an economic issue. It is not even primarily an economic issue. It is primarily a social or political issue. And when the immigration in question is illegal, then it becomes an issue of the rule of law as well.

Men are not widgets, and immigration affects more than just numbers in an abstract spreadsheet. America is not merely an economic opportunity zone for all comers to profit from. America is a homeland. America is a home to a distinct culture and the people that created it or have been assimilated into it. It is possible that the philosophical bookends of rightist globalism and leftist multiculturalism have squashed the instinct of that people to protect their culture and to claim the right to restrict entry into their home. But I doubt it.

As you know, since I post every one, I read Mac's column every week and this is one of the best. He takes on the WSJ and makes them look like the fools that they are when it comes to illegal immigration.

NOTE: I used to link directly to the column at Human Events but will now be linking to Mac's homepage. The column is just one click away. I do this because I want you to see what he has on his page and generate a few hits for him. He's answered every email I have ever wrote him (I don't bug people, but I write occasionaly) and given me good advice. He's a great American!

Crime and punishment

Tookie Williams Executed by Lethal Injection
"Is Williams' redemption complete and sincere, or is it just a hollow promise?" Schwarzenegger wrote. "Without an apology and atonement for these senseless and brutal killings, there can be no redemption."

At 12:35am Tookie was held accountable for his actions here on earth. What happens to his soul is between him and God, but our government, instituted by man, has to punish criminal behavior.

While I can't take pleasure in his death I am glad that this happened because it's an important reminder that consequences do exist. It's a scary phenomenon today that so many people want to convince the world that the law of action and reaction does not apply. That when you get a negative reaction for your behavior that simply makes you a victim.

It always amazes me the high profile that AIDS gets. It is a 100% preventable disease. As I am writing this I can gurantee you that I will not get AIDS. (don't bother me with the .000001% chance of some freak accident) If you have AIDS I'm sorry, but at the same time you chose to have sex outside of marriage or stick that needle in your arm. When you were doing one, or both, of those things you had convinced yourself that there would be no consequence for what you were doing. You were wrong.

With our dysfunctional death penatly system a lot of people are convinced that there might not be a fatal consequence for their heinous crimes. I'm glad that the state of California proved them wrong.

Victory is mine!

After dealing with some wicked spyware problems yesterday everything should be back to normal. Kudos to the individual whose DOS batch file could do what the big boys and Microsoft, Lavasoft, and McCafee couldn't do. I have won over the tryanny of malicious software.

Regular posting resumes today and will continue until every last illegal alien has been deported from this country.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

No money for basic services

County government has some very specific functions: public safety, infrastructure maintainence, declaring thousands of years of traditional marriage void... oh wait, scratch that last one.

My point is, we pay taxes to the county to get some important things done. The problem is, they don't do them. Instead they spend the money on whatever feels good to the county commisioners. Nothing is off limits. Nothing.

Case in point:

ORDER 05-6-22-15 Making a One-Time Grant in the Amount of $15,100 from General Fund Operational Contingency Funds to Centro Latino/Americano to Provide Additional Resources to Funds Its Administrative Budget. (PASSED)

So for you Lane County taxpayers, are you glad that money from the general fund went to this group whose main clientele are probably criminals? (Now before you liberals start with your 3rd grade "prove it" nonsense let me show how you can infer this)

Head of Centro says:
While the 2000 census reports approximately 15,000 Latinos in Lane County, unofficially, the generally accepted number is closer to 30,000, according to Carmen Urbina, Executive Director at Centro LatinoAmericano.

Of Centro's clients "ninety-five percent are Mexican monolingual speakers"

Tell me, if you were born here and you are over the age of 7 then you speak English. If you came here legally I'm sure that you are a hardworking person who values what America has to offer and you bothered to learn at least some English.

But regarless, this is an organization that helps members of only one race. I have no problem with a non-profit doing that but they should not get tax dollars.

"This Eugene nonprofit provides the Latino community in Lane County with services..."

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Serious political commentator: Kanye West

Kanye West back in the fold with 8 Grammy nominations
NEW YORK – The Grammys care about Kanye West.

Both lauded and vilified for his infamous "George Bush doesn't care about black people" comment, West is a controversial rarity in Thursday's world of insulated, manicured pop stars. But his eight Grammy nominations Thursday – tied for the most with comeback queen Mariah Carey and R&B newcomer John Legend – show that West is still embraced by the mainstream.

Embraced by the mainstream? How about adored by the liberal media.

Our own Portland Mercury talks about his "well-rooted sense of creative manifest destiny"

The Seattle PI says "Kanye West hasn't touched the sky, but as one of the country's top rap artists, he's come pretty close."

And apparently he is approriate for high school kids as well. He performed at a school during which "Some students gathered together and spelled K-A-N-Y-E W-E-S-T on their sweat shirts with masking tape. Others wore T-shirts featuring West's post-Hurricane Katrina statement: "Bush doesn't care about black people."

Well good. Oh yeah, here are some song lyrics:

N-now, th-th-through ya motherfuckin hands
All the girls pass the weed to ya motherfuckin man
Now I ain't never tell you to put down ya hands
And if ya losin yo high than smoke again
[Kanye West:]
Drug dealin jus to get by stack ya money till it gets sky high
Kids Sing Kids Sing
[Kanye and Kids:]
We wasnt supposed to make it past 25 but the jokes on you we still alive
Throw your hands up in the sky and say we don't care what people say

Nothing like having kids help you sing a song about selling drugs. Obviously Kanye has a very good social concience. I really want to listen to the guy who says to smoke more weed if you are losing your high tell me about my president.

And I really want parents to listen to these lyrics. Your kids should not be listening to this garbage. I know that the media doesn't care about your kids, it's fine with them if they smoke pot, have babies out of wedlock, and curse like a sailor, they will continue to push these overhyped rappers as "artists" who have "charisma" and nonsense like that.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Did they have an ITIN for their drug profits?

Salem Police announce heroin ring bust
Police in Salem say they've cracked down on a drug ring that was seven years in the making.

Police say 23 people are in jail and Salem's major heroin traffiking ring is wiped out.

Teams prepared the warrants for 3 months, but Salem Police have been after these dealers for seven years. They say it's a small group of mostly illegal aliens from Mexico, selling to dozens of daily users.

Kudos to Fox12 for mentioning that the drug dealers were illegal aliens. I'd like to see that become a habit in all the news outlets. It's an important piece of information and would really inform the public on the true damage that criminal aliens do to our society.

As of right now a Google news search of 'Salem' 'drug' 'heroin' doesn't reveal a single news item. Hopefully if you are clicking on that link tommorow there are some stories in the local Fishwrappers.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

ITIN is ONLY for illegal aliens

A conversation I had today made me want to find out exactly how many ITINs (Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers) had been issued in the last several years. While that number has proved elusive, (I'm not even sure where to direct my public records request) I have found some interesting stuff:

IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) Application Requirements Have Changed
If you are legally employed in the U.S. you must have an SSN and should not apply for an ITIN.

So having an ITIN is proof that you are violating the law. It seems ridiculous that our federal government would issue a number only for people who are illegaly working. This is really a shocking document to me. Other places on the IRS website try to beat around the bush with regard to who needs an ITIN but here the just came out and said it.

Information for State Departments of Motor Vehicles
Several state government motor vehicle departments are accepting IRS -issued Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) as proof of identification for state driver’s licenses, prompting us to issue this reminder -- ITINs are not valid for identification outside the tax system.

Although we require ITIN applicants to provide proof of identity documents, we accept these documents at face value without validating their authenticity with issuing agencies or conducting applicant background investigations. We do not require applicants to appear in person and third parties may submit applications and provide documentation on behalf of others.

In other words, you could apply as James Bond and they will issue you an ITIN. They will not question you. This .pdf goes on to detail the dangers of state DMVs giving drivers licenses to people whose identity you can't verify... like say, they are using a Mexican Matricula card.

NOTE: Thanks to the commentor who pointed out the incorrect link. (I always have 7-8 windows open when doing research) My error. The DMV link from the website is working now.

New Ann Coulter column

Ronnie Earle Is Better Suited for a Job in Hollywood
Democrat prosecutor Ronnie Earle's conspiracy charge against Tom DeLay was thrown out this week, which came as a surprise to people who think it's normal for a prosecutor to have to empanel six grand juries in order to get an indictment on simple fund-raising violations. Mr. Earle will presumably assemble a seventh grand jury as soon as he locates someone in the county who hasn't served on a previous one.


Hecklers Disrupt Coulter's Speech At UConn
After waiting with her bodyguard on stage for several minutes for the music to stop while a section of the audience chanted "You suck, you suck," an irritated Coulter said she would not finish her speech. She said she would go straight to questions and answers, suggesting the disruption was the best the liberals could do to counter her.

The tolerance crowd at their best. Free speech is only for flag burning, public art that degrades Chrisitanity and virtual child porn. We can't let Ann Coulter talk though...

No more exploiting kids

Conservatives look at ending birthright citizenship for immigrants
It's been a cornerstone of American law since shortly after the Civil War: Children born in the United States become citizens, even if their parents are here illegally.

Now some conservatives are taking aim at that birthright.

They call the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants "anchor babies" because at age 18 the children can apply to bring other family members here from abroad, and a growing group of House Republicans wants to change the policy. They hope to add a provision to the immigration bill that the House of Representatives will consider next week that would deny citizenship to those children.

This is a good step. People come to this country and have children for the sole purpose of getting a foot in the door. Children shouldn't be used like that.

A new "no man"

Kulongoski names chief spokesman
Gov. Ted Kulongoski on Wednesday named Lonn Hoklin, the communications director for the House Democrats, to be his new chief spokesman.

Kulongoski has a new guy to say "we're not interested" to talking to the whole state of Oregon on the Lars Larson show.