Friday, December 23, 2005

Stopping the anchor babies

Some of you saw the news ealier this month about a plan to end the birthright citizenship for anchor babies.

Why is this a good idea?

According to this report titled:

A needs and assets assessment of the Hispanic community of Multnomah County
(Shocking conclusion by government about the needs: they need more social services)

In 1999 the number of Hispanic births to mothers who were born in the USA was 275. The number of Hispanic births to mothers who were born in Mexico was 885.

An additional 146 babies were born to mothers whose birthplace was some other South American country.

Why is this a problem? Illegal aliens coming here to have their children is a huge drain on our school system, social services and law enforcement agencies.

The really troubling thought is that most illegal aliens are males but it is impossible to calculate the number of children that they have fathered. (although a survey of pregnant 16 year olds might be revealing)


Anonymous said...

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Thank you.

Michael Armstrong said...

Excellent job on making Glenn Spencers "American Patrol" web site. Merry christmas to you and your Wife.

Jim said...

This is a bit off topic, since it is not about anchor babies, but about immigration in general, illegal immigration included.

I recently read a report that provides strong empirical evidence contradicting the common argument I see posited from time to time here: that immigration decreases the earnings of the U.S.-born. The report is called "Rethinking the Gains from Immigration" and is available here:

On page 28, the authors state: "It turns out empirically and theoretically that immigration, as we have known it during the nineties, had a sizeable beneficial effect on wages of US born workers."

In the abstract of a second report entitled "Is the New Immigration Really So Bad?", the authors write: "Overall, evidence that immigrants have harmed the opportunities of less educated natives is scant. On the question of assimilation, the success of the U.S.-born children of immigrants is a key yardstick. By this metric, post-1965 immigrants are doing reasonably well: second generation sons and daughters have higher education and wages than the children of natives. Even children of the least- educated immigrant origin groups have closed most of the education gap with the children of natives."

It seems that any economic-based arguments for reducing immigration may need to be reconsidered or abandoned. In fact, these reports provide evidence in support of the policy approach that would streamline the system, bring the undocumented above the boards, as opposed to one focused on punishment.

Daniel said...

I'm a simple guy Jim, I usually like to explain things in the simplest way possible. In this case it's a matter of supply and demand.

You have X number of workers and X number of jobs.

The relative numbers help to determine wages due to the excess or lack of available workers.

Simply put, illegal aliens and massive amounts of immigration cause there to be more supply of workers than there is a demand in available jobs. This depresses wages.

Statements made in books about immigration don't counter the reality of supply and demand.

Jim said...

Well, Daniel, that's just the point. They refute your simple assertions.

Should I believe you because you say so, and like to keep things simple, or someone who takes a more rational and scientific approach using data?

Anonymous said...

The impact of excessive immigration has been devastating to the citizen workforce. There are many studies showing this. See this recent one:
Also, see reports on illegal immigration at and

Daniel said...

Jim, that they "refute" the laws of supply and demand is irelevant. If they have actual numbers then I'd like to see them.

All you have provided were simple statements of "illegal aliens don't hurt American workers."

Now excuse me while I try to go find a job framing houses...

Jim said...

Daniel -- the numbers are in the actual reports. I purchased them. Would you like me to send you one so you can read it, or do you really not have any interest in facts that refute the claims you make? Does it make it easier for you to go on making them without having to consider hard facts to the contrary?

Jim said...

anon -- do you really believe those sources to be unbiased -- vdare, cis and fairus? Rubenstein at vdare uses "Hispanic" as a proxy for immigrant, and doesn't even provid information on his data source.

Sailor Republica said...

If the shoe fits, Jim...

Which it does.

Jim said...

Sailor -- Like Daniel, I'm a simple guy. You are far too clever for me, so you'll have to come right out with it for I have no idea what you're trying to say.

Daniel said...

Jim, please post a link to these numbers. I am always interested in more information.

Jim said...

babygatorgirl said...

Anchor babies need to be STOPPED ASAP. This s**t is out of control. I live in South Florida and recently I had to go to the health department to get a depo shot and, 99 percent of the women there were hispanics with stair step children. They are raping this great nation for welfare benifits. It must be stopped because I sure in the hell don't like rewarding these illegals with food stamps and free medical. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

Anonymous said...

The guy that said he had read a report that immigrants have no bad effect on Americans wages and jobs...

Did they distinguish between LEGAL immigrants and ILLEGAL ALIENS or did they do like pro-illegal aliens people with their lies and propaganda and refuse to distinguish between LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and ILLEGAL ALIENS so as to confuse the readers?

I used to be married to a former-illegal alien from Mexico who was one of the very few who come over here to work [1% to 5%?]. I divorced him for his alcoholism. 90% of illegal aliens from Mexico are alcoholics, male chauvinists, and racists, and a lot are bigamists, with a wife in Mexico and a wife here in the U.S. Also a lot of illegal aliens owe child support for their children that they abandoned and refuse to pay even with a child support order and the law does nothing. They also run up bills and refuse to pay. They just disappear and start over. They use the hospital ER as their free medical clinic for the slightest sniffle and refuse to pay the bill.

The majority of illegal aliens from Mexico are generally a bad bunch. They come over here ONLY to sell drugs or to get on welfare, food stamps, free medical care, subsidized housing, and SSI and other government benefits that are ONLY for U.S. citizens and LEGAL residents. Read the news reports about how many illegal aliens from Mexico are arrested with drugs they were smuggling across the border or were caught selling them. I have seen so much.

I have actually lived across the street from these welfare fraud criminals for 3+ years and saw these criminals laugh about getting away with their crimes. I have seen so much fraud and crimes committed by the illegal aliens from Mexico that it is not funny. They seem to think they can commit ANY crime and they cannot be deported. Also they need to change the law and stop granting U.S. citizenship to babies of illegal aliens who are born illegally on U.S. soil. These criminals deliberately have anchor babies to get access to our welfare, food stamps, and any other free government benefits that they have NO right to and which are ONLY for U.S. citizens and LEGAL residents. Also the anchor baby will prevent the deportation of the illegal alien family as the crooked immigration judge will NOT permit the deportation of the illegal alien family of the anchor baby.

I have ONLY one thing to say:



Ex-farmworker and ex-wife of a former-illegal alien from Mexico and native-born Californian,

Jean Brown Harrell, formerly Garcia

Anonymous said...

I have been saying for some time that 95% of illegal aliens from Mexico come over here to sell drugs...or to get on welfare and food stamps and demand rights and privileges that belong ONLY to U.S. citizens.

They don't come over here to work, because there supposedly is no work in Mexico and supposedly their families are starving and supposedly they have to steal Americans jobs to feed their families in Mexico who are supposedly starving.

Their families in Mexico are NOT starving and there IS work in Mexico but they come over here ONLY to sell drugs so as to make FAST MONEY or to get on welfare and food stamps, etc. and to bankrupt this country and turn it into another hellhole like Mexico. The open-borders morons know that their families are NOT starving and that there IS work in Mexico, but they prefer to lie BIG-TIME about it so as to promote their agendas.

Very very few illegal aliens come over here to work and NOT to sell drugs or to get on welfare and food stamps. Maybe 1%? to as much as 5%? come over here ONLY to work and nothing else.

Also, the word "immigrant" refers to an alien who immigrated LEGALLY to the U.S. and became or is becoming a legal permanent resident. The word "immigrant" does NOT apply to illegal aliens who illegally invaded this country in violation of OUR laws and without OUR consent and who are illegally TRESPASSING on our soil and stealing our jobs and benefits and hard -earned dollars and who are raping, murdering, robbing and viciously attacking U.S. citizens and legal residents and American cops and these illegal-alien criminals flee to Mexico as the cowards they are and corrupt Mexico protects these murderers and rapists and thieves.

The authors of the 14th Amendment stated in Congress [and it is on the public records of the Congress' debate on the 14th Amendment], that it would not apply to "foreigners, aliens" but would apply to every other class of person. They further made it clear that the phrase "subject to the jurisdiction thereof [of the U.S.] did NOT apply to people who are physically in the U.S. ONLY but are still subject to the jurisdiction of their home country at the same time and STILL owe allegiance to their home country and they made it clear that this phrase also meant that it ONLY applied to a person who did NOT owe allegiance to a foreign government and was physically present in the U.S. at time of birth: for example a LEGAL resident or a U.S. citizen's native-born children. The 14th Amendment has been illegally and unconstitutionally twisted to unconstitutionally and illegally give phony "U.S. citizenship" to children of illegal aliens who have no constitutional, legal or moral right to it or even to be here and therefore have NO rights at all except the right to be deported and be treated humanely. I thought it allowed illegal-alien babies born on U.S. soil to get citizenship but no, it is very clear that the 14th Amendment PROHIBITS giving U.S. citizenship to anchor babies of illegal aliens which are born on U.S. soil but the U.S. Supreme Court needs to rule on this but someone needs to bring a class-action lawsuit to clear up this matter as the Supreme Court has never had an opportunity to rule on this matter.

Illegal aliens have anchor babies on U.S. soil deliberately and intentionally so as to prevent their rightful deportation and also to illegally gain illegal access to our welfare and food stamps etc. They even bring their women over here from Mexico just for the sole purpose of having an anchor baby so they cannot be ever deported.

Guestworker and amnesty programs have never worked. "Temporary workers" never return home. For example, the TPS program for illegal Nicaraguans, El Salvadorans, and Hondurans which needs to be ended, and it is time for these illegal foreigners to return to their countries as their countries have had enough time to recover from the natural disasters their countries suffered. TPS was ONLY
supposed to be a temporary program lasting ONLY long enough for their countries to recover from these disasters so they could receive their people back. It was NEVER intended to allow them to get a green card. It was ONLY a temporary humanitarian gesture. Now it is way past time for it to be ended and for these foreigners to return to their countries. It was NOT intended to be an amnesty for these foreigners and they agreed to it. They agreed to it being temporary and they agreed to obey its terms and they agreed to return to their countries when it was over. If they are not forced to return then it has become another illegal amnesty for illegal aliens. We Americans demand that TPS be ended and that these foreigners be deported if they REFUSE to leave this country and return to their country. Each previous amnesty has led to increases in the amount of illegal immigration.



Ex-farmworker and ex-wife of a former-illegal alien from Mexico,

Jean Brown Harrell, formerly Garcia

Anonymous said...

PS: My former-illegal alien ex-husband from Mexico told me long ago that he came over here from Mexico to MAKE MONEY as he can make in 1 day what he would make in 1 week in Mexico. He also told me that the illegal aliens from Mexico that do come over here to work don't come over here because their families are starving and because there is supposedly no work. He said that their families in Mexico are NOT starving and that there IS work in Mexico, but they can make in 1 day what they make in 1 week in Mexico. They leave jobs in Mexico to come over here to steal good-paying jobs from American taxpayers and legal residents. This is probably only 1% to as much as 5%? of illegal aliens from Mexico.

The rest of the illegal alien Mexicans from Mexico, 95%? come over here ONLY to sell drugs or to illegally gain illegal access to our welfare, food stamps, free medical care, SUBSIDIZED HOUSING, SSI and any of the free benefits that they never paid a penny into and which they have absolutely NO right to and which are ONLY for U.S. citizens and LEGAL residents. Also many many illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America are committing crimes: murdering, raping, robbing and viciously attacking U.S. citizens and LEGAL residents and American cops and U.S. Border Patrol agents and they think they cannot ever be deported and shouldn't be ever deported.

Also, the incredible male chauvinism and the incredible racism among illegal aliens from Mexico...I have actually seen some actually refusing to learn English and expect to be accomodated here in their language. They are male chauvinists of the worst kind. The mexican word for "male chauvinism" is "machismo" and their word for "male chauvinists" is either "macho" or "machista". The family dog has more rights than the female does. The rules for mexican male chauvinism are:

1. The male can go to a bar and he is still a decent man; a female goes to a bar and she is a whore according to them.
2. A male can cheat on his wife and he is still a decent man; a female cheats on her husband and she is a whore according to them.
3. A male who drinks is considered a man. If he doesn't drink then he is not considered a man. He is ridiculed and made fun of by the other mexican drunks saying that his wife tells him what to do and these drunks are not satisfied until he starts drinking again. If a female drinks then she is not a decent female according to them.
4. It is ok for the male to beat or rape a female; it is NOT ok for a female to beat a male.
5. A male can come and go as he pleases from birth onward, no questions asked. A female is a prisoner. From birth onward she cannot even leave the house or yard to go one block to the store unless she gets the permission of the dominant male in the house: usually her husband or her father.
6. The male can work and do whatever he wants but they don't want the female working and want her to stay home barefoot and pregnant so they can control her and make her do whatever they want and she cannot say anything. They can even bring their whore into the house with her to live and she still cannot say anything. If she says anything then she is beaten.

ALSO--DID YOU NOTICE THAT THERE ARE 11+ MILLION TO AS MUCH AS 40 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS IN THE U.S. AND YET THE GROWERS AND FARMERS CANNOT FIND ILLEGAL ALIENS TO HARVEST THEIR CROPS? And yet they INSIST that they need to bring in even MORE illegal aliens? Explain this if you can...My explanation is simple. The illegal aliens are NOT about to get their dainty little hands dirty if they can get welfare & food stamps and free medical care and subsidized housing and SSI and unemployment and won't have to work. If they HAVE to work they REFUSE to do farmwork and would rather steal Americans jobs at half the wage. When an American citizen goes to get a job then they find out that an illegal alien is ALREADY in the job in place of the American who should have the job and I'm NOT talking about minimum wage jobs. I'm talking about American citizens jobs that pay $12 an hour or more and these jobs rightfully belong to AMERICAN CITIZENS, not illegal aliens.

Hope this educates a lot of people seeking to learn something about this unknown subject. I learned quite a lot from associating with these people for 20 years. It opened my eyes to the real dangers of illegal immigration by ILLEGAL ALIENS, NOT immigrants...they are NOT immigrants. Immigrants are persons who immigrate LEGALLY. Anybody that invades a country in violation of the immigration laws of that country and in violation of the rights and will of its native citizens is NOT an immigrant, they are an ILLEGAL ALIEN, as an immigrant ALWAYS immigrates legally.


Ex-farmworker and ex-wife of a former-illegal alien from Mexico,

Jean Brown Harrell, formerly Garcia