Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm certified (not) organic

As my regular readers know by now I am very consistent with my posting. I always get one up in the morning before work, one right after work and usually one in the evening. Everyday.

The lack of a post last night and this morning was due to a family thing. Routine medical stuff with one of my kids so I was out of the house last night. Let me say, I sure am glad to live in America where we have the best medical care available. As opposed to say, Canada... "the time that patients wait to be seen by a specialist has almost doubled ― from 9.3 weeks to 17.7 weeks.1 More and more Canadians are avoiding waiting lists by crossing the border or seeking private clinics in Canada to get the service they need." SOURCE

1. Average waiting time from referral by a general practitioner until treatment by a specialist. 1993 and 2004 figures from the Fraser Institute.

Hey Daniel, I regularly read liberal websites, what's that funny stuff just above this?

That my friend is a footnote. It means that I'm not just making things up or saying stupid things that are not provable such as "everyone loves the health care in Canada."

But back to my original post, this is getting way off track, I do not like organic products. Or at least not organic beer. I got a craft beer set for Christmas that has a lot of microbrews from Oregon, Washington and California. As I write this I am drinking a "certified organic" Wolaver's pale ale. It tastes like it needs some chemicals.

While there is apparently a market for "certified organic" products (I know someone who only uses organic mouthwash) it is certainly not for me!

When I eat my baby birds for breakfast (eggs) I want them to be unnaturally big, when I drink my beer I want to know that the hops were kept bug free with peticides and when I am clubbing a baby seal to death to make some slippers I want to know that he was given steroids so that at least he had a fighting chance against me and my baseball bat.

Time to try another beer...
*humming the song "it's five O'clock somewhere"*


jwalker said...

I hear you friend. Talk about a great country. We are flooding here in Southern Oregon and I am in a nice dry hotel with wifi and comfortable beds because I can make a living for my family. I got an appointment with a specialist right away due to my health problems, and I feel grateful. Let's not be Canada anytime soon, eh?

Daniel said...

Is your house in danger? I hope that things turn out well for your family.

And our next chance to say no to Canada style health care will be in November. I don't think that the socialists will have any problem getting their health care measure on the ballot.

Gunslinger said...

My current favorite beer is Dead Guy Ale. It is really yummy. I found another beer over the holidays, from Lagunitas. it is called Brown Shugga. 9.9% Potent stuff.

Screw that organic crap. I like nice healthy doses of chemicals that give me large tomatoes, apples, oranges, and what not. I have heard rumors though, that the growth hormones used in dairy cows, can make girls develop at an unhealthy rate. Who knows if there is any truth to that. I don't have kids, and like my milk the way it is, so I don't worry about it too much.

: JustaDog said...


Well have a happy New Year!

Daniel said...

The best beer in this set was Downtown Brown. "Handmade in small batches" it says.

I don't drink milk, it's water or alcohol for me.

terry said...

We may have the best medical care in the world, IF:

1) you can afford it
2) your employer pays for it (one-third of employees don't get this benefit)
3) you get sick enough to end up in the hospital.

Where do you go for "routine medical stuff" if you're a non-elderly working adult without employer-provided coverage and you're earning a low wage?

I went without primary care for years and ended up in a hospital for two months and using a walker for several months after that. Yeah, I did get the best medical care in the end, but I would have preferred the routine medical stuff earlier.