Saturday, December 03, 2005

But how do I really feel?

Ok, since the illegal alien protest this morning I've walked in the Sherwood parade with the cub scouts, gone to church, and had some whiskey. Time to let loose about what I saw today.

First, I was at the middle school, which was the original location at 8:15am. I was the first one there and after moving to the new location with everyone else I was the last one to leave the protest after 1:15pm. (the criminal supporters cheered when I left)

My commitment to this cause is absolute and I will continue to work on it until every last illegal alien is deported.

That said, today was discouraging for me. Much like drug cartels are constantly finding new ways to move their contraband, the Mexican consulate and state of Oregon found a way to discourage American citizens from preventing illegal aliens from receiving benefits.

At the last protest in Salem I attempted to get into the school where the event was being held. When they told me that I needed an appointment to get in I decided to stand at the gate and make sure that everyone who went in did have an appointment. A lot of people were turned away because of that.

This time the criminal supporters held the event on private property so there was nothing I could do.

It was also discouraging to see so many people out in support of criminal aliens. Not discouraging because I think that they are the majority of public opinion, I know that they aren't, but discouraging like when you realize how many sex offenders there are in this country. The sheer number of people who don't care about the law is mind boggling. Actual quote: "Laws cause crime."

Yes, that was the typical level of intelligence I experienced from the illegal alien supporters. Unlike last time there was some organization and structure to their side. As I said in a previous post it was very clear that instructions not to talk as well as talking points for the media were issued. PCUN even had people in orange vests walking their crowd to make sure that all instructions were followed. I can't count the number of times that people were told not to talk to me.

The orange vests were constantly trying to stand in front of me and turn their backs. This childish display was frequently thwarted by me moving 2 steps to my left or right.

I didn't realize that so many PCUN member read my blog but apparently a lot of them do. They were able to cite posts that I have done about Mr. Gonzales who is a board member of MEChA and a school counselor and I was identified immediatly when I first approached this group by Eric of PFAW as Daniel the conservative blogger. Eric, my invitation for a debate still stands.

While it is very frustrating to watch so many law enforcement officers standing around while there are criminals in close proximinty I realize that Oregon law prevents them from doing anything. That said, I had several good talks with the Woodburn Police.

I will absolutely say that a reduction in illegal immigration will result in an overall reduction in crime.

I anticipate that future events like this will be similair to this one and the schedules will be closely guarded. In a sense it is a victory, we have succeeded in pushing this criminal activity back underground. They can no longer publicize an event and meet anywhere. Good American citizens will show up. Much like hookers are forced into the shadows the aiders and abbetters of illegal aliens have been forced to move to private property and employ socialists and anarchists to parade their support outside their building.

I guess I would finish with a big thank you to everyone who turned out this event. Rick, Jim, Nick, James, Cheryll, Christi, Michael and so many others. You are all great Americans.

And to you who support the illegal aliens: You are cowards, you refused to even tell me why you where there, you refused to take a stand for something that you purport to believe in. I am absolutly confident in my position and will debate with you any time. Your best argument was to flip me off and call me a bigot. Your lack of maturity makes me feel sorry for you and your lack of understanding of this country makes me think that our public schools are failing in their job or you had bad parents. We are a country of laws, you don't get to pick which ones to follow.

As far as I can tell the education of the criminal supporters consists entirely of liberal bumper stickers, ask them for details and they turn their back to you.

Oh yeah, you guys are going to lose, you know it. You see the outrage that is forming, you see that this issue is really gaining traction, it's only a matter of time. I'm smiling right now picturing the day that illegal aliens are treated like the criminals that they are, it's not long off...


Anonymous said...

Great work Daniel.

Please continue to post and help us SHAME THE HELL OUT of the DISHONORABLE Judge Steven Price.

Info obtained about him indicates that he is the only Washco Circuit judge who would've aquitted Miguel Robleto.

The presiding judge of the Circuit Court is Marco Hernandez. He assigned Price to the case.

Does it start to make sense?

levotb said...

Hi Daniel-

You have a terrific, clean, good-looking (the clear, large photos) site! Bravo! This is my first time to your blog.

You are preaching to the Choir when you state the comments you've made on your page re: illegal aliens. I know things are about as bad as they get in Leftyville (aka Oregon) but we have ours here in the SF Bay Area! In fact, many of our formers became Oregonians and shaped the politics up there. No wonder they call it the Left Coast.

While I am not a Lars Larson fan (what an original name!) as he is just another Bush lackey who gives him (Bush) far too much support, given Bush's open borders and other abhorrent policies, I respect your right to admire him (Larson). I was a Michael Savage fan too, when I realized that after all his railing against Bush on illegal immigration and other issues, he falls in with the GOP supporting Buish against the Left. I'm an Independent conservative who left the GOP and will never go back. To me, the RINOs are just as dangerous as the Leftists, so that should give you an idea of just how "conservative" I am.

In my humble opinion, the following have to happen if we are to save the country from the Invasion:

1) End all sanctuary policies by making them illegal and ENFORCING those laws! Allow local authorities to arrest and send off to ICE all illegal aliens found within their jurisdiction. Cut off federal monies to any city that harbors illegal aliens in a "sanctuary poicy".

2) Begin Expedited Removal of all illegal aliens except for suspected terrorists

3) Finish the San Diego Border fence and begin work to extend it to the Gulf

4) Begin enforcing stiff fines and even jail time for those employers who hire illegal aliens

5) Begin charging Mexico for the cost of illegal aliens using our services here in the U.S. like hospitals, etc.

6) Begin attacks into Mexico with crack troops if their gangs continue to threaten us from without and within and especially along the Border.

These are just a few things that need to be done. Bringing back "mechanization" (to get rid of most of the farmorkers need to pick crops) is another issue that is rarely brought up. The Japanese have perfected crop picking machines.


Allen said...

Sleep well Daniel knowing that you are the Illegal Aliens worst nightmare.

Job well done and all Oregonians are indebted to you whether they know it or not.

Anonymous said...

OFIR can be proud in knowing they are responsible for keeping the Mexican Consulate from using the Woodburn Public School for their Carousel event.

I suspect that was the first bump in the road they have ever felt.

My best guess is the school administration or perhaps board members saw the Consulate using the property a conflict as they are working to subvert public law.

Does anybody have an Oregon School District mailing list? It might be worth dropping those folks a post card.

anon1 said...

whisky huh?...figures....i agree the illegals need to be deported....but you should leave that job to the people that we pay to do it....sure as hell dont need your annoying ass making the rest of us look like fools by standing around and taking pictures that serve no purpose whatsoever. go get a life young man.

Sailor Republica said...

The people we pay to do the job don't do the job. Therefore we have to.

Now lick my boots, grunt, and go play in I-5 traffic.

Tony said...

Gotta like these anonymidiots that have started showing up lately.

"I totally agree with you, but you are dumb for doing anything to get the word out about this problem. You should go take up quilting or fly fishing"

Was this "get a life do something else" mantra broadcast on telemundo lately or something?

Jim said...

"Now lick my boots, grunt, and go play in I-5 traffic."

Now there's some positive change for you. For so many people seemingly so passionate about an issue, the actual issue rarely gets debated. Rather, as soon as someone disagrees with Daniel, they are damned as a liberal, a leftie, a socialist, or something like this. Daniel, based on your whiskey-manifesto, you seem irked by the childish behavior at the protest; perhaps you should be so critical of your own blog participants.

I also notice that there is some sort of twisted obsessive hostility aimed at people posting anonymously. If you do so (but also only if you posit an opposing view) you are ridiculed, labeled a coward. Apparently personal attacks of this nature are so much more gratifying when you get to call the person by name. So, to assuage those with said obsession, I've posted my name. So, now you can all end the "man-up" and "spineless" bit.

Daniel, I've tried consistently to engage you in a debate over the economic realities that drive migration. My argument derives mostly from work I have read by Douglas Massey, the findings of which are largely summarized in a recent opinion piece:

I think your arguments are tautological and ignore political and economic realities. For instance, your "I'm-against-illegal-immigration-because-it's-illegal" position quickly becomes void if and when any future immigration policy changes includes any type of legalization. Though Bush has said he won't do it, he hasn't submitted any way of reforming immigration law without doing it.

Related to this, you say you won't tire until every illegal alien is deported. I hope you have great endurance. There are nearly 11 million people living in this country without proper documentation. Not all are from Mexico. One third are visa-overstayers, students who stay after school to work, or come as "students" and then fly planes into tall buildings. But my question to you, Daniel, is how is it human(e)ly and economically possible to deport 11 million people?

Beyond this minor point, you seem unwilling to confront the economic realities of global capitalism. Mexican-born folks don't just pick crops, they are infused into nearly every American industry, and now, in nearly every state in the union. Even if many don't intend to initially, most likely, they're here to stay. Like it or not, our economy relies upon them.

I don't think you're going to get the victory you're looking for. My guess is that any action taken by the administration will be aimed more at keeping the Republican party from falling apart (trying to simultaneously appease the "positive-change, lick my boots, grunt" faction common here and the Wall Street Journal types). The last time immigration reform was enacted with an eye towards political appeasement rather than reasonable reform, the result was IRCA, 1986, a policy disaster for all sides.

Taking issue with your flimsy arguments doesn't make me an "illegal alien supporter". This is another logical fallacy seemingly popular with the crowd here.

Daniel said...

Jim, you and I are going to have to meet in person some time.

I'm going to start by responding to the opinion piece that talks about Mexico as a country that is "friendly" to us.

They have refused to help us in the war on terror, they refuse to extradite cop-killers and other criminals who may face the death penalty, and they actively promote illegal immigration. (encouraging their citizens to break our laws) I don't consider that friendly regardless of the amount of trade we do with them.

I believe that America, and all countries, act in their own best interest. As they should. Our system of government is set up so that the people are the government. We elect representatives to do just that, represent our best interest.

"Like it or not, our economy relies upon them."

This is one of the most absurd statments ever. At one point our economy relied upon horses. Have you seen many stage-coaches out there recently?

I believe that capitalism is the best form of market because if there is a demand, someone will fill it. Whether the demand is through mechanization or some other technological improvement or a change in labor laws and regulation. Our ecomony is always self-correcting.

The US population is 295,734,134. We have an unemployment rate of 5% which equals 14,786,706 people without jobs. Is that more or less than the 11 million illegal aliens who are "infused into nearly every American industry"?

You must also look at the cost benefit ratio of illegal immigration. If you insist that their is some sort of "savings" to our economy with the massive influx of labor, you must also look at the cost of that influx in services, crime, population, etc.

There are obvious direct costs to our economy such as the remittance which in 2004 exceeded Mexico's oil revenue. ($17 billion)

Then there are the slightly harder to estimate costs of the rise in health care, education, social services, and law enforcement.

We know that hospitals in the border states have gone bankrupt due to the ongoing problem in indigent illegal aliens using the emergency rooms for their health care. I think that you would agree that our health care system is a huge factor in our economy and that it has some problems.

State governments spend the largest amount of money on education and human services, both of which are used extensively by illegal aliens.

Douglas Massey uses a lot of superfluous information in this opinion piece. Copy and pasting facts about Mexico straight from the CIA factbook about population and literacy does not constitute an argument for illegal immigration. It is simply pseudo-sophistication.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all for coming to the Rally. The 1st one I had only 6 other people show up. They let me inside the building, I videoed the State employees breaking the law! the Police were not there and a Eugene TV station went inside and said NOTHING about the State helping Illegals. Police did show and I got too see the newest handcuffs. I ALMOST gave up, I have kids and better things to do on a Saturday. BUT, I knew many were concerned and I just wanted to get the word out. Next Rally more showed, next one more and now we couldn't go inside, What are they hiding? I thought. NOW Woodburn! (4th rally) I counted 80 people on our side and 3 TV stations in Portland have been running the report non-stop and finally the Oregonian (I have missed hours of work calling and e-mailing their many reporters). Thanks to all of you, Tens of Thousands of Oregonians understand and our furious at the law breaking going on.
FAVORITE from yesterday? a 55 yr. old Mexican man standing with us, didn't talk to anyone, just watched. When he walked away he said: "They can get a green card, I did" "Do it right" I ran after Him & shook His hand.
Rick Hickey, VP-OFIR

Daniel said...

Thank you so much for your hard work Rick! We all appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to both Rick and Daniel for their work on this issue. Also, I will get a blogger ID soon, I am just too lazy. BTW, my name is Luke and I am very supportive of the OFIR.

That said, I saw and read just about every media account of the event yesterday. While the news 8 report was fine, give them credit for even covering it, the Oregonians coverage was very subtle in taking the side of the "immigrants". They only quoted 2 of the protestors on the OFIR side, while quoting 5 of the pro-illegals.

Of course they threw in the obligatory comments from the high school kid saying how unfair our laws were. Well, if her parents wouldn't had dragged her here illegally she would not be in her present mess.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing my part. I work for a mechanical contractor and I just reported 125 illegal Mexican/Guatamalen workers at a jobsite at Duke University in Durham, NC. Believe it or not they are even working on the Governor's mansion. After emailing my State senator, he called me back. If everything goes as planned he'll be showing up at the Governor's mansion with a video cam and a bull horn, yelling immigration. I'll just sit back and watch it on the news.

anon1 said...

again....a bunch of people with too much free time on their hands.

Daniel said...

Anon1, again, would you say the same thing if these people were reporting drug houses? These are concerened citizens who are looking out for their neighborhoods and their country. I'm not sure why you keep insulting us.

Anonymous said...

I think anon1 stands for alanon1. He can only type after a good stiff one

anon1 said...

how mature of you.

Anonymous said...


By 2050, only 10% of the world’s people will be of European descent. One third of Europe’s people will be over 60, and one-in-ten over 80. Involuntary euthanasia has already come to Europe.

• Between now and 2050, Asia, Africa, and Latin America will grow by three to four billion people -- 30 to 40 new Mexicos! -- as Europe will lose the equivalent of the entire population of Germany, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

• By 2050, 23 million Germans will have disappeared along with 16 million Italians and 30 million Russians.

• Russia will lose Siberia and the far east to China and be pushed out of the Caucuses and Central Asia, where Islamic populations are exploding while Russia’s is dying.

• Either Europe must effect a radical cutback in pensions and health care for seniors, or Europe must import scores of millions of Arabs and Africans to care for the elderly and pay the taxes to sustain their welfare states.

• The 4.2 million Palestinians in Israel and on the West Bank and Gaza will explode to 9 million by 2025, and 15 million by 2050, when Palestinians will outnumber Israel’s Jewish population two-to-one.

• America’s “Dual Containment” policy in the Persian Gulf seems unsustainable. In less than 25 years, Iraq will have 42 million people and Iran 94 million people, more than any European nation except Russia.

• The Islamic invasions of Spain and France in the eighth century, and of the Balkans and Central Europe from the 14th to the 17th centuries, will be reenacted in the lifetime of most of those now living. Islam has already surpassed Catholicism as the largest religion on earth.

• It is the Christian nations -- Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox -- that have begun to die. In a chapter titled, “Where Have All the Children Gone?” Buchanan explains why, and why it is unlikely the West can solve the demographic crisis before it leads to The Death of the West.

In his chapter La Reconquista, Buchanan contends that an invasion of the United States is taking place and that America now harbors a “nation within a nation.”

• There are 30 million foreign born in the U.S. today, and between 9 and 11 million illegal aliens, or as many undocumented aliens in the U.S. as there are people in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

• Mexico is exporting its poor and unemployed for U.S. taxpayers to employ and educate. Radical and militant Hispanics and Mexican leaders alike believe this will lead to the cultural and demographic recapture of the Southwest from America, reversing the results of The Mexican War.

• By supporting open borders, the GOP is committing suicide. First-time Hispanic voters chose Clinton 15-1 over Dole. Of the seven major immigration states -- Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Texas and Florida -- Mr. Bush lost five, and perhaps six. Of the 10 states with the smallest share of immigrants, Bush won all 10.

• European-Americans are a minority in America’s most populous state, California, and by 2004, will be a minority in Texas.

• The political agenda of California Hispanics includes race welfare for illegal aliens, racial preferences, bilingual education, open borders, dual citizenship, Cinqo de Mayo as a California holiday, and, in one case, replacing a statue of an American hero of the Mexican War with the Aztec god Quetzacoatl.

• White Americans are fleeing California at the rate of 100,000 a year.

• MeCHA, the student organization that claims chapters on hundreds of campuses has a program that reads like a Mexican version of the agenda of the white-supremacist Aryan Nation.

• In 2001, an Office for Mexicans Abroad in Mexico was providing survival kits with everything from dried meat to anti-diarrhea pills to condoms to Mexicans setting off to break in to the United States .

• As of 2000, there were 8.4 million foreign born in California, as many foreign born as there are people in New Jersey, a primary cause of the state energy and schools crisis.

Just too many! Jack Peek

lasernorm said...

Daniel, As I think I was the lone Woodburnite to stand with the Oregonians for Immigration Reform, I'm wanting to point out that one of the orange coat wearing thugs actually works for the State of Oregon as a Probation Officer. So his presence says to me that the STATE OF OREGON OFFICIALLY SUPPORTS ILLEGAL ALIENS!!! That and the sign with the little white blond girl that said "deport out children" didn't quit seem to fit

Anonymous said...

Daniel --

Your faith in capitalism to self-correct is unmatched, even exceeding the true believing Chicago School Economist. I don't think industrial capitalists (who, being true capitalists, avoid risk) are going to let their dispendable supply of low-wage labor go based on your faith in the system, especially since there is really no historical precedent for the type of self-correction you are talking about (not sure your horse example really makes your point).

You gloss over a lot of facts and peddle mostly in myth.

First, I think that you (and Jack Peek) overplay Mexico's corruption. To be sure, they do have corruption, but compared to twenty-five years ago, they are a bastion of democracy. Their last four presidents have been American-educated technocrats, quite pro-American. Fox, a conservative, is the first non-PRI candidate elected in about 80 years!

Second, it is always assumed that immigrants use social services at a much higher rate than natives. There is a large body of research literature on this (which I am not that familiar with), but my understanding is that the evidence is mixed. Recently, a study of the LA area found that the native-born were much less likely to use emergency room services for routine non-emergency health care compared to immigrants.

Sure, illegal immigration can be a drain on schools. Schools work hard to plan. When more students show up on the first day of school than expected, that's a problem. Legalization would take major steps in obviating so many of the problems associated having this large population of otherwise law-abiding, family-oriented (despite what you "believe" and all of the radical stuff you might dig up to the contrary) people living underground.

Further, it's intellectually disingenuous, not to mention oversimplistic, to look at the unemployment rate and say that if there were no illegal immigrants, there would be no unemployment; another way of saying that immigrants take the jobs of natives. This probably goes back to the first point. A U.S. born person with an average education does not compete in the same labor market as an unskilled Mexican immigrant with little or no education. I know that you disagree, but disagreeing does not make it. Why should I believe you over several labor economists who maintain that there is strong evidence of a split- or segmented labor market in this country, with strong demand for immigrant labor?

Finally, I think you underestimate the "superfluous" nature of Douglas Massey's information. He's no hack. For over 25 years he's directed the Mexican Migration Project, a rich source of data for studying migration flows. His book, Beyond Smoke and Mirrors, (, in my opinion, shatters your arguments. You should check it out.

David said...

In response to:

"I saw and read just about every media account of the event yesterday. While the news 8 report was fine, give them credit for even covering it, the Oregonians coverage was very subtle in taking the side of the "immigrants"."

I think KGW is a decent local news source. However I don't keep track of local events that much lately because of the lack of decent issues. Lars is my main source these days...But I must admit I like his national show a lot more because local issues are often petty compared to national and global troubles. But that doesn't mean I don't support your effort, for improvements at home can go a long way for the rest of America...

However, NBC is just getting worse...I used to love Nightly News. But the more I watched, the more I started to see through the negativism and bias. However, I still watch NBC or ABC (which seems to be a little better) only because of the lack of alternatives with basic cable. But there's just no excuse for their incesant anti-Americanism, however you spell it!

Anyways, keep it up Daniel!

Anonymous said...


Good work at the event. Next time I want to know where it is so that I can go.

I speak perfect Spanish, I am a white conservative. I am a very pleasant conversationalist and I have excellent control of my temper. I want to go and interview a bunch of people there with my camcorder.

I have toyed with the idea of claiming in Spanish that I am a Mexican citizen, just to get in there and record what they are doing.

I am going to try to find your email again on the website. If I can't find it I will email Lars.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, most, not all of your commenters lack historical perspective. In 1860, we had a civil war over cheap labor and the fear that it would encroach on the white working class in the northern factories. After that was settled, we imported thousands of european immigrants to fill out our westward expansion and they began to bypass the hardwork in those same factories, which they wouldn't have done if they had of been paid a living wage. However the industrialist, found a new and cheaper solution with child labor.
Child labor was about the same as what goes on in our enlighteded socialist paradise of Mexico. In 1932, laws were passed, that all products produced by child labor was declared contraband and not to be allowed to be shipped in interstate commerce. In two years time, the only place that you could find child labor, was in family farms and the labor dept. was the enforcer. Now my suggestion is to re-enact a type of law that cause the employer to cease and desist the employment of
illegal aliens. I think that every state that has an income tax has the ability to tap into the SSA
number of the IRS on all taxes filed. I don't believe that an employer of illegal aliens should be allowed to claim wages illegally
paid to an illegal alien as a business expense and those wages would then become a profit and the employer would have to pay the commensurate rate of taxes on those
illegal wages. The only way that he could save himself from that would be to have the proof that he had contacted the Immigration service and received a confirmation number stating that this person was legally permitted to work with a valid Social Security Number giving the name , date of birth, SS#, and the amount
of wages paid on each tax return. I
don't know if the Federal Govt. has
the testicular fortitude to pall legislation of this kind but it has
been proposed by Rep. Steven King of IOWA, It's called the new IDEA Act. I'll sign here as I don't have a Blogger ID.