Saturday, December 03, 2005

If it's so great, then why don't you go back?

With my adventure into what The Oregonian calls "Little Mexico" (but don't let Kevin Mannix here that, he'll be offended) I noticed a lot of "Mexican pride"

This is laughable because all these immigrants, legal or illegal, have already shown what they think of Mexico... they left. Voting with your feet is a powerful statement and many of these immigrants left behind families, friends, and neighbors. But obviously they thought that America was in some way better and it was worth it to leave that stuff behind.

If you want to argue that you are Mexican, that Mexican culture is better and that the country of Mexico is somehow better then I'm going to ask you to prove it: move to Mexico!


Anonymous said...

Woodburn is a carbon copy of Tijuanna! Why do these people flee their mess and come here to re-create the same mess?
Would people fleeing Communism come here and preach the virtues of Communism?
In fact I overheard a Russian immigrant giving HELL to a Union guy telling him that people like him are why he fled Russia during the cold war days, He said go to China and you will no longer think the way you do.

Anonymous said...

One picture I hope you post is all the stores with big metal bars in front. This USED to be a safe, small town. What are they barricading? Oh yeah thats the way, again, it is in Mexico.
These poor SHEEPople

Tony said...


Totally agree, but lay off Mannix on this "little mexico" thing. He was party chair, and as party chair, you have to be diplomatic.

He wasn't "offended," he was doing his job.

I guaran-damn-tee you that if I shoved a news camera in Jason Atkinson's face and asked him if he approved of using his position to refer to a portion of his district as "little mexico" (like parts of Medford and its surrounding area are) and put it on his web site, he would not say "yeah, that is little mexico. We all call it that. We should rename the state motto to little mexico". He would politely say that while he recognizes the frustration in dealing with this major crisis, we love immigrants but they have to come here legally, and he doesn't condone comments that could be inflammatory and unhelpful, blah blah blah.

Mannix did the right thing on that one. He did his job, and saved all of us a week of scandal in the fishwrapper.

Daniel said...

Tony, you know who my candidate is. And I was furious with Mannix when this issue first came up years ago. I still am. There are public officials who are not afraid to say it like it is. Case in point: Robert Vasquez who said "I have an American flag in my office, not that Mexican chicken and worm or whatever it is."

Tony said...

As a:
-from Idaho

Robert can speak that way. In so doing, he only speaks for himself, and is therefore afforded the title of hero by me.

If you are a
-party chair
-from blue oregon
-in a presidential election year

you represent the views of many people other than just yourself. AS such, you have to be more diplomatic, or you earn the title of fool and scandal producer.

What would have been the effect of Mannix owning those little mexico comments? Do you think the media would have thoughfully entertained the point he was raising? HELL NO! There would have been weeks of "the party is racist" comments, Kerry would have picked it up, the papers in the American Southwest would have picked it up (like AZ and NM) to try to sway independents.

C'mon. Mannix did the right thing there by keeping the party out of it. That was the mature thing to do. Sure, we would love some raw meat once in a while, but that wasnt the time to do it. The effects would have been all negative, no positive.