Friday, December 02, 2005

Fishwrapper: Let criminals break more laws

This week's winners and losers around Oregon
TOSSUP: Immigrants who pick Oregonians' crops should get the identification due them on Saturday when the Mexican government holds a mobile consulate in Woodburn. Immigration-reform groups and farmworker advocates should stand back and let that happen without turning the event into a showdown.

So people who broke the law coming here should be able to get help from our public servants who will sign them up for government benefits (illegal), help them find work, (illegal) help them get workers comp, (illegal) and get registered to vote. (illegal)

Yeah, it's always a "tossup" for me too deciding whether or not tax dollars should go to help criminals operate. Cancel your subscription.


Denise Quinn said...

I cancelled my 15+ year subscription on Monday. I was just irate over the guest opinion on Saturday by Lupe Colin-Swensen (sp?). The SJ has always been so obviously in favor of illegal immigration but the publication of that poorly written, lie laced piece was my final straw. I wrote a letter to the editor (not published of course) and to the Publisher herself letting her know exactly why I was dumping their rag. Funny tho - we are still getting the darn thing delivered every day. I would let them know but the average wait on their phone lines is 15 minutes! I won't pay for the fishwrapper but if they want to give it to me free - well, okay! It's is a good way to see what the idiot left is up to. Denise, Salem

Anonymous said...


Its an easy fix. Just start calling their biggest advertisers and explain the S/J is littering your property with their ads.

Save a tree, read the web!

The Cheezer said...

More reason to be there Saturday and take pictures of this crime.
I will be there with my camera.
I wonder how many of the people we photograph will be wanted by the police?

Allen said...

That being the case I can see where the State Department of Agriculture should then assume jurisdiction over home building, hose painting, roofing, odd jobs, trash hauling, paving work, restaurant work, day care, meth importing, yard care, heroin sales, gang development and management and other similar efforts as there is where you will find most illegal aliens (crop pickers) gaining their income.

Anonymous said...

Why Daniel's entire position on immigration is flat wrong:

Despite many attempts I've made to get him to seriously debate the consequences of economic integration with Mexico, he opts for a pie-in-the-sky solution that is actually, no solution at all.

james of salem said...

Nice spine there anon.

That watered down article at the Washington Post had almost no information. A summary : grant amnesty & manage Mexicans better.
There's a solution.

Odd that all the Lefties whine over the resources spent on Iraq but not a peep about the resources stolen every day by illegals. If illegals voted Republican (ie - were not looking for a free lunch) do you think Teddy the K would endorse these Illegall Alien Cavalcades?

Anonymous said...

James of Salem -- Funny how you make this a partisan issue, when it's really not. Also, "had almost no information"???? The piece was full of statistics and figures. What you have provided is a watered down summary of his conclusion, which he derived from the facts he presented in the first several paragraphs.

You see, he was making an argument: Militaristic-style border enforcement hasn't worked; in fact, there's reason to believe that it has been a huge waste of money and has been rife with unintended consequences (e.g. new border crossing points, migration flows to all 50 states instead of just the southwest, permanent settlement as opposed to circular migration, etc). He provided a wealth of data for why he believes this to be the case, and for why bringing those here illegally above the boards would be a good solution. Do you care to respond to any of the particular points in the argument, or do you just prefer to launch directly into the childish, and all-too-common practice of bashing those you perceive to have political leanings dissimilar to your own?

If you're so clever what's your solution?

Also, if you found the opinion piece too watered down and without any information (did you consider that there is a word-limit), maybe you should read Professor Massey's book, "Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Mexican Immigration in an Era of Economic Integration". The thrust of his argument in the newspaper piece comes from this book. Maybe you'll find enough information there to suit you...

Tony said...

My solution:

1. Companies or individuals found to be hiring illegals knowingly or negligently will be shut down, confiscated, and sold.

2. Illegals found here will be deported to the southernmost tip of whatever nation they came from.

3. Any person crossing the border at otehr than an authorized border checkpoint will be met with gun and missle fire from Apache helicopters, etc. A shoot on sight order will be issued.

4. The ACLU will be shut down and its members deported to a reservation in the Netherlands.

5. A guest worker program will be set up and ENFORCED allowing companies (or a middleman) to interview and hire people while they are in their home country, bring them here legally, background check them, make sure they compy with our laws, and that they are better able to integrate with our society.

Problem solved.