Saturday, December 17, 2005

Thank a great American

Tancredo wins round 1to build Mexico fence
It was a victory the once-obscure Colorado congressman savored yesterday.

When the House of Representatives passed a tough new border control bill last night, Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo was all smiles.

Tancredo added: "The fact that Congress was forced to discuss immigration reform in itself is a victory for my allies. Such a victory has been years in the making, and credit is due to the millions of Americans who attended town halls, wrote letters to the editor, called talk radio shows, and even defended the border on their own. I thank them whole-heartedly for their efforts, and I am deeply honored by the support they have shown me and my congressional allies."

We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Rep. Tancredo. Check out his Reform NOW site and send him a thank you!

For Mexico's reaction see the post below.


RINO WATCH said...

Every so-called Oregon Republican candidate, for any office in 2006, should get this straight;

Avoid & ignore the immigration issues, including drivers's licenses, election reforms, & "carousels", etc., and the PCP's, the folks who work the phones, raise money,and work for you candidates are gonna IGNORE you if don't wake up now.

Daniel said...

I would say that unfortunately a lot of the PCP's and party loyalists, while they have this as an issue, have been brainwashed into a "party first" mentality.

The people who will ignore the candidates are the non-political citizens. The people who are simply tired of everything being in Spanish. The people who are tired of illegal alien drug dealers. The people who are tired of going to the DMV and waiting in line behind 100 people who just came to America yesterday.

RINO WATCH said...

Don't be fooled. You are way to smart for that. PCP's have already started a movement to be heard or else.

Stay tuned

steve schopp said...

The Oregon Republican stands for nothing. They take no public positions.
Positions not taken by the Oregon Republican Party or Republican Candidates

Illegal immigration, drivers licenses

Convention Center Hotel

Washington County Commuter rail

PDC, Housing incentive program, Transit Oriented Development,etc

Publicly funded bogus studies

Global warming- State Climatologist opinion


Urban Growth Boundary


Cultural Competency

Low Graduation requirements, courses- Math English

Jails, crime, meth, mandatory sentencing

Urban Renewal - tax dollars for private development

Light rail

Transit Mall

Port of Portland mismanagement

Columbia Crossing-Interstate bridge

Sellwood Bridge

Commerce mobility


Bi-passes, freeways

terry said...

Early last year, Tom Tancredo floated the idea of taxing wire payments leaving the US. Western Union's parent company noticed and made a small ($2,000 I recall) contribution to his opponent. Tancredo has dropped the idea.

dchamil said...

PCP - what does this mean? Please enlighten me.

RINO WATCH said...


Precint Committee Person

Those who do the work
Worker Bees

Piss these folks off, ignore them, and they will not be energized.

RINO'S pay attention

Anonymous said...

steve schopp said...
The Oregon Republican stands for nothing. They take no public positions.
Positions not taken by the Oregon Republican Party or Republican Candidates

Daniel: Steve is "dead on" correct.

I asked for a review here and at other sites of Mr. Day...I GOT SLAMMED FOR IT.

There better be an answer soon, or we will look worse then the TRAILBLAZERS next election cycle.

Jack Peek

PS..Steve deserves a medal.

Tony said...


The party takes stands on lots of issues via the platform and various resolutions (M30, M36 for example just last year). They rarely get reported.

Some of the issues you speak of are covered in the platform, if not specifically, but generally (for example, we are for limited government, so many of those things are obviously against our views).

Finally, it isn't the party's responsibility to have an exhaustive list of every single issue and have a position on every single one of them. Individual Republicans and candidates can speak to local issues in their own districts, and if it is a major issue, the people in that area can bring it up at the next party meeting.

If YOU draft a resolution and give it to your local party, I am sure they would pass it if it was written well.

And Jack, I have met Vance Day on several occasions, and he is aa great guy, to answer your question. Maybe he isn't going to be as forceful on group homes as you are, but you know what? Neither is anyone else. And that is ok. You are an activist, go sound the alarm, get a petition drive going, come up with a workable solution your political leaders can pass at a council meeting or something, and then make it happen.

Too many people think because they have a gripe or an idea that someone else has to do the legwork. You do it.

Anonymous said...

Too many people think because they have a gripe or an idea that someone else has to do the legwork. You do it.

Lets see TONEY, maybe Day should do it, I ALREADY HAVE.

1. Was neighborhood chair, started all movements towards informing neighborhood associations of this matter, held an attended 50 meeting or more on the issue...some with 200 people.

2. Went to over 80 neighborhood association meetings in almost a year, got a written statement from each of them supporting at least broad notification of these places.

3. Presented this support to the city council twice....dead ears both times!

3. Got a senate bill passed in the 99th session in Salem (SB1040, LOOK IT UP)...It was killed on committee by Kate Brown.

4. Was "hot seat" guest on TOWN Hall tv show, ate Charlie Hales alive for his stupid comments. Jeff Gionola was host, he was so mad at Hales, he could barely talk.

5. At my own expense...flew to DC, lobbying the hill for two days.

6. LASTLY...ended up so pissed off that any elected offical would shirk his first duty to the people that voted for them as they said,"ELECT ME,I'll work this for you. THAT WOULD BE JUST TO NAME A FEW.....DAN SALTZMAN, RANDY LEONARD.

7. Started a recall of Katz

8. Have remained pissed off that someone has to get killed for the lack of foresight on a simple issue...CRIMINALLY INSANE PEOPLE NEED HELP.....IN A CLOSED SECURE PLACE, NOT 400 FT FROM A DAMN GRADE SCHOOL.

Oh by the way..have been on Lars to many times to WWEEK, WINNERS COLUMN FOR PASSING SB1040.

So, TONY, Your so ill informed and willing to assume something about me...It stinks!

By the way..want one of these places next to you? I CAN HELP, I HAVE THE NUMBER TO CALL.

Vance Day maybe a nice guy..but he is a wimp for sure. Jack Peek