Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mexico helping with drug war? NO!

Now I'm really on a roll. Mexico's president, Vicente Fox, has been spitting on America for a long time and I'm hitting a boiling point.

Mexico refuses to help us in the war on terror, they refuse to extradite cop-killers and other people who could possibly face the death penatly in America, they have printed comic book style brochures on how to sneak into the US illegaly and now Fox is hiring a PR firm to try to subvert the will of the American people with regards to border protection and immigration enforcement.

Well the PR firm is going to have their work cut out for them. (see below posts for contact info)

We all know that Mexico is no ally in the war on drugs, that corrupt country depends on narco dollars for income. (they blame us for having drug addicts in this country)

But it seems that Fox has made statements about legalization being the avenue for ending drug sales. For those of you who love the whole "multicultural" nonsense you can add rampant drug use to the whole pre-teen age of consent thing that Mexico's culture entails.

Mexico's president has dropped a bombshell before next month's Summit of the Americas by telling Mexican newspapers that legalizing drugs is the only way to win the expensive and bloody war against narcotics trafficking.

Talk is one thing, but with a pair of appointments to his cabinet, Fox has put well-known advocates of drug policy reform in two critical posts. He named author and political scientist Jorge Castaneda as Foreign Minister and former Mexico City police chief Alejandro Gertz Manero to head the newly created Public Security Ministry.

Castaneda has advocated repeatedly and eloquently for drug legalization, most notably in a widely read September 1999 essay in Newsweek.

Are there any criminal acts that president Fox doesn't approve of?


Tony said...

"Mexico's president (says) legalizing drugs is the only way to win the expensive and bloody war against narcotics trafficking."

Hey - it's the Mexican John Murtha!!! "Giving up is the only way to win!"

"The people fighting to protect others are the problem! If they just stopped, everything would be perfect, just like before!"

Cowards both.

ESABATM said...

When we busted a South American ship for cocaine, we had to give it to the Mexican Navy. They gave it to the ground runners and it was on its way again to North America. One time we refused, and congress got involved and ordered us to give all the cocaine to the Mexican Navy on the next bust and to stop throwing it over board into the ocean.

Allen said...

Lost in translation:

As you said Mexico exports Cop Killers yet in Mexico the Cops are often the Killers.

So what do they call those who Kill the Killer Cops?

MAX Redline said...

I just wrote Gordon Smith regarding the immigration issue, but I must say that I find it depressing to see that his page features a prominent link to information presented "en espanol".

Kaelri said...

"Hey - it's the Mexican John Murtha!!! 'Giving up is the only way to win!'"

The question of whether or not we should be in the fight at all is a part of the equation that you very oftem seem to overlook.

Daniel said...

Why don't you answer that question, should we be in that fight?

Kaelri said...

Not so much, no. I don't see from where the government derives the need to stop a consenting adult from doing pretty much anything as long as no innocents are endangered. I could see drug-control laws, same as we have for prescription medicine and the like, but as I've said here before, tobacco smoke is much more dangerous the marijuana, and I don't see much outcry to outlaw it.