Friday, December 02, 2005

I hear they make nice slippers

Ranchers have no relief if wolves attack livestock
Despite strong objections from ranchers, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted final amendments Thursday to a management plan for protected gray wolves expected to migrate into Oregon from Idaho.

Thankfully, residents of the Pearl District seemed unconcerned with the wolves. Said one resident, "I am willing to share my tofu with the wolf if they will become vegans."

ODFW said that until they start attacking hybrid cars that wolves are free to roam Oregon.

Daniel says: I hear that wolf pups can be turned into nice slippers...


Anonymous said...

is this all you have to worry about in life??...wolves????...get a friggin life man....go outside...have fun...quit worrying about what everyone else is doing.

Tony said...

Yeah! Quit posting on blogs! Only people without a life would post on a blog! I mean, really! Who wants to read this stuff...oh wait..I am posting on a!

Feed anon to the wolves in Eastern Oregon.

Tony said...

And I wonder what early American colonial debates would be like in Anon's fantasy world?

Scene: Fanueil Hall, Boston, Mass. The year: Seventeen Hundred and Something. Enter several gentlemen in powdered wigs, and one scraggly illegal alien sympathizer.

Gentlemen: I believe that today we must needs discuss this grave threat to our liberties that is the British crown. Their soldiers pillage our land and commit atrocities, and strangle us with those cords which we so rightly sought to break by braving wind and wave to bring forth civilisation on this continent.

Scraggly guy (anon): Aaaaah Shaaddup! You people need a life. Who cares what the Brits are doing? Go get a life. Smoke u some ganja. Quit worrying about what everyone else is doing.

This has been a "Great Moments in Anonymous History" moment.

anon1 said...

wow...that made alot of sense....what the hell does that have to do with wolves???

TheDuncan said...

Tony, if you do not mind, I'll take this one. I went to public school, and am well versed in gibberish.
Anon, the people at Fanueil Hall reprresent "us", the people that care about freedom and justice. The British Crown refers to the wolves ( insert another important issue) and the person that appears clueless would be Anon. I hope that helps.