Saturday, December 24, 2005

Now hiring (with your money)

Diversity & Outreach Specialist

$2,788 - $3,909 MONTHLY

There will be an approximate 5% increase to the top step of the salary range listed above effective 7/1/06. In addition to annual step increases, there will be a 2% increase in salary on 12/1/06.
(Those poor state workers never get raise... they just get an annual step increase, a classification step increase and oh wait, they do get a raise)

Bilingual applicants are encouraged to apply and may be eligible for a pay differential of 5% over their base rate pay

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department invites applications for the new position of Diversity & Outreach Specialist.

Why is the Parks Department creating a "new position" for this diversity nonsense? Are all the the departments current functions completely taken care of? Are they so flush with cash that they must create new job titles to wittle some of it away?

How about keeping the public restrooms open during sports season when kids are playing games at the local park instead of hiring someone whose only job is to make sure that enough black lesbians are on the public payroll.


Dare!PDX said...

I realize its a little out of your scope (both politically and by its area of concern) so I figured I'd mention it. ( - the article is called "Going Native")

Check out the Portland Mercury's latest lead story. Its about the protests from when the Mexican Consulate was offering aid to illegal aliens. Its completly off base, delusional, and misses the point of the protest completly. They equate the main gripe with the protestors being a historic connection with Oregon and the KKK (I'm not exagerating - the protest was motivated by racism and Oregon has a historty with the KKK was a theme). The journalist also fails to recognize why immigration is even an issue nationally either.

I figured you could pick it apart. If I get time this weekend I know I will be.

Daniel said...

I did a brief post on it back HERE.

My favorite part was their headline!

Anonymous said...

Whats to stop a Victim of White Maleness from claiming themselves a Bull Lesbian.

Robin said...

Whats to stop a Victim of White Maleness from claiming themselves a Bull Lesbian.

that is actually a good point when you stop and think about would be politically incorrect to question somebody's gender.

I think it would be very interesting to see what would happen if somebody tried to do that.

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