Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Victory is mine!

After dealing with some wicked spyware problems yesterday everything should be back to normal. Kudos to the individual whose DOS batch file could do what the big boys and Microsoft, Lavasoft, and McCafee couldn't do. I have won over the tryanny of malicious software.

Regular posting resumes today and will continue until every last illegal alien has been deported from this country.


Idler said...


Good post. Would have written one myself if I had a little more time. Saw you linked at the blog to which I now contribute, Jeff Bull's MyVeryBrain. I'm the conservative voice. If you visit us, you'll see I also publish a post on Ann Coulter being heckled. I'm sure you'll find some of the comments interesting.

I'd have included this "hello" in an e-mail but couldn't find a link to write you that way at your site.

You might enjoy my post "The 'Global Thingy' Theory of Foreign Policy," which I put up last night. My first post was "The Ephemeral Family," just last Wednesday. I'm sure you'll enjoy that one too and might find yourself some useful ammunition.


Idler, from http://myverybrain.blogspot.com

Daniel said...


That's an interesting blog. I like the contrast between you and forhead. Keep up the good work.

I'm going to link to you guys.

Kristopher said...

I would suggest using LINUX for internet stuff, and keep a seperate isolated Windows PC for Windows-only software and games.

Redhat is ready for prime-time and easy to install or use. You can but CDs for it for a few dolloars online, or download them for free.

I work with both for a living ... Windows is not secure. Period.

Daniel said...

I'm not a real big fan of Linux. (in any of it's variations)

Just have to be careful.