Monday, December 19, 2005

You want "suggestions" then we'll give you suggestions

The Oregon Department of Human Services, (DHS), is one of the state agencies that attends the Mexican Carousel of Information Programs.

You have a mechanism to voice your complaints about DHS. The Oregon Legislature has formed the House Interim Task Force on DHS review. Attached is a web page link for the House Interim Task Force on DHS Review. In an effort to obtain as much information as possible, Rep. Richardson is soliciting feedback from anyone who knows, understands and has suggestions on DHS. The Task Force webpage has five (5) topics that have individual links to a Comment page.

Please encourage people to use our website to communicate their interest to the Task Force.


Allen said...

And a great big thank you to Rep. Richardson for pushing the envelope and giving us this opportunity.

Imagine, another Representative of the taxpayers? Rare today yet part of a growing number.

RINO WATCH said...

One suggestion

Stay the "H" out of the Carousels.

Thanks to Rep. Richardson.

Daniel said...

I would recommend signing up for Rep Richardson's newsletter. (You can also get it online)

If anyone is going to knock some sense into DHS it is him.

You might also choose to contribute money to his campaign. My motto is always: Don't give to the party, give to candidates and the interest groups.

If you want to support Republicans then Richardson is a good man. So is Jason Atkinson.

MAX Redline said...

Daniel, thanks for the heads-up on this. I'm moving on it.