Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Nabisco stock shoots up

Medical marijuana among changing laws
Holders of medical marijuana cards in Oregon now will be allowed to have up to 1½ pounds of dried marijuana and six mature plants under a new state law that takes effect Jan. 1.

The increased possession limit, part of an effort to clear up ambiguities in the state’s 1998 medical marijuana program, was among the hundreds of new laws approved by the 2005 Oregon Legislature.

No you're not crazy, that is the law that we the people voted down when it went up as a ballot measure. The pot heads are extremely happy but I found a serious oxymoron on the OregonNORML site:


I'm not sure why winter is so critical, maybe sales from this years harvest are coming in, but is there really such thing as a "responsible marijuana consumer?"


Kaelri said...

Why shouldn't there be?

jwalker said...

The argument has always been that medical marijuana 1. gives a pain-reducing effect and 2. Appetites go up for ill patients. I know that there are many effective drugs by prescription right now that do the same thing more effectively.

Robin said...

again this is the point.
voters vote in favor or against something and Salem does not like it, so they decide to ignore the will of the people and do what they want anyways, thus demonstrating that there is no control by the people to our employees in goverment.

I trully believe that a system without checks and balances is a formula for chaos and our government demonstrates it all the time.

Anonymous said...

Only under state law is it ok to grow or possess. Under federal law it is still illegal. The DEA will come after anyone who is growing or possessing. They don't care if it goes to court after they have pulled or confiscated all the weed, they know the damage is done.

Anonymous said...

Hard to beleive there are millions of pot users that go to work everyday? Some even white collar? It is true and pot is much less destructive than booze. My gay brother with AIDS tried all the legal drug company money makers and the side effects will KILL YOU!
Could any of you conservatives imagine that weed does help but the drug companies can't profit so they keep it federally illegal. Why since becoming illegal in the 1930's doesn't the Govt. know more about the effects of weed? They have had 70 years to research. Could the fact that we can grow it ALL BY OURSELF, without big companies or the govt. helping, that they won't tell the truth?

Anonymous said...

I'm a registered D who voted against medical marijuana. Why? Because I had too many friends in HS and college who sucummbed to nasty side-effects from using the drug. Our society already has enough problems dealing with addictions to legal products such as alcohol and tobacco. We don't need to add another.

Daniel said...

It is really about a culture of acceptance with me. Why do we spend so much time and public resources trying to tell kids that marijuana is so bad while at the same time condoning it's use by adults?

And if it's just fine as medicine then take it to the next level, why shouldn't it be used recreationally? If you answer is that it shouldn't then tell me why. Then tell me why that reason doesn't apply to medical use.

I don't need government studies to tell me the harmful effects of marijuana, real life evidence like what the commentor above me pointed out, is all that I need.

jwalker said...

I have an anti-nausea fighter in my cupboard right now that both my son and I take on occasions with no side effects. And it isn't even the good stuff.

Foxtrot13 said...

I would really like to say - who cares. The Marijuana debate is so old. If its legal for a prescription the doctor should determine how much is needed to meet the patients need. You don't grow your own perscription drugs as its a medicine requiring adequate dosages.

If its recreationaly - great - lets just have the OLCC deliver it with their liquor drops. If you want less marijuana sold get the state involved trying to sell more.

I'm tired of seeing this debate. If you can't actually stop it or muster support to enforce the law you really can't outlaw it. Your just pretending that you can.

Also, if marijuana is legalized a whole host of pot heads will have to move off welfare and get real jobs as the tax-free income they made selling marijuana will be gone. Most of the people juicing welfare and foodstamps are able to get by on such a low income because of black market income sources.

(NOTE: to liberals - "juicing" is ment that they are fraudulently receiving the support. I know you like to pretend this doesn't happen)

Charles Jackson said...

Foxtrot, you had the most resonable response thus far. I just think that you should know that.

Also industrial hemp should be legal for agriculture. Hemp grown for fiber, fuel, textiles, oils ect.

It is silly that even this variety of hemp is illegal, it contains virtually no drug effect or thc.