Saturday, December 03, 2005

The media

I saw KGW's coverage of today's nonsense at 5:30pm. I wasn't impressed. It was nice to see James (Lars' cartoonist) give a statement.

I can't emphasize enough that PCUN has this very well organized. They provided talking points to everyone in attendance. The story was "we need Matricula cards to get back into Mexico." They even had orange vest wearing gestapos outside monitoring their own group to make sure they didn't give any statements to anyone. (I was generally the instigator in starting conversations)

The Oregon Conservative has a great picture of our pro-law abiding group along with me giving a comprehensive statement to KATU. We'll see if they run with it.

The orange vested gestapo's would try to stand between me and anyone who forgot that they weren't supposed to talk to me.


Anonymous said...

Daniel, I saw the channel 8 news at 5:00. I too was upset that they tried to portray the Matricula card as a way back into Mexico. I have never heard of that one, as I thought you had to have a proper visa or work papers for Mexican residents to be here. A Matricula card might let them out, but they are not going to get back in!

anon1 said...

were you on the news??...i bet you were upset that you were not....what a loon

Anonymous said...

Becker the reporter is a dope.

Didn't do a bit of homework or he would known that what he was being told was BS.

But then again, KGW wouln't try to feed us with some BS ,,,,would they? hmmmm

Tony said...

So, Anon1, do you have a position on illegal immigration you would like to share, or are you just a smallminded putz?

This crap about not being able to get into Mexico without a matricula is bullcrap. Go back the way you came - you didn't have ID to get here, why do you need it to go back? You don't.

It's not like there is some huge pool of immigrants in San Diego waiting at the border dying to get back into Mexico.

And it's not like Mexico cares who comes in to their country. Like they are going to keep people out of Mexico because they don't have a card that anyone can get with NO check of their identification or background?

Thats like saying you cant go to Portland without a Costco card. First, you can just go, nobody will stop you, and second, anyone can get a Costco card. In fact, its harder to get than a matricula consular.

You guys are pathetic. You think that you can just come into this country illegally and take whatever you want, and turn it into the shithole you just fled. Well I'm sorry, but we arent going to stand for it anymore. Come here legally and you will enjoy the hospitality of Americans and the privledges that go with respecting our laws.

Cut in line and steal it, and expect to face resistance.

Daniel said...

As I stated in my earlier post, these people already voted with their feet. They must think that America is better than Mexico or they wouldn't be here today.