Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Speaking of putting down the pipe

Ran across the Green Parties list of "current candidates in office" and I noticed that someone who could possibly affect my life was a greenie. Obviously I couldn't have that so I prepared to go about seeing how I could change this. What did I find? That the Green Party is either stupid, lying or lazy.

Elected Pacific Greens
Lisa Melyan, Boardmember, Tualatin Valley Water District, Washington County

TVWD Board of commisioners
No Lisa Melyan to be found.

Hmm, maybe that whole communal socialist system doesn't produce good results after all...

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Anonymous said...

Funny, I was googling and came across this. Hi, I am Lisa Melyan (now Lisa Mann), and yes I was a commissioner at the Tualatin Valley Water District. And a proud member of the Pacific Green Party. I ran so people wouldn't have to drink from the Willamette River.