Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

A Nation of Widgets: The Wall Street Journal and Open Borders
When you discuss the idea of unrestricted human migration across national borders, you have to recall this. Immigration has economic consequences, but it is not exclusively an economic issue. It is not even primarily an economic issue. It is primarily a social or political issue. And when the immigration in question is illegal, then it becomes an issue of the rule of law as well.

Men are not widgets, and immigration affects more than just numbers in an abstract spreadsheet. America is not merely an economic opportunity zone for all comers to profit from. America is a homeland. America is a home to a distinct culture and the people that created it or have been assimilated into it. It is possible that the philosophical bookends of rightist globalism and leftist multiculturalism have squashed the instinct of that people to protect their culture and to claim the right to restrict entry into their home. But I doubt it.

As you know, since I post every one, I read Mac's column every week and this is one of the best. He takes on the WSJ and makes them look like the fools that they are when it comes to illegal immigration.

NOTE: I used to link directly to the column at Human Events but will now be linking to Mac's homepage. The column is just one click away. I do this because I want you to see what he has on his page and generate a few hits for him. He's answered every email I have ever wrote him (I don't bug people, but I write occasionaly) and given me good advice. He's a great American!

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