Saturday, December 17, 2005

Criminals mad at law enforcement

Mexico Condemns Immigration Bill
MEXICO CITY — The Mexican government slammed the U.S. Congress for approving an immigration bill that would tighten border controls and make it harder for undocumented immigrants to get jobs.

The House also authorized the building of a fence along parts of the U.S.-Mexico border, but did not include any new temporary work program for migrants, something Mexico insists is needed.

"The U.S. executive branch publicly expressed its commitment to an integral immigration reform, with a new program for temporary workers," the statement continued. "The Mexican government will redouble its efforts to achieve this shared goal."

Guess what you idiots, the "U.S. executive branch" isn't a monarchy. The citizens of America are it's government and we don't want any more of your criminals! And while we're at it, we are going to send you the criminals that we already have right back to you!

You don't like it? Become a superpower instead of some third world country that leeches of America and depends on criminals and drugs for your income. Then maybe you will have some clout. Until then, shut up.


Notta Libb said...

Check out a funny site dedicated to the absurdity and satire nature of saying "It's All George Bush's Fault!"

Notta Libb

maliengus said...

"Idiots, criminals, leeches?" Gee, Dan....I thought you were so against name calling?

Idiots? That's a rather harsh word for someone who claims to be a peaceful man who doesn't have a racist thought in his head.

Leeches? There is plenty of leeching to go around. American business, both large and small, have been leeching off South American for generations by hiring people (yes, they are people) at slave wages, providing no benefits, and often knowingly and willfully exposing them to harmful pesticides and dangerous working conditions(of which there are THOUSANDS OF DOCUMENTED CASES.)Not until the last 7 or so years were farmers even required to provide portable restroom facilities. Have you ever had to work in a workplace where you had to relieve yourself outdoors?

Does leeching include all the US companies who have built factories across the border so they can hire workers for pennies an hour. Would you say that was leeching as well?
Social security keeps 7 BILLION dollars per year of illegal worker
s contributions and God only knows how much the US Government keeps in tax refunds that will never be distributed to the illegal workers.

Criminals....are you including all the businesses who hire the illegal workers in the first place. Why doesn't your group picket the 'GROUND ZERO' offender: the employers who hire these people in the first place! Why dont you and your little friends expend ANY EFFORT AT ALL identifying these other law breakers? Why doesnt your website display a list of the U.S. companies (leeches and criminals all) who hire illegals in the first place. Why are they being spared your wrath?

You say you are sincere when you claim that you are not racist but that is rather difficult to believe when you and your group spend little to NO time focusing on the largely ANGLO lawbreaker and criminal, the EMPLOYER. When are you ever going to stand in front of their offices with your picket signs?

Tim Lewis said...

Mexico is in North America.

Daniel said...

Ah maliengus, you haven't been reading long have you? I've pointed out lot's of times the businesses that are known to hire illegal aliens. I also point out the banks that help them transfer money back to Mexico and accept matricula cards to open an account.

Ok, idiot is name calling. But it is also pointing out that these people are simply not intelligent. As for criminals and leech, they are accurate descriptions, not name calling.

As for "hiring at slave wages," the employment is "at will" which means that if the employee wants to go find a different job they can.

And yes, I've done some construction work where I did relieve myself outside.

Lots of immigration groups picket the businesses that are friendly to criminal aliens.

I have highlighted this site before on my blog:

Check it out.

maliengus said...

What a "parser of words" you are. You call illegal immigrants criminals, but the lawbreaking criminals who hire them you treat more gently, choosing to describe them not as criminals but as "businesses that are friendly to criminal aliens." Thank you for proving my point Daniel.

maliengus said...

Dear Tim: INS estimates that fully half of all Hispanic immigrants, legal and illegal, living in the United States come from South American countries such as Chile, El Salvador, Guatamala and Peru. Of course it's easier for most non-Hispanic people just to call them all Mexicans. Mexico is indeed part of North America. I intended to say Mexico and South America. Please excuse the omission. If you require source information regarding the countries of origin of Hispanic immigrants in the U.S. I will be happy to post it.

Tim Lewis said...

I was just trying to figure out how you got to that topic.

Tim Lewis said...

As far as the topic of businesses hiring illegal aliens, as long as they provide information, real or not, that says they can work here, business owners cannot refuse to hire someone simply because they "think" they're here illegally. This is exactly why Oregon handing over driver's licenses to illegal immigrants is such a big deal.

maliengus said...

Tim: one phone call to SSN is all it takes to verify a legit number. I do it frequently as part of my job. Employers have a variety of options to utilize to verify a SSN.
All of them relatively quick and simple. Again, it seems very clear that you guys are letting the employer off the hook.

Anonymous said...

I am tired of these f'ing Mexicans and their apologists. We owe them no duty of entry into this country. It is strictly a privilege, not a f'ing right. What's wrong with these people and what's wrong with their sympathizers here? Screw these people. I have no use for them. They care more about these f'ing illegals and their problems then they do about any of us here, so F 'em, man. Really.

Tim Lewis said...

It's just as simple for them to provide a stolen SSN and name to get around this. You haven't proven anything other than that you don't work with illegal aliens very often.

maliengus said...

Tim: I live in Woodburn. I work for a commercial nursery. Still think I have no experience with them? My employer is one of only a few who will not hire an illegal worker. I am required to check everyone's social, even Anglo workers. It's not rocket science to figure out who has a legit number. The question is easily solved with regard to stolen numbers. All you need to do is check their name against present and PAST addresses. If they can't come up with a FORMER address that's linked to the name on the social then it's fake. This is the easiest method I employ, but there are other ways. If we want the employee bad enough and can't verify his card satisfactorily then we also employ the services of a private detective. However, we will only spend that money if it is a choice employee.

Daniel said...

So what's your position on this maliengus? Do you think that every last illegal alien should be deported or should we give them "guest worker" status?

And I've pointed out many times that we need real I-9 enforcement. I wish more employers were like yours.

Tim Lewis said...

The funny thing is they don't have to provide you with a PAST address, and if the number they give you is a legit one (albeit stolen), it will come up with past addresses.

I commend you for doing your best to not hire illegal aliens.

maliengus said...

Tim: If a person cannot SAY a past address it is because he does not KNOW IT. Of course past addresses linked to a stolen social will come up during research, but if the human being standing in front of you can't TELL you the past addresses it is because he/she does not KNOW THEM! If the social is truly theirs then past addresses are something they should readily KNOW.
And, yes, an application does not always ask for this information, but it is legal to ask, SO WE DO! DUUUUHHHHH?
By the way, visited your blog. Very clever way to line your many suckers have you bagged so far?

Candice B. said...

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Daniel...I think that is your name. I used to be married to a former-illegal alien from Mexico who got the 1986 amnesty with my help. Read my posts under Anchor Babies. I will sign my real name as always at the end of my post. I do NOT have to hide. Everything you said about illegal aliens being criminals is TRUE!!!

I have 20+ years experience with these people.

They need to do at least several things...

1. Prohibit U.S. citizenship to illegal-alien anchor babies born on U.S. soil to illegal aliens and REVOKE the unconstitutional, illegally-acquired, phony "U.S. citizenship" of illegal-alien anchor babies and deport these blood-sucking leeches along with their illegal alien families/blood-sucking leeches and never allow these blood-sucking leeches to enter this country ever again for the rest of their lives.

2. Deport ALL illegal aliens and I DO mean ALL, including their anchor babies.

3. Force ALL employers to verify the employment eligibility of ALL employees and applicants for employment through the free easy-to-use government database by means of the internet or by a free phone call and force them to fire all illegal aliens illegally employed.

4. Build that fence or wall all along the border.

5. Make illegal entry and illegal presence in this country a FELONY with serious prison time. This will help deter illegal alien criminals from entering this country illegally.

6. Make English the official language of this country and enforce it.

7. NO WELFARE and FOOD STAMPS, or any other benefits for illegal aliens, for example:

free medical care, subsidized housing [yes, they get Section 8 and possibly live in low-income housing which is supposed to be ONLY for U.S. citizens and LEGAL residents], SSI and any other U.S. citizens benefits which they illegally receive and which they have NO right to and which they never paid a penny into.


9. NO AMNESTY/GUESTWORKER programs and end the TPS program which is a temporary amnesty program for illegal alien Central American and forcibly deport them if they refuse to leave this country and return to their country. Temporary workers NEVER leave once they get here. They illegally send for their families and refuse to leave.


Ex-farmworker and ex-wife of a former-illegal alien from Mexico,

Jean Brown Harrell, formerly Garcia