Monday, December 05, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

Illegal Alien Invasion Deadlier Than Iraq
When your first acts in America are to illegally sneak in, lie about your status, obtain fraudulent identification, deceive public services and solicit an itinerant job in the underground economy, people have a right to ask what sort of neighbor you might become.

Mac Johnson crunches some numers and estimates how many murders illegal aliens commit each year. It does astound.


Kaelri said...

Not to discount Johnson's numbers, which probably aren't too far off despite his rather simplistic methods, but even at his maximum of 2,510 it would take about forty years to match the estimated casualty rate in Iraq, over the last four.

I know what I think is the more urgent problem.

Tim Lewis said...

The casualty rate caused by suicide bombers that will continue whether we're there or not. Maybe it is more urgent. Urgent enough for us to stay there and clean them up.

Though I think we should put more emphasis than we have been on those killings within our own borders.

Tony said...

Did you know that more people die in colleges and universities each year from alcohol overdoses than have died in service to our country in Iraq?

We need an immediate pullout from American colleges and Universities. No education is worth the life of a young American.

We can't win the war on alcohol poisoning. It is too ingrained in the local identity of the American college. You can't change 200 years of history so easily, that is naiive.

We should have an immediate redeployment of university students to community colleges, where their parents can more easily monitor them. A rapid response unit of tutors would be available to go back in as needed.

But to keep doing what we are doing, leaving young people in American universities, is utter foolishness, and will continue to lead to their deaths. The enemy has a well coordinated plan of beer commercials and the promise of drunken love, and our forces can't compete with that.