Thursday, December 15, 2005

Good old fashioned stereotyping

Reaching Out to Diverse Families
Reaching out to Hispanic families

* Hire Hispanic teacher aides for classrooms, and arrange for child care,
transportation and interpreters for school activities.

* Furnish the Family Resource Centers in the schools with information,
applications and forms such as:
* Driver’s license applications,
* Food Stamp application forms,
* Tax forms,
* Voter registration cards, and
* Directories of community services.

* Schedule conferences and meetings with consideration for families’ availability
and work schedules. Working parents frequently cannot attend daytime
activities; Hispanic women are generally not available when it is time to feed
their families.

* Talk with families, not at them. Compliment families on their children’s behavior
and performance. Praise them for their cultural values, such as strong family
loyalty. Welcome their questions.

* Welcome all families without questions about immigration status or identification
papers, birth certificates or social security numbers.

And this is just the Hispanics. You know, the ones who need day care, have strong family loyalty and whose women are generally not available at meal times.

There are some great assumptions here about black and Asian families as well. Cause you know, they're all alike...

If a conservative group suggested that Hispanic families needed food stamp application forms they would be villified for stereotyping. When the School Board Association does it they call it "outreach." Guess what? I know Hispanic people who don't need day care provided by the school or a drivers license application handed to them. Maybe they aren't all alike...


Anonymous said...

"and whose women are generally not available at meal times."

What the hell is that? And really Daniel. What IS your beef with the hispanic community? I don't get the hate. And I know it's been said before here, but I really do have to point out the obvious: you shave your head, and you talk about hating hispanics, women, gays...what skinhead group are you associated with?

Brian B said...


Try reading for comprehension some time. Daniel's beef wasn't with Hispanics, it was with the School Board Assosciation. Furthermore, he wasn't espousing the view in that description you misqoute, he was mocking it.

As for the rest, I find it ironic that you would accuse Daniel, of hate just before you make a sorry attempt to defame him with "what skinhead group are you associated with?"

You're a cowardly hypocrite.

Daniel said...

Brian said it pretty well but let me try as well:

My point was that the School Board was stereotyping. It's amusing that you had a problem with the

"and whose women are generally not available at meal times."

comment because it's not mine. It was on the OSBA website so maybe you should take your beef up with them. I do shave my head, I have for years, so what? I also don't talk about "hating" anyone. I would challenge you to find an example of me "hating" someone on this blog. (or anywhere else)

With all these strange accusations I'm not sure what you're going to say next. Do you even know me? Maybe you can tell me what other bigotry I'm harboring. Am I opposed to interracial marriage? Do I want to bring back slavery? Please enlighten me.

maliengus said...

It took me a while to stop laughing at these ridiculous was almost like watching a three stooges movie. First stooge - Daniel gets it wrong by jumping to conclusions about the "meal time" quote.
Stooge #2 puts Daniel to task for lack of reading comprehension and goes on to display his own lack of reading comprehension....and it goes on from there.

Let's all unclench our sphincters here and review the reading material.......If you examine the preceeding paragraph regarding meal times you will note that the writer is making suggestions to the social workers with regards to good and bad times for making appointments for his clients. Its actually a compliment to Hispanic women - pointing out that at meal times they simply wont be able to speak to a visitor because their focus will be on feeding their husbands and children, not on talking with a thick are you guys?

Daniel said...


I agree that it's a compliment that a woman is concentrating on feeding her family at meal times. I really do.

My post is about pointing out the double standard of stereotyping. Do all Hispanic women do this? Do any black women or white women do this?

Can't we all just be Americans?