Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A great deal

What Democrats have to offer:

We're going to lose in Iraq, let's retreat.

We can't keep people off drugs, let's give them clean needles or legalize.

Government can't be big enough, give us more money.

Traditional family isn't important, gays marriage and single motherhood should be celebrated.

Human life isn't important, abort that baby.

Human life is precious, don't kill that murderer.

Tolerance is our highest value, so you can't have that opinion.

We don't fund public safety, but you can't have your guns.

There is no such thing as personal responsibility, but our society will be peaceful and orderly. (sure...)

We love the enviroment, so much that we will let it burn to the ground.

We want everyone to have a "living wage," but we do everything we can to punish private enterprise.


Allen said...

I'm waiting for Post Birth Abortion as that is certainly coming soon.

Then we can start thinning the over 50 crowd who have become surplus or just less productive.

Kate said...

You forgot one Daniel....the Dems have Howard Dean!

are we supposed to be jealous?

Kaelri said...

The most convincing evidence yet that you really have no idea what liberalism is.

Tony said...


Maybe what you think is liberalism isn't? Maybe you are more of a traditional liberal (ie, today's Republican) and not a neo-liberal (closer to a traditional communist/socialist).

Daniel softpedaled it, I think. The truth is much more sinister.

Great post, Daniel.

Anonymous said...

All this peddling in labels leads down an absurd path, and towards nothing constructive.

Resist reacting to a label and deal with actual arguments; otherwise, what's the point?

terry said...

It is kinda funny that small-government conservatives are so interested in denying people the right to ingest what they want. We all will eventually answer to God. How will the anti-needle people justify the needless AIDS deaths which flow from their policy?