Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tolerant Portland

Many of you heard the disapointing news today that the Christmas Cross will not be put on display in Pioneer Courthouse Square. The idea was initiated by talk show host Lars Larson who thought that it would be a good reminder to everyone that Jesus is the reason for the season.

You can read his statement at the above link but I'll sum it up: those tolerant liberals have made so many threats of violence and vandalism that the project can't move forward.

Some examples of the Atheist Left attacking this idea:

"Wouldn't mind if someone posted the day and time lars will be trotting down to piosquare with his building project. Would like to see how people respond to this local celebrity fanatic. What if the crowd rushed lars and mounted him on his own cross? "

"crucifixion isn't a laughing matter? It is if you do it today--kind of an archaic violence.
My point was that if Lars is going to martyr himself to the cause, he ought to do it up right. And I'm sure we'll find many takers for the opportunity to post him up there."

Lars on The Cross?
I'll bring the nails... sharp ones
SOURCE (Willamette Week)

How nice of them.


Tony said...

Anyone trying to rush Lars and do him harm had better bring 11 friends. The first 11 will be dead, the 12th might be able to get him while he is reloading.

Lars, don't give up! We don't bow to terrorists abroad, we shouldn't bow to them here. Show the same courage you showed when whatsisface was threatening your family.

I will be in the crowd and ready to cover you while you reload ;)

Gunslinger said...

Likewise. Ruger P-40, and a 2 inch smith .38 as a holdout piece.

Whatever happened to freedom from religious persecution?

Anonymous said...

We must all understand the people who make these threats and oppose the Christmas Cross, Lars, Free Speech or anything similar are the same Anarchist, ELF, PETA, Pot Puffing, Brain Shrunk, Critical Mass, Deviant, Perverted Wall Flower Whacko, Coffee Shop Dishwashers that squander their entire lives Conforming to the Conformations of a Non-Conformist as without their causes they would have no purpose or value greater than fertilizer, providing their teeth are free of heavy metal and their body piercing ornaments are easily removed.

Daniel said...

That individuals are so threatened by a symbol of Christianity they must make threats of violence is just astounding.

If you are Christian and you vote Democrat I think that you really need to reexamine what they stand for. We are called upon to spread the Gospel, not hide it.

Anonymous said...

TONY: I'll bet Baby James is responsible for this crap.

I called once when he allowed a protestor to GWB'S last vist to call him a SOB, and then aired it.

He thought it showed PDX for what it is,(it showed more then that) it was totally disrespecful.

Sorry! I think Lars wasn't strong enough on this issue, just me though.

NR said...

Christmas=manger scene

Holy Week=cross

Lars is very confused

Brian B said...

Without The Need for the Cross, there would have been no Manger. Without the Manger, there would have been no Cross. "Born That Men No More May Die". Christmas is just a very early prelude to the Passion Week. nr is obtuse.

I blogged on this, but since you have no trackbacks:

Brian B said...

Sorry, the end of that URL is -earth-good-will-toward-man.html

The Cheezer said...

Liberals at their best.
I know Lars wouldn't have pulled the plug if he hadn't been convinced of violence.

The Terminator said...

Liberal tolerance and passive-agression. Nice. My Mission: 9mm bullets in thier craniums. I am a machine.

thomas said...

Ya' know, these "Anarchist, ELF, PETA, Pot Puffing, Brain Shrunk, Critical Mass, Deviant, Perverted Wall Flower Whacko, Coffee Shop Dishwashers" [Oh, man, that's so funny!] are motivated by hate, or fear, or both. Obviously hatred of Lars and his views and his willingness to air them, as well as offering to debate the infamous "nay-sayers" should they wish to call in and have a conversation with him. They also fear having their twisted perceptions exposed and, in doing so, have to face their own moral/spiritual shortcomings and the mis-guided brain(?) processes that have led them to believe as they do.
They hate God and Jesus Christ, as well anyone who believes in the Judeo-Christian roots this country was founded on. They refuse to do the research that would prove that the people who founded this country were Christians, and applaud the revisionst historians who claim the founding fathers were not motivated by the Holy Bible as they formed the constitution; rather they would silence/intimidate those that hold an opposing viewpoint.
They also fear,and hate God, though they won't admit to it, even deny that He Is ("The fool has said in his heart:'there is no God' "__Psalm 14:1) and think that by mocking Him, or relegating Him to the level of some mysterious "force", they can avoid taking responsibility for their own sins. ("For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God."__Romans 3:23)
[Before anyone thinks I am playing "holier-than-thou", I will be the first to admit that if anyone needed a Savior, it'd be me!]
Someone once said [and I wish I could remember his name] "the last virtue of a decaying society is tolerance". Well- there ya go, Portland!
Oh, and one more thing-

Mr. Viddy said...

I agree with you 100%, this is typical Lars Larson propoganda. He is real good good at stirring up trouble behind the scenes in order to grab some free headlines. It is good to know that you didn't fall for his lies.

Tim Lewis said...

Stirring up trouble?

Daniel said...

Brian, trackbacks are now up. Thanks for pointing out something that I should have done a while ago.

Tim Lewis said...

I still want to know what "lies" Lars is saying by wanting to put up a cross on Christmas.

Anonymous said...

"I agree with you 100%, this is typical Lars Larson propoganda. He is real good good at stirring up trouble behind the scenes in order to grab some free headlines. It is good to know that you didn't fall for his lies. "

I think you are misinformed. There really was a Jesus Christ. And he really is the reason for Christmas. And no matter how much you say it's a holiday tree it won't be true. He is the reason for the season, and you can't take christ out of christmas.

It's a travishamockery that Lars cannot put up the cross. I would be willing to take a shift to protect it, for it is something worth protecting.

Daniel said...

As long as we are making baseless accusations (and repeating them endlessly) i.e. "Lars is lying"

Did I ever tell you guys how the folks over at BlueOregon try to keep black people from voting?

Anonymous said...

You know, I think you may have mentioned it before.

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