Monday, December 26, 2005

Quality network programming Part II

In addition to the quality show featured in the post below I just saw a promo for a show called "Injustice."

It's about all those convicted felons in prison who are really innocent. Yeah, all 0.00000001% of them. But I guess if you throw in some wild promiscuous sex, racist cops and crime victims who lie (except in the case of rape or hate crimes, those victims never lie) (oh wait, exception to the exception, if someone accuses Bill Clinton of rape then the victim is lying) I guess that they can stretch that into a whole season of television.

I could get into the seriousness of the media portraying convicted ciminals as grief stricken victims of an unfair justice system but I'm going to be too busy with jury duty. I'm sure that the suspect is innocent though, he looks like that guy from tv...


Anonymous said...

It will be a good show only if it interviews the victims and prosecutors as well.

Daniel said...

The prosecutor will be portrayed as a "conviction at all costs" guy who breaks the rules and the victims will be nameless and faceless.

Just a hunch.

Tony said...

So true.

I plan to miss every episode.