Thursday, December 22, 2005

Update on Mexico's PR firm

New video provided by American Patrol

Watch (video)

The PR firm that Vicented Fox has hired is called Allyn & Company. Their job: water down HR 4437, the act that will provide for increased border security and interior immigration enforcement.

You can contact them HERE

Please let them know how you feel about them working with a foreign government to subvert the laws of our country.

After watching that whole video (during which I think that I threw up in my mouth) I am outraged. This PR firm is going to get a lot of mail from me, they don't appear to be publicly traded but I will contact their customers to let them know that I am boycotting their products until they find a new PR firm.

More contact info HERE

Companies that do bussiness with these traitors:
American Airlines. Bank of America. EDS Mexico. 7-Eleven. Deloitte & Touche. Mary Kay Cosmetics. Marriott. XM Satellite Radio. SBC. Wal-Mart.


Anonymous said...

Rob Allyn is a lieing Weasel.

In other words he is a Mexican Whore!

Allen said...

Thanks Daniel, you got a Real Barn Burner here as this story Hot, Hot Hot!

Daniel said...

It's burning me up!

Anonymous said...

They will be getting e-mails and phone calls from me and members of ofir as well. They are committing treason and helping a corrupt nation to meddle in our National security affairs. Daniel thank you for the contact info. Rick Hickey-VP-OFIR
p.s. The Port. Mercury newspaper report is disgusting

Anonymous said...

Daniel, did you see the Mercury report on the Woodburn rally? Of course it was written from the viewpoint of "Brown lawbreakers good, White patriots bad" mentality.

It seems to me that the young "hipsters" who read the Mercury have the most to lose from rampant illegal immigration. They, and their children if they have any, will be the ones fighting for the same resources and jobs in the future that the illegals are currently using/taking.

ESABATM said...

Daniel, is there a way to post a link for the video so we can get it passed the firewalls? Ours is turned on and it blocks American Patrol due to Extreme/Politics and Opinion. Go figure.