Thursday, December 22, 2005

Now they support gang members

Courtesty of American Patrol

Watch (Video)

This is absolutely amazing. The open border advocates and criminal apologists have picked the least sympathetic group possible to protest on the behalf of... gang members.

Way to convince the American people that your citizens should be able to come here as they please president Fox. Sorry, but we're not going to let you guard our henhouse.


Allen said...

Breaking news with a 10 year old story.

It looks as Bloggers and Talk Radio's efforts to "get the story out" is bearing fruit.

Robin said...

from the video... >wife: "he wasn't a gang member... [referring to her husband] he was a good [non-US]citizen that got sentenced and paid his dues and ever since that he has been followed and harassed by the INS and LAPD."

Announcer:she says that Warren Carlos is a victim, despite his criminal record... illegal alien status and tattoos linking him to the gangs

so, this is their idea of an ideal indecent citizen?

a man who is a .benefit the community?

Warren Carlos is currently waiting deportation

the video also talks about the increase in violence along the border and this should be expected and not ignored because this fence may interrupt the flow of an estimated $20 million that flows annually from the United States to Mexico.

Apparently, we hit a major nerve with Mexico and we should be prepared for violent retaliation from both sides of the border.

Veronica said...


The Cheezer said...

These criminals aren't gang members, they are military.
They have come here to invade America and fight their war from within our borders.

Denise said...

Things like this make my blood just boil! Build the damn wall already and then put the National Guard down there to back it up.

Good Lord!

Gunslinger said...

Cheezer, I have been calling them invaders for some time. Places like Colonia Libertad in Salem. Barracks.

Anonymous said...

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