Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Bank of Mexico

BofA launches free remittance service to Mexico
Bank of America Corp. has launched a free remittance service that it says eliminates transfer fees to Mexico for millions of Latino customers

The new feature, called SafeSend, is available to anyone who has a personal checking account with the Charlotte-based bank (NYSE:BAC).

If you have a bank account with the Bank of Amerimex then close it. Please make sure that your investement portfolio does not include any BofA stock. This simply encourages more money to leave our ecomony rather than be spent and invested here locally. How much money?

Remittance income surpasses oil revenue in Mexico
The Banco de México (Mexico’s central bank) estimates that remittances from Mexicans living abroad will total US$17 billion in 2004...

Upon reaching this amount, money sent by fellow countrymen living abroad will become the main source of Mexico’s foreign exchange...

That is why the Mexican consulate is out there helping their citizens to commit crimes in this country.

Because when an illegal alien comes here (Entry without inspection, 212(a) (6) (A) (I)) and gets a job (illegal under the IRA of 1986, public law 99-603) for which he has to fill out IRS form I-9 (commits perjury on the form) and then also must fill out form W-4 (ID theft of a social security number, or if they are brave then they will apply for an ITIN) to "pay taxes" which if they make less than $30K a year they do not pay any federal income tax.

With the simple commision of those four crimes Mexico gets a huge revenue stream!

UPDATE: Contact info for the traitors (should have been in the post from the begining)
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.,
Eastern Time, Monday - Friday



Anonymous said...

Miguel Robleto, who says:

"This is my home country, the United States," "I'm just very grateful about the way things turned out."

He "laundered" hundreds of thousands of $$$ through BofA.

The USA is his "home country" but he needed a Spanish interpreter after being in the USA for 20+ years!

Allen said...

And speaking of revenue stream's, lets look at all of our governmental employees that are scoring well paid careers with Big Overtimes, either serving the Illegal Aliens or investigating their crimes and/or keeping them in jail and/or on probation and/or treating their wounds and/or teaching their children and/or paying their rent and/or running their Union and/or on and on . . .

That might help explain the 400 to 50 person turn-out ratio seen yesterday in Woodburn, when the 50 people were there on their own dime and donated time, protesting others who are motivated by pure greed.

Terry said...

Please tell me how to NOT pay income taxes on earnings of less than $30K. I earn minimum wage and I pay both federal and Oregon income taxes. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...


Squirting babies helps with taxes or even claiming to have squirted babies works.

AyatollahGondola said...

Good reporting sir. I live in Sacramento, and i have similar photos and videos. I am glad to hear there are more of us linking up and fighting back each day. By the way, I'd be happy to share information, strategies, and media with you. Email me and visit for poster AyatollahGondola

terry said...

That would require me to get married or adopt kids. Poor people aren't allowed to adopt kids and women aren't interested in marrying a guy who earns minimum wage. Something about not being a good provider. (I've read too much George Gilder.)

Anonymous said...


Dependent deductions on paper are free!

Its as easy a Motor-Voter, just check the box.

terry said...

Anonymous, do you dispense fraudulent tax advice for a living? Is that why you're anonymous? I could be wrong but I'd guess that childless single men who suddenly claim dependemt children get hit with a lot of audits and fines and other bad stuff.

Tony said...


Are you sure you are not confusing

-Witholding with paying (do you get a refund? If you get a refund, you prob dont pay income tax)

-Income tax with Medicare and Social Securtity contributions, which theoretically are there to provide benefits to you at a later date?

terry said...

Nope, I always have an actual income tax liability, on top of the Social Security and Medicare taxes I pay. Do the math, childless adults who earn minimum wage really do pay income tax, state and federal.

Daniel said...

Terry, if you are making minimum wage then I assume that you fill out form 1040 or 1040EZ. Take a look at your return from last year at line#62. That is your total tax. It is my understanding that you do not have to have kids to have no tax liability. That stuff comes into effect down on the "payments" section of form 1040.

And again, we are talking about income tax. You will pay lots of other taxes like Tony said.

I'm not a financial professional though, I'd have Fiducial or H&R Block do your taxes next year and see how they do it.

anon1 said...

you must not have much to do today....very boooooorrrinnnggg

anon1 said...

"I'm not just here to create positive change... I also want to piss off liberals."........see...he likes to start trouble...i bet you pick on people all the time....dont you? cant go a day without making fun of someones sexual preference, looks, weight etc....cmon....admit it.

Daniel said...

anon1, have I ever insulted you? Have I ever called you any names? No. While I frequently attempt to employ humor in my blog I am also here for serious discussion if you are interested.

Tony said...


"cant go a day without making fun of someones sexual preference, looks, weight etc"

Are you an oversensitive fat ugly lesbian?

If not, why do you care? I have never heard Daniel take the kind of personal potshots you do at him.

It is based on your personal biases. Stick to the facts and take off the rose colored glasses. You will see that you are the one with the prejudice.

Torrid said...

doesn't the sending of money home likely help keep the immigrant's family from coming over as well?

anon1 said...

just making an obsevation of daniel from the way he writes....don't mean to get personal....if i sorry....but i still think you are wasting your time protesting....let the law handle it.

Tim Lewis said...

I never thought I would hear a liberal say that protesting is a waste of time.