Saturday, December 03, 2005

Kill whitey?

Forget to mention, a Woodburn officer had to tell one of the illegal-alien organizers that a member of their groups had a carboard sign that said something about "killing white people" and they should put it away.

I rushed to take a picture but the PCUN folks freaked out and grabbed the sign really fast.

I was also a constant facination to these people. I chose not to stay over in the designated OFIR protest area but instead to try to engage the opposition in conversation. Most people responded with immaturity, some called me bigot or nazi, some ignored me, and some babbled talking points that didn't make sense.

But they were constantly taking my picture and asking me personal questions.

I offered to give the guy with the video camera a statement but he wasn't interested in what I had to say.

I imagine that my picture will be floating around with a "do not talk to" adivsory. Or maybe a "right-wing facist" label. Who knows.


Anonymous said...

next thing you will be doing is telling people what they can or cannot listen too, read or even right arent i?....worry about your own life....not might even be happy then....i think you are really miserable to be writing this kind of stuff about others.

Daniel said...

I worry about criminals. I'm sure that you do to. I'm actually a pretty happy guy though, kind of frustrated with this situation but overall very happy.

The Cheezer said...

"worry about your own life....not others..."
It is our life we are worried about.
We are trying to salvage what the criminals haven't stolen.

Anonymous said...

I never met a racist until I met a mexican.

Tony said...

I notice the guy in the bottom picture has a shirt with a red star on it. Telling.

Could you tell whose face was on the shirt?

Tony said...


Next thing you will be doing is telling people that NO laws should be followed, and anybody should just be able t odo whatever they want.

Oh, and that if someone comes here they should get housing, jobs, health care, and education all paid for.

And that they shouldn't have to have insurance to drive, and we should just pay for it if they crash.

And we should just accept that 5 out of 6 times a little blonde girl is stuffed into a crappy van and raped in Oregon, the suspect is 5'6" tall, black hair and brown eyes, and a tan complexion.

People who are law abiding respectful people apply to come to this country and do so legally. People who come here illegally dont respect any authority but themselves, and the destruction we see is the result. Our collapsing health care, education, and criminla justice systems are rapidly sinking.

Illegals are one of the reasons.

Why dont YOU worry about YOUR own life and stop worrying about what Daniel does?

I think you are a miserable individual if you think that subverting our laws and overrunning a country is fine, just because you want to make money. Maybe you would be equally ok if me and 30 of my friends overran your house and took your stuff just because we thought we needed it and had a right. Who would you turn to? Would you cry, "thats illegal!?"

What would you do if the police were told that if they saw your things in my possession, they couldnt ask me about it and enforce the law.

What would you think if we had a big fair for people who steal from Anon and people like you, helping them to further their criminal acts? Would that be ok?