Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Kulongoski + Fox = trouble

Passing the GED can be an impossible dream for students who are just learning English. Because a GED is a goal for many of our Spanish speakers, the Londer Learning Center has begun offering Spanish language GED testing, as well as basic math in Spanish and reading in Spanish.

Salvador D. and Angel C. Salvador began studying English at the Learning Center last year. When looking for jobs, he learned how important the GED is to employers. Salvador relapsed, but was able to resume his studies at the Learning Center once he was stabilized.

This issue of "The Learning Curve" which is a publication by Multnomah County and the corrections dept they even feature a Mexican flag to accompany this pathetic article.

But the kicker:
Through an agreement with Governor Ted Kulongoski and Mexico's President Vicente Fox, the Mexican Consulate is setting up Spanish literacy programs throughout the state.

Materials are free and can be accessed off the internet. Through these courses, a Spanish speaker from any country in Latin America can earn a primary or secondary school certificate.

Thanks so much Governor Teddy. Now people from other countries can come here and get "free materials" (free to them, not to taxpayers) to get educated in another language. Way to go.

Get ready to shed some tears...
Thanks to this access to Mexico's adult education material, the Londer Learning Center currently has one student who is learning to read in Spanish. This student, Luis, was orphaned
at an early age and never attended school in Mexico. Luis's son dropped out of high school in Portland and has been involved in gangs. Since beginning his reading classes at the Learning
Center, Luis now has the confidence to start studying English.

Luis, thanks so much for coming to this country with absolutely no skills, no ability to speak the language and fathering a child who is now a gang member. It's all worth it though because you have the "confidence to start studying English."


Anonymous said...

I tried, and up to this very moment still feel that recalling just one....just one of these pathetic electeds, will take the sails out of the rest.

In my unsuccessful attempt to nail Vera Katz, I learned how nasty politics is, and how apathetic voters like us really are living in this county.

I still say...if we had the resources statewide, leaving Multnomah county out of it, you could get the votes to nail someone targeted.

If we do not energize this party and state BEFORE summer...we have lost it all.

Not a good scene, but it is reality. Jack Peek

Sailor Republica said...

Well, Jack, that's what people like Daniel and myself and other are trying to do. We're not going unnoticed by any stretch of the imagination.

Daniel is more of the expert on this, so I'm glad he's doing lots of legwork. There will be stuff coming out on my blog about the university effect and illegal immigration, and it's connection to Sleepy Teddy K.

Trust me, the base will get energized. Or they will end up languishing for another 20 years.

Anonymous said...

El Plan Espiritual de Aztlán
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Back to UO MEChA homepage


I'm not happy paying for it!

Anonymous said...


You, Daniel, and a few others have done a great job of asking those that are apathetic to come back into the fight.

But this AM,I see another(think this is 17 lead editorials) in the PR job by the fishwrapper to drop more people from the state mental hospital in group homes into neighborhoods.

Most people know what I think of that idea, but even I know you cannot just turn them loose in total.'

However, there is a narrow band of these people(those that have been judged criminally insane of violent crime)that should stay in Salem.

That was one of the reasons for my recall effort.

We are reaching critical mass on too many issues....the border, and these high risk group homes for examples, sorry to be so negetive, but in the very near future, it will cost some of us dearly.

Then without somebody from our side to stop this in some fashion, we better call someone in Montana, or Idaho for a deal on some "high ground" before it's all gone!

Have spent too much time asking nice, begging respectfully, and screaming to the top of my head about one issue...I see the train coming, an it has no brakes right now. Jack Peek

Playin' Possum said...

Maybe you're just going about this ass-backwards... Maybe you should take a clue from post #3...

Let's just invade Mexico. Back to the Halls of Montezuma! We'll make all of them provisional citizens, so they can be rotated north as demand requires in those jobs only they can fill! You know, fruit picker, maid who isn't afraid...

We'll need a two-tier minimum wage, too...

And as a bonus, they have oil!

A final bonus... It will scare the bluster out of upstarts like Chavez...

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Thanks, that was worth noting.

Steve @
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