Friday, December 09, 2005

Did they have an ITIN for their drug profits?

Salem Police announce heroin ring bust
Police in Salem say they've cracked down on a drug ring that was seven years in the making.

Police say 23 people are in jail and Salem's major heroin traffiking ring is wiped out.

Teams prepared the warrants for 3 months, but Salem Police have been after these dealers for seven years. They say it's a small group of mostly illegal aliens from Mexico, selling to dozens of daily users.

Kudos to Fox12 for mentioning that the drug dealers were illegal aliens. I'd like to see that become a habit in all the news outlets. It's an important piece of information and would really inform the public on the true damage that criminal aliens do to our society.

As of right now a Google news search of 'Salem' 'drug' 'heroin' doesn't reveal a single news item. Hopefully if you are clicking on that link tommorow there are some stories in the local Fishwrappers.


Allen said...

With losing 300+ buyers and 23 dealers Salem/Keizer will feel that economic loss quickly, and that coming just before Christmas.

Daniel said...

Bank of America will have a lot less bussiness through their remittance to Mexico program.

JackIrons009 said...

Go figure, make something illegal and illegal people profit from it. What else would you expect?
Wonder if the new "Man" is a homegrown cracker. Regardless, im sure hes loving the promotion he got, bam 300+ new customers!!!

Anonymous said...

It is in the Statesman today. Of course their is no mention that they were ILLEGAL ALIENS, a preventable crime again!
Why is the paper protecting criminals? Why are they hurting our children, our scoiety? why?
Why aren't they ARRESTED for aiding and abetting criminal enterprise?

Daniel said...

It is simply shameful to ignore the immigration status of criminals in a news story. Imagine if the paper didn't report that a car crash that killed someone involved a drunk driver. Obviously the paper is not serious about it's reporting.

Anonymous said...

All I know is we're under attack...and I've got my gun ready!

Anonymous said...

Simple enough to figure out why, all you need do is read the names of staff and management at the Statesman/Journal and you will understand why they are not working to Oregonians benefit.

Jim said...

Anon -- What do you mean regarding the names of the folks at the Statesman Journal? I don't get your point.