Friday, December 30, 2005

Illegal alien of the day






Thanks to the reader who sent this link! Juan Rosillo is just another one of those "good hearted folks" from down south that came here to keep our economy afloat. Because we all know that our economy depends on child molestors.

Do you think that the victim(s) of this man would be ok with strawberries costing ten cents extra if it meant that they could be sure that he would never be able to break into this country again? I know that I would.


Anonymous said...

4 Illegals were arrested in the big drug bust in Salem and Vancouver last night that netted something like a half-million bucks worth of coke and also some heroin. KOIN's coverage listed "4 Mexican Nationals" as arrested in connection with the case.

As soon as I heard about this bust I knew that illegals were behind it. Another case of doing the "jobs that americans won't do" I guess.

Anonymous said...

Pity is that few people yet watch KOIN 6 News.

Daniel said...

Allen of Salem ( has been in contact with FOX12 on this story. He hammers them relentlessly about mentioning immigration status and they are starting to come around.

Gunslinger said...

That guy looks like Benicio Del Toro, the actor.

Seth said...

heres another one held in polk county jail

tellyourmomthanksforbreakfast said...


Seriously, how are you going to pick on hispanics when you look like one?

You want to pick on child molestors? How about pick on your own people first since they are the vast majority or sex offenders in this country you moron.

How about picking on your american people for eating all those strawberries and becoming the most over-weight people on the planet? WOW what an accomplishment.

Those illegal immigrants do the hardest manual labor this country has to offer and the you want to bag on them?

Most of these people come from mexico to WORK...They actually have family values and send most of their paycheck if not ALL to there familys in MEXICO while living poor here.

Your people just like to get themselves in debt, get fat, and yet make fun of hardworkers?

What about your americans whole stole this country? HOW CAN YOU DANIEL BE SUCH A HYPOCRITE? Or maybe your just a moron?

Would you seriously like me to post every white male sex offender in polk county jail?

Sheerwood Oregon? population= mostly racist?

By the way that man Juan Jesus Rosillo Cornejo is falsy accused of sexual charges agaisnt a child he was saving from a drug addicted mother. That man is a true good hearted man who believes in the BIBLE and would never harm a child.

So don't post pictures or assume you know anything just because you see someone charged with a crime.

Do you know the case? Do you know the facts? EXACTLY

you don't know jack ish

Anonymous said...

Another La Raza freak!

Dave Thomas said...

Can you tell me what HOLD/ ICE DETAINER means?