Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Education dollars for this?

Oregon Peacemakers
PeaceMakers is a conference for middle and high school students to learn practical information and skills about non-violence and peacemaking that can be implemented and shared in their schools and communities.

Sponsored by:
Lane co DHS
Lane co ESD

This year's plenary session featured James Haines (pictured), a Sociology and Rhetoric Major at Willamette University and self-proclaimed future revolutionary. Presently he is taking time off from school to participate in and facilitate discussion on what he has coined "discovering identity," working on his own biases as well as trying to understand the institutionalized isms which affect us in every aspect of our lives.

I love how they refer to the dropout as "taking time off from school" to talk about institutionalized isms. It was bad enough when college professors could make a living off of psuedo-sophistication but now anyone can do it?

Bottom line: Should ESD money (school money) go towards a program that has speakers from Planned Parenthood come talk about "relationships of all types" and someone else to talk about Tai Chi?

How about instead of teaching kids about "othering" we teach them reading, writing and math? You know, stuff they will use to get jobs.

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