Thursday, December 01, 2005

Props and kudos: The Daily Emerald

Immigration reform doesn’t cut it
The president’s proposal, though a step in the right direction, stops short of enacting any meaningful reform.

Many people don’t realize what a drain illegal immigration is on our system. Last year in Oregon we spent an estimated $400 million educating illegal aliens, according to the Department of Education.

Nice to see this in a college newspaper.


Sailor Republica said...

Kirsten is a great person, and her debut column (on immigration) kicks all ass.

Daniel said...

Tell her I said "good job." It is a very well written column and she should shop it around.

Anonymous said... should worry about yourself instead of others.....get a life.

Tony said...

Ok anonymous, we will worry about ourselves and not others.

No more Oregon Health Plan.

In fact, no more benefits to everyone else. We will just focus on ourselves, and getting our own life.

No more charity.

No more anonymous blogging about how we should worry about ourselves, while worrying about others.

No more telling others to get a life, while you are criticising others on their blog at 10pm.

We will all just worry about ourselves.

I already worry about myself and my life, which I do possess. Which is why I also possess at all times a combat pistol, ready to end the life of one of those illegal immigrant sex offenders we hear of so often trying to snatch up little blonde girls in the Portland area, should the situation so demand.

Anonymous said...

good job...proud of people think everyone should think like you....well...guess what...we dont....get a life...go enjoy it...and worry about yourself....