Saturday, December 24, 2005

A very Merry Christmas from Daniel and Veronica. Good wishes to all of you!

I want to thank my regular readers, I appreciate you letting me vent in this forum and thanks for coming up and saying hi when you recognize me at various political functions.

Thanks to the regular commentors, even those of you who simply call me a nazi. I enjoy the feedback, criticism, support and nonsensical statements.

Also, thanks to all the bloggers on the lists to the right. They are a great group of people, check out their sites.

I correspond with many of them, have had the opportunity to meet some of them and appreciate the kind words and help they have had for me.

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!


Thomas said...


At the risk of repeating myself:
MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and [if I may be so bold] the Lovely Veronica!

Robin said...

Merry Christmas :-)

Anonymous said...

There is a time to think about what is good!

There is hope, when you see a great picture that radiates love.

Thank you for being there.

Jack Peek

Gunslinger said...

It has officially been Christmas here on the left coast for 27 minutes! Merry Christmas to all, especially you, Daniel. (you are the site owner, I have to give more props to you)

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Feliz Navividad y Prospero Ano de Felicidad you dumbass Republican racist.

Sailor Republica said...

Merry Christmas, Daniel.

And ignore the guy above me, he forgot to blow his head off today.

jwalker said...

Merry Christmas Daniel and Veronica. Happy Birthday Jesus!

jwalker said...

Merry Christmas Daniel and Veronica. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Anonymous said...

breaking news:

Breaking News: Pilot of Air Cargo Carrier Reports Surface to Air Missile Fired at Transport Aircraft

FBI Claims Pilot Saw Bottle Rocket - FBI, CIA, NTSB Say "No Connection to Terrorism"

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

24 December 2005; 11:50 PM EST: The pilot of an air cargo transport carrier that departed from the Arctic Circle early this afternoon en route to various locations in North America reported that a missile or rocket had been fired at the craft shortly after takeoff. The specialized carrier was at an altitude of 5,000 feet and climbing when the pilot observed a "missile" that was quickly closing in on his transport. A tragedy was avoided only by the installation and use of a classified anti-missile system installed on the cargo carrier in late 2001. Radio transmissions between the air cargo carrier and the airport, monitored by the Northeast Intelligence Network, revealed tense moments aboard the aircraft. The pilot, however, reported that the deployment of the anti-missile system worked and that the missile missed its intended target.

The pilot, identified as Christopher Kringle, reported the sighting to the air traffic control center at Boston Logan International Airport and was instructed to immediately land his craft. As soon as all applicable federal agencies were notified, the FBI immediately assumed jurisdiction over the investigation and were quick to issue a statement while en-route to debrief the pilot, saying that there was no evidence whatsoever of any link to terrorism. FBI spokesman Ebenezer S. Crooge, talking to a number of reporters in a hastily arranged news conference conducted in the parking lot of the federal sensitivity training facility in the former Toys-R-Us store, located midway between the FBI office and Boston Logan, assured reporters that the pilot observed a flare or bottle rocket and the cargo craft was never in any danger. He also stressed that there is absolutely no evidence of any link to terrorism. All of the reporters present nodded in acceptance of the explanation as they studiously transcribed the statement, finding no need to ask any follow-up questions.

After advising Mr. Kringle and his crew of what they saw and confiscating all air traffic data from the airport, the authorities permitted the craft to continue on to its multiple destinations, but not before citing the pilot for the illegal possession and transportation of "a cache of new hunting rifles and related gear," which the pilot explained were gifts for out-of-state residents. After assessing the situation, federal authorities permitted Kringle to continue on his flight with all of the cargo, although warned him that he would not be able to issue any public comment about the incident as it would be considered an ongoing investigation for the foreseeable future.

Several eyewitnesses to the incident came forward and provided detailed reports to federal investigators, although they were summarily dismissed as hysterical and unreliable in a follow-up statement by FBI spokesman Ebenezer S. Crooge.

The Cheezer said...

Merry Christmas to you and your wonderfull family.
I hope the day gave you everything you had hoped for.

Anonymous said...

How does Veronica feel about your racist words and work?

Anonymous said...

Is this your beaner wife?

gullyborg said...

This is the first picture I have seen of Veronica. What's a hot babe like that doing with a bald nerd like you?

(just kidding, but not about the hot babe part)

Merry Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Brethlen.
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yours in Christ