Monday, December 19, 2005

History started today

Kitzhaber's Rx for state
The last time John Kitzhaber put Oregon on the map as a health care pioneer, it was by working within the decades-old system that delivers medical care.

This time, the former doctor and governor wants to bulldoze what he sees as an antiquated system and replace it with a 21st-century model that would deliver universal health care to every Oregonian.

It's like yesterday never happened with this people. They don't seem to remember that they just "kicked" thousands of people from the failed Oregon Health Plan. (While at the same time actively recruiting new people for the plan)

Do they not remember the anticipated budget for that program and how it ballooned into something that consumes a huge portion of Oregon's budget?

What they do remember is how every time a tax increase is proposed the first thing put on the chopping block if it doesn't pass is the health plan. If everyone is on the health plan then more people may be inclined to vote for higher taxes. Higher taxes mean more government. More goverment means more democrats. More democrats means higher taxes.

It's a vicious cycle of abuse.


Anonymous said...

If Kitzhaber wants to do something about health care, maybe he can contact Fidel Castro about getting some free medical services sent here. Or maybe he can lobby his industry to reduce rates/fees, insurance premiums, outrageous jury awards, etc. Maybe the problem starts with him, but he has to make it everyone's problem. Kitzhaber is a socialist. I understand his sense of fairness, but where is his plan to have every able-bodied person working for their social benefits instead of sitting on their ass collecting payments/bennies?

Allen said...

My bet is Dr. No has plans for an International Health Care program and he to be the top dog.

Oregon is just the start of something big and that includes Dr. No, Hillary and the UN once Slick becomes the World leader.

Dare!PDX said...

Its a common assumption that the success of the new deal was how it provided "something for everyone". The Oregon democrats are still chasing the new deal (just as Clinton did). They don't understand that American and Oregon voters, even when politically liberal, still don't trust government to spend money well.

Most of the voters in Oregon are covered by health insurance, know how much it costs, and aren't going to vote for a tax increase. This comes down to them trying to attract new voters (and employers I suppose who pay so little that this is free health care for them).

We need our gubentorial candidates to have answers on health care though. We are leaving this HUGE wedge issue on the table for hacks like Kitzhaber to exploit.

And to define hack - someone with a record breaking veto history is a hack, someone who throws termper-tantrums is a hack, someone who is angry that legislators listen to their consituency is a hack, someone who finds breaking federal law as a strategy is a hack, and most of all someone who promises to support legislation and then vetoes it the next day is a hack. He's not a statesman he's a hack.

Merry Christmas One and All