Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Deport Gordon Smith
Our intention is to collect pledges from as many Oregon citizens who have been irreparably offended by Senator Smith’s vote in favor of S. 2611 and clear support of an Amnesty for Criminal Aliens that they pledge to never vote for Senator Smith again. Just before the 2008 election, we will contact you by email or phone to remind you of your pledge.

Our goal first and foremost would be for Smith to lose in a Republican primary, however, should Smith be in a general election we are willing to 'stay home' and not cast a ballot for him.

Brand new website! Simply sign the pledge. It's time to show the Republican politicians that they answer to us, if they don't want to represent us then they will be out of a job!

I would like to thank Greg of OregonBillboard for his excellent work on the site!

If you need some background on Senator Smith's sellout vote:

S. 2611 is an amnesty for the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens who have illegally entered our country.

S. 2611 requires our government to consult with the Mexican government before constructing a fence along the border.

S. 2611 allows in 200,000 Temporary Guest workers a year. It is a lie that these would be temporary workers. So called temporary workers can apply for legal permanent residency. And what happens when they have several children? Sob stories galore about not forcing them to go home!

Under this bill, illegal aliens get an option to only have to pay three of their last
five years in back taxes.

S. 2611 allows illegal aliens to access money that they may have put into the Social Security system no matter if they committed a felony by stealing the Social Security number of an American citizen.

This is Senator Smith's idea of a good immigration bill. When it comes time for a campaign contribution simply print and send him this:

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Way to represent your constituents Bush

This is the electoral map for the amnesty vote in the Senate:

Green: Both Senators voted FOR amnesty
Grey: Split vote, one Senator for amnesty, one against
Red: Both Senators voted AGAINST amnesty

Compare to the presidential election map:

The blue states voted amnesty, the red states voted against amnesty with at least one Senator. (a few exceptions) Way to be on the wrong side President Bush!

Crack house sign: Legalize drugs, watch for undercover cops

Pictures taken at PCUN, home of the illegal alien:

Translated: the proposal of the Senate is an advance but it is not sufficient

Translated: do not be deceived the immigration proposal still is not a law

First a demand, then a warning. We (criminals) want more than just amnesty. Oh, and you criminals, don't get tricked into getting deported because our demands haven't been answered yet.

Absolutely disgusting that this place is even allowed to operate. It should be shut down immediately. It is organized crime, pure and simple.

Thank you to Rick Hickey of OFIR for the pics!

Kulongoski: Illegals are more important than kids

Kids Are the Collateral Damage in Meth Epidemic
Authorities estimate there has been a 45 percent increase in the number of children in foster care in Oregon in the past four years due to a huge increase in drug- and alcohol-related arrests. And that has put enormous strain on the overburdened Oregon system.

"The number of calls we started getting in child welfare around meth-using parents … shot through the roof," said Jason Walling, head of Child Protective Services in Marion County. "We've seen a rise on average of 35 to 38 children coming in to foster care a month, till now we have well over a hundred children a month coming into foster care. And in March of last year we saw approximately 165 children come in, just in that one month."

So meth, among other drugs, is ruining children's lives. This article keeps talking about local meth labs but clearly there are more users than there are cooks here. So where does the meth come from? Let's ask the DEA:

DEA on Oregon

Methamphetamine is one of the most widely abused controlled substances in Oregon. Two "varieties" are generally encountered: Mexican methamphetamine, which is either manufactured locally or obtained from sources in Mexico, California, or other Southwest Border states; and methamphetamine which is produced locally by area violators. Of the two types, Mexican methamphetamine continues to flood the market.

Gosh, the solution must be to give Mexicans guest worker status so they can travel back and forth between Juarez and Oregon with greater ease. Oh, and let's give them drivers licenses so when they get pulled over on I-5 they will just be given a ticket and then they, and their trunk full of drugs, can go on their merry way. And according to the DEA they will not just bring back meth:

Heroin typically is transported overland to Portland via the Interstate 5 corridor from source cities in Mexico through traffickers in California.

Mexican black tar and brown heroin are the primary types of heroin distributed throughout Oregon, controlled by Hispanic poly-drug trafficking organizations.

These organizations also traffic in cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana (of Mexican origin).

Hispanic traffickers are the most common sources of cocaine in Oregon, and it is sold to Caucasian distributors.

"Transporting the drugs that Americans won't transport."

Monday, May 29, 2006

4 more years of Ted

Constitution Party to select governor candidate
The Constitution Party of Oregon has recruited a mystery candidate for governor who promises to make things uncomfortable for Republican nominee Ron Saxton by raising abortion as a central campaign theme.

"We've had what I would consider to be an excellent candidate for governor that has stepped forward," Ekstrom said. "I think our candidate this year is going to be someone you'd call a well-known public figure."

The Libertarian Party is the party of small government. Four years ago they ran Tom Cox in a three-way race between himself, Teddy K and Kevin Mannix. The margin of victory that Kulongoski got was less than what Cox got.

So what did the Liberterians get? MUCH bigger government with Ted.

What will the Constitution Party get? Much more abortion with Ted.

I'm all for bloodletting (see Tues or Wed for announcement) but losing on the very issue that you claim to support is self-defeating.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

We are second-class "citizens"

Proposed law will favor illegal immigrants
Some people are worried that amnesty will give illegal aliens the same rights that American citizens have. In reality, it will give the illegals more rights than the average American citizen.

Since most of the illegals are Mexican, that makes them a minority. Under affirmative action, combined with amnesty, they would have preferences in jobs and other benefits.

Illegals who graduate from a high school in California can already attend the University of California, paying lower tuition that an American citizen from neighboring Oregon.

If an American citizen forges a Social Security card in order to get a job, he can be arrested. Under a provision recently passed by the Senate, illegal aliens who forged Social Security cards not only get a pass, they get to collect Social Security benefits.

Our senate might as well put America, its sovereignty, its citizenship and its glory up for auction on eBay. That would at least reflect what they are really doing.

And the lesson that the children of illegal aliens learn? America's laws don't matter. You can break them, lot's of them, but you will still be pandered to. You will be considered the victim. There are no consequences for your actions.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Friday, May 26, 2006

Gordon "Sombrero" Smith

It's Super Smith! Defender of the illegal alien! Apologist for crime! Able to leap the tallest obstacles to screwing this country!

And did anyone read the Fishwrapper piece on him today?

At the company the Oregon Republican has owned for 25 years, most of the workers are Latino.

"It's hard for me to share in some of the vitriol I hear being spoken about them," he said after Thursday's vote. "I don't feel that because I know these people."

Know what "people" Senator? Latinos or illegal aliens? Or are all Latinos illegal aliens to you?

I'm so sick of people associating Latinos/Hispanics/immigrants with illegal aliens. It's like saying that because you know a guy who has a beer when he bar-b-ques that you know how a drunk driver feels. There is no connection.

I for one will work hard to support an opposition candidate in the primary and if Smith is in the general then I will not vote for him, I'll watch his democrat opponent win.

And they don't respect me in the morning

The morning after the worst bill ever to pass the senate was approved I am not sure how to best describe my feelings.

And if you think that this is just me whining because we will be stuck speaking spanish forever or that this is only about law and order you're wrong.

If 2611 becomes reality the face of our country will change forever. We ceded our soveriegnty to Mexico with a last minute amendment that requires us to consult with that country before we build a fence on our own soil.

I am so tired of people saying that "immigrants are what make this country great" because that's just flat out wrong. Lot's of countries have immigrants and they certainly aren't as great as us.

Think about what sets us apart from other countries. You know, countries that don't have everyone in the world wishing they could be citizens of.

Our economic system makes us great. Our freedoms make us great. Our constitution make us great. Our national identity makes us great.

Having a large migration of people from one country come here does not make us great. It doesn't even fit with the "immigrants make us great" ideals that are espoused by the amnesty crowd because we are only talking about people from ONE other country. There is no melting pot there.

Oooops, angry rant has to end, late for work.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Senate passes amnesty

Speech by Senator Jeff Sessions:

It is clear the people who drafted this legislation had an agenda and the agenda was not to meet the expectations of the American people. The agenda was to create a facade and appearance of enforcement, an appearance of toughness in some instances. When you get into the meat of the provisions and get into the bill and study it, tucked away here and there are laws that eviscerate and eliminate the real effectiveness of those provisions. It was carefully done and deliberately done.


Ok, who supports the idea of Randy Leonard being a once-a-week guest on Lars' show? Those two have the most interesting dynamic.

If I can hear more of Randy then maybe he will tell me what racism smells like. Is it like onions? Roberty Byrd's body odor? What?

Conspiracy Theory Thursday Part II

I knew that I could count on the folks from Indymedia. Self-important and pathological liars tell the best stories:

I've had FBI agents knocking on the doors of friends of mine, and even dragging some of them away in the night. I've had them haunting my own nightmares. Probably, since I am a media activist, I've even had them listening to my telephone conversations and reading my mail. So I am well aware that we are not in Kansas anymore, as the saying goes. Still, somehow it shocks me to learn that they have been so blatantly skulking around in, of all places, City Hall.

What could they be doing there? Seeking what kind of dirt? Is it retribution? Is it because Mayor Potter stood with the people of this city on the issue of the PJTTF, symbolically (if not effectively) kicking their asses out of town? Maybe it's that the city council refused to bow to Portland's business community on the issue of Schumacher furs. Animal rights activists are, after all, topping the FBI's questionable list of "terrorists" these days. Perhaps agents felt that the council was "giving aid and comfort" to those whom they have (irrationally) deemed terrorists.

I'm sure that the author here, "catwoman", is very reliable when she tells tales of friends being "dragged away in the night" by the FBI. Either that or her friends went to 7-11 for some late night munchies.

It's funny but it isn't that Portland's mayor has the same mindset as these kooks.

Conspiracy theory Thursday

Portland, Oregon, Mayor Gets Totally Paranoid Over FBI, Even Without An Investigation
In Portland, Oregon, almost any form of resistance to the federal government is blessed with contaminated holey water from the Willamette River. They hate the Patriot Act. They refuse cooperation with the feds over terrorism investigations. They hate the Bush Administration and the Iraq War.

The extreme paranoia shown by Potter today raises more local questions than federal questions. It also highlights why Portland, Oregon, is a questionable destination for moderate thinking Americans. It has become a national center for the most radical political thought and the most radical forms of political behavior.

They're all out to get me...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Last chance effort

Please continue to call members of the Senate and ask them to vote NO on Senate Bill 2611, the so-called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006.”

The bill grants amnesty to illegal aliens, sets up a guest worker program that would eventually bring in 66 to 90 million more immigrants over the next 20 years.

Make sure you call the D.C. office of Senator Gordon Smith.

Toll free at (866) 340-9281, (866) 220-0044 or directly at (202) 224-3753.

Senator Smith should vote NO on S. 2611 because it

* Amnesty 10 to 20 million illegal aliens.

* Increase our population of low-skilled
people by 60 to 90 million over the next 20
20 years.

* Senator Jeff Sessions states that S. 2611 would cost
the federal government $50 billion a year in just
welfare costs in the second 10 years of the program.

* Illegal aliens would be able to receive Social Security
benefits even though they committed a felony by
stealing the Social Security number of an American

Senator Ron Wyden –
Toll-free: 866-340-9281, 866-220-0044, and 888-355-3588.
Direct to Wyden’s office: 202-224-5244 (not toll-free)

Thank you OFIR

Random blog pics

I have a folder labeled "blog pics" that hold all the pictures I have used here. Every once in a while when looking for a certain one to use again I realize how full it is of crazy stuff. Here is a random sampling from Portland:

Dignity Village

Tre Arrow - federal fugitive

Metro Coucilor Robert Liberty's boyhood home. Liberty is a staunch opponent of "suburbia" and once said:

“Ozzie is dead, and Harriet is a working mom,” Liberty said. “What we need are homes for single-parent families who want to live near where they work, shop and go to school.”

I did a damn good post on this guy back here.

Good ol' Portland...

Industries that should suffer

So... tired... of... hearing... about... industries... that... can't... survive... without... illlegal... labor...

If you can't have a successful bussiness without breaking the law then you shouldn't be in bussiness. That includes you farms, restraunts, contractors and other unscrupulous employers. You are miserable failures whose whining is pathetic.

Government programs and diamonds: they both last forever

I was under the impression that the Multnomah County I-Tax had expired. Of course, that doesn't mean that Multnomah County shouldn't continue to hire PERS recipients to continue to "administer" this (expired) program!

Itax Senior Administrative Specialist
Approximate Monthly Salary: $3,068 - $4,723

The ITAX Senior Administrative Specialist is responsible for providing complex and specialized administrative support for the Multnomah County Income Tax (ITAX) team.

It's the tax that keeps on sucking money from government even though they aren't collecting it anymore!

Let this be a lesson for all you sales tax proponents, imagine how many offices the state would open, how many agencies they could create, how many employees they could hire if you would just give them the ability to take a little bit more of your money.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Let's make a list of priorities shall we? Some goals, some objectives, stuff like that. Now how should we organize our list? Hmmm, generally the more important stuff goes at the top right?

So what does it say that Lane Counties Human Services Commission Budget Recommendations/Options puts

Consider outreach and education support for HIV and needle exchange program.


Improve the stability and self-reliance of people.

Me, I think that "needle exchange" goes somewhere at the bottom of the list or that it doesn't make the list at all.

sooooo extreme

Well it seems as if Kari Chisholm, described by The Oregonian as a "consultant" in endless articles but described as a "political hack" on his own website, has discovered Ron Saxton's extreme positions. Yes, that's right, EXTREME.

Kari hasn't been this excited since he found a Snickers bar in his pocket. It seems that Saxton's website is being updated, something that websites never do, but Kari has used to power of Google cache to discover what was on there during the primary.

Here is Chisholm's post, I'd comment but he banned me from BlueOregon.

Let's examine these EXTREME positions:

Control State Spending and Taxes
I'm not sure what Ron was thinking. This will never fly in the general election. Oregonians have proved serveral times in the last few years that they are for higher taxes and more wasteful spending. Oh wait...

Promote Job Creation and Economic Development
I can't believe that Ron went so far to the right as to say this. In the history of our country no politician running for office has said anything remotely like this.

Improve Oregon 's Education Performance
This is absolutely unacceptable. What kind of right-wing nutjob wants to improve education performance?

Promote Responsibility in our Public Policy
Under this heading we have such bullet points like:

In a Saxton Administration there will be zero tolerance for sexual predators and drug dealers.

In a Saxton administration, Oregon will stop issuing drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants and we will enforce the law.

I'm sure that the general election voters will thoroughly dissaprove.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Liveblogging 24

That's it, nuke China.

Liveblogging 24

Ha! I'll let my genius from the last post settle in a bit. But Jack just got kidnapped by guys in ski masks??!?!?! I was just wondering how next season would start off. 14 minutes until it's over and this happens.

Liveblogging 24

I'm almost disapointed that Jack didn't pull that trigger... but I'm sure that this is all part of the plan. I'm calling my shot now at 9:23, there is a recording device on the president's pen!

Liveblogging 24

Jack Bauer is a great American! Justice has just been served on Henderson!

Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, George Bush

Former President Clinton agrees with Bush immigration plan
Former President Bill Clinton on Sunday said President Bush is doing a good job on immigration reform, praising his call for better border security and moderation in dealing with illegal immigrants.

"I basically think President Bush has done a good job with this," Clinton told a convention of shopping center developers. "I'm different with him on nearly everything, but I think he's done a good job with this."

[insert "jobs" that Americans won't do joke here]

But seriously, if Bush/Frist are on the same side as Kennedy/Clinton then we need a changing of the guard in our so-called Republican senate.

Convince a liberal to enforce labor laws

I've realized how we can make liberals enforce our labor laws: child labor. I know, I know, children aren't eligible to work but that's ok because neither are illegal aliens.

Let's get a bunch of 8 year-olds putting together shoes ("a job that Americans won't do") and it will make us "more competitive in the global market."

I'm sure that Tony Snow will call it a "free market."

Seriously, why shouldn't McDonalds employ an 11 year who could work side by side with the illegal alien? And if they did how loud would the outrage be?

Contractors could have kids as young as 5 hauling dirt and rock around and pay them under the table. Why not? It's a complete free-for-all as it is.

Is 5.5 > 4.8?

Oregon's Jobless Rate Holds Steady In April
Oregon's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was unchanged in April at 5.5 percent.

The state's seasonally adjusted nonfarm payroll employment was essentially unchanged in April, after a revised gain of 6,700 jobs in March.

Construction added 1,300 jobs in April as it embarked on its springtime uptrend.

In completely unrelated news...

Unauthorized Immigrant Share of Oregon Resident Employment in 2005

Low estimate: 63,200 unauthorized immigrants employed / 1,745,811 total = 3.6%

High estimate: 83,200 unauthorized immigrants employed / 1,745,811 total = 4.8%

Oregon’s total resident employment in 2005 was estimated at 1,745,811. unauthorized immigrants comprised between 3.6 percent and 4.8 percent of Oregon’s employed residents in 2005.

All of these numbers come from the Oregon employement department although the illegal alien numbers are from last year so they have no doubt increased by now. Oregon employement also points out that their estimates are considerably lower than other generally excepted numbers of illegal aliens.

Oregonians would like to have those construction jobs!

Kudos to Kulongoski

Washington County Corrections Hispanic Services Team
Provides bilingual/bicultural assessment and supervision to approximately 425 monolingual (Spanish) offenders, about 200 of whom are on supervision for DUII.

Almost half of the Spanish only folks on probabtion in Washington County are drunk drivers? Do all of you realize that every single one of us is potentially a victim, a dead victim, of a drunk driver?

Obviously giving drivers licenses to people doesn't make them safer. Kulongoski could stop making Oregon a "we love DUII drivers" state by taking away the ability of illegal aliens to get drivers licenses. This won't stop the ones here from driving drunk, and potentially killing a kid, but it will discourage new ones from coming.

More failed leadership from Kulongoski. Saxton says he will stop this practice.

Target Smith + Wyden

Win over a few more Senate votes TODAY ... Only you can stop this amnesty

Orgegon: Smith (R-OR) Voted RIGHT 5 times & WRONG 4 times

Wyden (D-OR) Voted RIGHT 4 times & WRONG 5 times

WEAK BUT BROKE WITH THE OPEN BORDERS MAJORITY .... These 5 Voted RIGHT on 5 amendments and WRONG on 4 (did not vote for Vitter or Isakson)

Let's get these two the message: No amnesty! Secure our borders and enforce our laws!

Phone: 503.326.3386
Phone: 202.224.3753
Phone: 541.465.6750

(503) 326-7525
(202) 224-5244
(541) 431-0229

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Inappropriate in a store

A co-worker, who is a democrat, who is not morally opposed to homosexuality sent me this picture. He was very upset because he and his young daughter were at Winco and standing behind two women... two women who felt that the grocery line was a good place to act out sexually.

This is infuriating. Young children should not be subjected to public displays of of homo-erotic behavior. Ever.

And just to make sure that you know how to get more of this behavior, look to Teddy K:

"As a movement, we are lucky to live in a state where the fact is our Governor has done more to stake out a public position in favor of GLBT equality and use the office to advocate for equality than any other Governor in the country--period," the announcment noted.

GLBT includes "transgender" in there. Have fun explaining "transgender" to your kids in the Winco line. Equality means that "Samantha" who used to be Sam until he cut of his genitals, went through hormone treatment and started wearing fishnet stalkings has just as much a right to teach a third grade classroom as Miss Nelson does. Thanks governor K.

Who was meeting? The KKK?

Meeting Minutes: April 13, 2005
Today, there are two topics: first we will focus on the Hispanic population, included issues specific to undocumented persons and farm workers in Oregon.

The Farm Worker Housing Development Corp. (FHDC) was incorporated in 1990. Farm
worker housing was first developed in 1992. FHDC provides 50 units for farm workers and
their families. In 1999 another 40 units were developed and another 12 are planned. FHDC
also provides health and safety services, child-care, youth services, education
development, computer access, driver’s education and recreation programs through a
community center opened in 2004 in Woodburn. Classes are open to the Hispanic public.

These are the minutes of the Oregon HIV Housing Task Force, a government entity. Apparently their main concerns are getting housing for illegal aliens and classes that are only open to one race.

No word on whether or not Kulongoski would stand in the doorway to prevent any white kids from entering the "Hispanics only" classroom.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thank you Kulongoski

Mexican Meth Floods U.S.
Drug enforcement agents report the number of meth labs in the U.S. has plummeted.

The epidemic of meth use is still rampant because the drug is still plentiful on America's streets. Why?

"They just came across into Mexico to start production," said Fuillermo Gonzalez of the Tijuana Police Department.

By some estimates, as much at 80 percent of the meth on U.S. streets comes from Mexico. Agents see more of it at the border. Meth seizures are up 106 percent in a year at the border crossing near San Diego.

Now I see what Jorge Bush is talking about, since Americans no longer cook the meth the Mexicans will do it. Those hard working illegals, I'm so glad that they are willing to pick up the slack for the drug industry where Americans are lacking.

And thank you Teddy K for your non-solution to the meth problem (outlawing cold-pills) while refusing to do anything about illegal aliens coming here from Mexico (with trunks full of meth). That's some great leadership.

Anyone else remember this picture? It's empty boxes of cold-pills littering the streets in Tijuana. Quick, someone give these guys guest worker status so they can go back and forth between countries.

Mark your calendar

The Citizen Caucus and Oregonians for Immigration Reform, will be conducting a joint rally honoring the arrival of Frosty Wooldridge's "21st Century Paul Revere Ride" on the capitol steps Salem, Friday June 9th @ 11:00 a.m.

The 21st Century Paul Revere Ride of 2006

The 21st Century Paul Revere Ride of 2006 is a summer-long cross-country motorcycle ride that will visit all state capitols to inform the public and their elected public servants of the severity of the illegal immigration crisis. The ride will begin in Denver and terminate in Washington, DC.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Not open to fraud

So what kind of languange is/was being considered in the amnesty bill?

"provision allowing a self-signed statement of affirmation to be considered proof of employment history for an illegal immigrant"

"Guest workers would not need an employer to attest to forthcoming employment. "

As you can see, this bill will not result in any fraud whatsoever. None. These criminal aliens who lie on their job applications, lie on their I-9 form, lie on their W-2, lie lie lie and lie some more will immediatly start telling the truth because Jorge Bush says they are good people.

I guess I'll fax him again

Senator Smith's voicemail is full. Again. I hope that it's you guys lighting him up about how you won't ever vote for him again if he votes for amnesty, guest workers or an increase in immigration!

How bad are we getting it?

So how badly are we getting screwed by the Senate? A full chart of all the amendment activity, the votes and who's doing what can be found HERE.

No habla that language here anymore!

Senate Votes to Call English 'Common Language' of U.S.
Should English be the national language? Well, the Senate thinks so, and it appears the president is happy with the idea, too.

You guys comprende that? I can't wait until I no longer have to see everything done in two languages.

Are his two minutes of fame up yet?

Speaker challenges status quo
Social activist Ward Churchill discussed issues of freedom, repression and following orders

Churchill made national news after Sept. 11 when he called some terrorist-attack victims "little Eichmanns," a reference to Nazi chief Adolf Eichmann, who was responsible for ordering the extermination of three million Jews during the Holocaust.

On Tuesday, a report was featured in The New York Times and Los Angeles Times that stated Churchill committed plagiarism and other academic misconduct at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he teaches ethnic studies. He may lose his job or be suspended for the accusations from the university's board of regents.

So we've established that this is a quality guy, definitely worthy of speaking at a taxpayer funded institution.

He added that he tells his students, "stand up there and take a dump on the floor. There are rules for (that), too."

Repression by the state and educational institutions reinforce each other in maintaining that "order," he said.

The ultimate repression: you can't take a dump on the floor. Gosh, why don't they just call it slavery. I bet it's Halliburton that keeps us from the freedom of "dumping" on the floor.

But surely our highly educated college students are discerning enough to realize that this man is full of crap...

Said Student:
"It's nice being exposed to a perspective that most of the white people would never grasp," he said, referring to Churchill's Native American ethnicity.

Damn my skin color for making it hard to grasp why anyone would want to stand up in a classroom and take a crap on the floor. Wait a minute... time for an experiment: Nope, I just asked my brown skinned wife if she felt repressed because she can't stand up and take a crap on the floor and she just stared at me like I'm crazy.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

One more service open to illegals

While doing one of my regular searches of Oregon government websites I ran across this:

Persons awaiting resident status (undocumented immigrants) have very limited options without insurance coverage.

Latino PLWH may not be aware that Ryan White Title I does not require proof of residency status to access services.

I had no clue what "Ryan White Title I" was so I looked it up. It's funding for HIV/AIDS. Taxpayer funding. And illegal aliens can get it. So what does it cost?

For FY 2001, the Portland-Vancouver OR-WA EMA received an award of $3,513,044 in Title I funds.

So that 3.5 million in taxpayer dollars potentially goes to help illegal aliens get housing. How nice.

Flashback article... and current solution

One Firm Filed 33,448 Bad W-2s
Every year the Social Security Administration consigns up to nine million hopelessly inaccurate W-2 reports to a Social Security limbo.

It is called the Earnings Suspense File (ESF), and it is the final resting place of W-2s that cannot be matched to a known taxpayer. Some, for example, have no Social Security Number. Others have a Social Security number never issued by the government. Between 1985-2000, 3.5 million of the W-2s landing in the ESF file had a Social Security Number that was used for multiple workers by the same employer in the same year.

Citing competing demands for DHS resources in a post-9/11 world, GAO says, "At present, it is unlikely that DHS will take enforcement action against employers and workers who submit inaccurate information to SSA to conceal unauthorized work activity."

This is where the solution proposed by Rep King, the one that Lars talks about a lot, comes into play. You submit documents where the social doesn't match the name, the social doesn't exist, or the social has multiple users then you don't get to deduct that employees wages as a bussiness expense.

The information already exists to use this solution, no new laws need to be passed, just enforce the ones we currently have. An illegal alien is not allowed to work in this country. That's it.

Good guest

Victoria Taft, radio talk show host at KPAM, 860 AM dial, Portland, will have as her guest this evening, ROY BECK, head of NUMBERSUSA.

He is scheduled to appear in the 7 p.m. hour, beginning approximately 7:05 p.m.

If you aren't in the Portland area, you can listen through your computer, from the website of KPAM, at

Beck and his organization, NumbersUSA ( are key players in following and reporting on immigration issues before Congress. He is in the thick of the action in the Senate right now.

Further information about NumbersUSA is posted on Victoria's blog, also links to contacts for Oregon's Senators. See her blog at:

Is anyone on guard duty?

Oregon woman accused of $400K Wash. fraud
A 66-year-old Oregon woman has been charged with almost 200 counts of defrauding the Washington state labor department.

Lois Bachhuber, who plays organ at Oaks Pioneer Church in Portland, Ore., was charged with collecting around $400,000 worth of her dead mother's workers compensation checks.

Viola Elsner died in 1988, The Olympian reports.

What kind of idiots do we have working for the Washington Labor deptartment? This woman was stealing for 18 years!! Do they have any method of eligibility or verfication? If I walk in and ask for a check will they just give me one?

In the private sector someone would be fired. This is another example of government not safeguarding our money. They simply don't care.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dear Santa

All I want for Christmas is for illegal aliens to self-deport because their lives are miserable here. No job, no license, no medical, no anchor baby, no welfare, no bank account, no library card...

Smith: An enemy of Oregonians

Bond (R-MO)
Brownback (R-KS)
Chafee (R-RI)
DeWine (R-OH)
Graham (R-SC)
Gregg (R-NH)
Hagel (R-NE)
Kennedy (D-MA)
Lieberman (D-CT)
Lugar (R-IN)
Martinez (R-FL)
McCain (R-AZ)
Murkowski (R-AK)
Salazar (D-CO)
Shelby (R-AL)
Smith (R-OR)
Specter (R-PA)
Stevens (R-AK)

The Senate is full of people who believe that American workers should have to compete with millions of imported foreign workers.

But on the Sen. Bingaman amendment to put some limits on the damage to the American worker, the 18 Senators above showed that they apparently have no limits.

Those 18 Senators voted to keep in the bill a provision that the Heritage Foundation announced on Monday would allow corporations to import more than 130 million foreign workers over the next 20 years!!!

Just so you get your facts straight: The 18 Senators above voted to table (kill) the Bingaman amendment, which would have left the 130 million extra foreign workers in the bill.

See the roll call votes on the various other amendments here.

Wyden voted against the 130 million extra foreign workers, kudos to him. Then Smith and Wyden both voted to secure the borders before any bill related to amnesty (it's amnesty Bush) was considered.

Make sure that you contact Wyden and tell him thank you for his votes on these issues. Tell Smith that you don't appreciate the mass importation of workers but that we need to continue to put security before amnesty!

All conservatives (except Tony Snow) are fed up with Bush

Read My Lips: No New Amnesty
On the bright side, if President Bush's amnesty proposal for illegal immigrants ends up hurting Republicans and we lose Congress this November, maybe the Democrats will impeach him and we'll get Dick Cheney as President.

Bush has also apparently learned that the word "amnesty" does not poll well. On Monday night, he angrily denounced the idea of amnesty just before proposing his own amnesty program. The difference between Bush's amnesty program and "amnesty" is: He'd give amnesty only to people who have been breaking our laws for many years -- not just a few months. (It's the same program that allows Teddy Kennedy to stay in the Senate.)

Bush calls this the "rational middle ground" because it recognizes the difference between "an illegal immigrant who crossed the border recently and someone who has worked here for many years." Yes, the difference is: One of them has been breaking the law longer. If our criminal justice system used that logic, a single murder would get you the death penalty, while serial killers would get probation.

Bush claimed the only other alternative -- I assume this is the "irrational extreme" -- is "a program of mass deportation." Really? Is the only alternative to legalizing tax cheats "a program of mass arrest of tax cheats"?

Press "1" for English; press "2" for a new President ...

*Sound of Daniel pressing "2"*

And did anyone hear Tony Snow on Lars today? I almost got sent home from work because I was vomitting violently every time that moron opened his mouth. Tony owes me a new computer keyboard because I puked on mine.

Tony, you are a worthless Bush lackey, thank goodness you aren't on the radio any more spouting that nonsense.

Moving forward

A lesson from last nights election: Don't come out in favor of amnesty!

Moving on, we have a candidate who says no licenses for illegal aliens, yes to private property rights, no to out-of-control spending and yes to school choice.

Those of us who had/have misgivings about this candidate should now put them aside and work to give Oregon a Republican governor.

All three Republican candidates said that they would support the eventual winner, we should all take a lesson from that.

I look forward to replacing Kulongoski. (seen with Fernando Ugarte, Mexican consul)

Statement of Governor Kulongoski
We are Americans not due to our birth or immigration status, but rather because we choose to accept the concepts upon which the country is founded.

We don't need more of that.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Elections results for all races here.

Oregon governor

Teddy K just called me a "fundamentalist" because I oppose killing babies. He's also worried about unamed special interests "buying" Oregon's election. (if he loses)

NOTE: Public employee unions aren't special interests in Teddy's world.

It also looks like Ron Saxton will be the torchbearer for the Republicans. I've always said that I like his message, now it's a matter of holding him to his promises.


Funniest thing ever. Dianne Linn gets kicked out with only 25% or so of the vote and when asked what her greatest accomplishment was durning her failure of a tenure as Multnomah county chair she said her secret and illegal issuance of gay marriage licenses!

Clearly this woman is just stupid.

Election night: Oregon

I enjoy election night. I've gone to be with candidates and the Republican victory party before but tonight I'm going to enjoy just watching the coverage on tv from my sofa with no shirt on and the fan blowing on me.

And while I enjoy the conveniance of vote by mail I don't like the fact that it allows the more apathetic to participate in a sacred process. Of course, we can't get a majority even with the ease of vote by mail but you know what, that's fine by me. If you don't care enough to vote (and research the candidates and the issues) then you deserve what the rest of us give you.

And if you don't speak English then there is no way no how that you should be voting. At least not in this country!

I'll start blogging election results later on tonight.

Mac Johnson, right as always

Bush's Message: I Won't Enforce Laws We Have Until I Get the Laws I Want
Deporting the 11 million to 20 million illegal aliens already here is simply impossible we are told. But then in tonight’s address the President bragged that we have deported 6 million illegal aliens in just the last five years. Why is 6 million possible and praiseworthy, but 11 million is a ludicrous impossibility?

How can the President promise to use all manner of technology—motion sensors, drones, cameras, fences, vehicle barriers—to keep dangerous illegal aliens out, and then argue that those same criminal aliens become indispensable and honorable once past the gizmos? Why bother to keep out anyone, if they all become wonderful by the time they reach Dallas?

But the President and Senators John McCain and Teddy Kennedy (as well as others) want the amnesty giveaway so badly that they refuse to allow the Senate to vote on the enforcement measures as a separate bill, as the House of Representatives has done.

Essentially, they have offered the American people a take it or leave it deal: give us our guest worker amnesty, or we will let the whole world across our open borders until you do. Give us the laws we want, or we will not enforce the laws we already have.

Go read the whole the column. So many good points that I can't excerpt them all here. And make sure to check out Mac's homepage for some other great columns.

Monday, May 15, 2006

The president's sellout

You can read the transcript here but let me summarize the way that Jorge Bush is attempting to sell us crap and call it chocolate ice cream.

He started by identifying the problem as "urgent."

First, the United States must secure its borders. This is a basic responsibility of a sovereign Nation. It is also an urgent requirement of our national security.

Uh huh, so where was this urgency last year? Or two years ago? Did our commander in chief just check his job desription yesterday?

But this, this is probably my favorite part:

Many use forged documents to get jobs, and that makes it difficult for employers to verify that the workers they hire are legal. Illegal immigration puts pressure on public schools and hospitals ... strains state and local budgets ... and brings crime to our communities. These are real problems, yet we must remember that the vast majority of illegal immigrants are decent people who work hard, support their families, practice their faith, and lead responsible lives. They are a part of American life — but they are beyond the reach and protection of American law.

So we have people who are putting pressure on schools and hospitals, bringing crime and using forged documents but they are "decent people." I'd hate to see who Bush considers to be a bad person.

And the sellout parts:

Therefore, I support a temporary worker program that would create a legal path for foreign workers to enter our country in an orderly way, for a limited period of time. This program would match willing foreign workers with willing American employers for jobs Americans are not doing.

It is neither wise nor realistic to round up millions of people, many with deep roots in the United States, and send them across the border. There is a rational middle ground between granting an automatic path to citizenship for every illegal immigrant, and a program of mass deportation. That middle ground recognizes that there are differences between an illegal immigrant who crossed the border recently - and someone who has worked here for many years, and has a home, a family, and an otherwise clean record.*

*By "clean record" he means that they have broken our immigration laws, broken our labor laws, used forged documents, committed ID theft, perjury, tax evasion but that's it. Of course, the bleeding hearts in congress will insist that certain other crimes be forgiven because otherwise it just "won't be fair."

So we've got millions of illegal aliens who are currently here that will be allowed to stay and then millions of guest workers that will also be allowed to enter. Gee Mr. President, forgive me if I'm not excited.

A rose by any other name...

I stole a car today. Yeah, I did. It's ok though cause lot's of people do it. You can't possibly catch us all at the same time. (You're too stupid to realize that catching us one at a time would work)

Anyways, I've gotten kind of uppity since me and my friends are all able to steal cars all day long and now we want to be the official owners of the vehicles.

Luckily we have a good friend in Jorge Bush. He tricks the mindless idiots of America into thinking that he's not giving us the cars by saying that the car title won't be transferred into our names until we actually pay for the car... but until then we are free to drive it and use it to our pleasure. We get the benefits without the hassle of signing papers!!

Preview the presidents speech

I have obtained an unofficial preview of tonight's presidential speech on amnesty... err, immigration enforcement.

It is as follows:

Looking good to those uninformed plebes, the chamber of commerce, the Wall Street Journal and illegal aliens everywhere. The rest of us want some bacon.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

But what can I do?

Looking for a way to help influence the upcoming vote on amnesty?

Look no further than NumbersUSA. They will be providing up to the minute updates along with activist links to send free faxes, make phone calles or send emails.


Higher eductation in Oregon

Does the current state of the world piss you off?

Are you tired of being pushed around by the government?

Do the recent "Green Scare" tactics targeting radical environmentalists and eco-anarchists got you ducking for cover?

Is your tin-foil hat still on or did you leave it at 7-11 during your last marijuana induced midnight raid for munchies? (OK, I made that one up)

Then Don't Miss:
Ward Churchill in Eugene, Oregon
7:30pm - Thursday May 18th
at the E.M.U Ballroom
(On the University of Oregon Campus)

Ahhh, good old intellectuals. "does the state of the world piss you off" is clearly a question designed to invoke serious dialogue and though provoking responses.

I'm actually a little suprised at how many times Churchill has spoken at one of our taxpayer funded colleges.

See this google search.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Leave a message after the beep

Senator Smith, are you with them:

Or with us:

(Both Portland pictures)

The Senate is getting ready to sell us out. It seems that a "compromise" bill will be accepted that will ruin this country.

The lawbreakers who came here illegaly will be rewarded, future lawbreakers will come here illegaly and claim that they have been here for years. There is no possible mechanism for verification or enforcement.

Millions of illegal aliens family members will become eligible to be brought to this country.

It's time to tell our junior senator that if he votes for amnesty, if he votes for guest workers, if he votes to allow illegal aliens to stay in this country under any name, we Republicans will not vote for him again.

We will stand by idly and watch his Democrat opponent win in 2008. This is Oregon, he has an "R" next to his name, he needs every vote he can get and and he won't be getting mine if he sells our country out.

Weekends are a perfect time to call because you can leave a message. Monday morning his staffers will come into the office to hundreds of messages saying "Senator Smith, are you will the illegal aliens, or are you with your constituents? If you vote for amnesty we will not vote for you!"

Portland - 503.326.3386

Pendleton - 541.278.1129

Eugene - 541.465.6750

Medford - 541.608.9102

Bend - 541.318.1298

Washington DC - 202.224.3753

Leave him a message!

Friday, May 12, 2006

She's home!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers. We brought my daughter home today. She had the lesser of the two infections, strep, and she is able to take anti-biotics at home now. (The fruit flavored ones)

She's a tough little girl.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stress relieving rant

Posts have been thin because my daughter is in the hospital with either a strep or staff infection in her leg. My wife and I are taking turns being there and I'm driving back and forth to Emanual a lot. She could use your prayers.

Have a sick child is tough and I'm going to use this forum to vent about a few things.

First, my kids don't watch tv. Maybe once a month. But having a bunch of tubes in you and being stuck in a hospital bed my daughter is watching what passes for cartoons these days.

It is disturbing. This morning I watched two shows: "Dora the Explorer" and "go Diego go." Both of these shows seem to be marketed to the children of illegal aliens whose parents use the tv as a baby sitting device.

Diego is the male version of Dora and let me describe this episode. He was taking a llama (who only spoke Spanish) to a library to deliver books to kids (who only spoke Spanish). Along the way he counted things (in Spanish) and sang songs (in Spanish).

Now my daughter (who the folks at the Oregonian would call "bi-racial" and would refer to the neighbor girl she plays with as "whiter") doesn't speak Spanish. She counts in English, sings in English and checks books out from the library in English.

I anxiously await the day when illegal aliens start self-deporting because they can't get jobs, social services, a bank account, a drivers license, a library card, etc and kids can watch cartoons in English again.

As for the drive back and forth to Portland... I'd like to kick an "urban planner" in the balls right about now.

And hospitals... I hate them. Germ filled places of death as far as I'm concerened but my daughter is getting some great care and while this is going to cost me some money, (my insurance requires me to pay a portion) I'm glad that we aren't under Hillary-care where we would probably be on some waiting list.

Oh yeah, as I was driving back home just a bit ago I caught Lars' round table with the candidates for governor... two of them. Now I voted for Atkinson because I feel that he has the strongest verifiable conservative record, but staying away from Lars' show is... I can't even think of the appropriate word.

El razondor, Mike Mayhem and company come to this forum even though the majority of people here disagree with them. Folks like Kaelri usually try to make actual arguments and back up their positions. (I'm not giving any credit to the name-callers) Do these guys have more guts than Atkinson to take a position, take it to an "unfriendly" forum and defend it?

If Atkinson wants to take a bad position then he should be willing to stand up and tell us some good reasons why. If he wants to be governor then he should be willing to take his message on all the issues to any forum that is provided. I'm disapointed that he chose to stay away.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Throw the bums out

Tancredo Rips Government’s Spying of Minutemen
Congressmen Tom Tancredo (R-CO) decried a recently-disclosed U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) practice of tipping off the Mexican military to the location of Minutemen volunteers. According to a story in this morning’s Inland Daily Bulletin, CBP notifies the Mexican government of when and where the Minutemen are planning to monitor the border and if violence is used by the Minutemen against illegal aliens. There has not been one verified instance of Minutemen volunteers using violence against illegal aliens.

“The Minutemen haven’t been accused of breaking the law. Quite the contrary—they have gone out of their way to aid law enforcement and ensure the safety of our border. The U.S. government has no grounds upon which to stifle the Minutemen’s constitutional right to organize,” Tancredo concluded. “I want to know the legal basis for CBP informing a foreign government of the activities of private citizens who are obeying the law.”

Our elitist ruling class is actively working against American citizens. These worthless politicians serve at our pleasure, if we do not feel properly represented then we have the ability to throw them out.

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Prudence indeed, will dictate, that Governments long established, should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

The human cost

All inmates in DOC custody that have an ICE hold
(large file - .rtf format)

I have received an updated ICE detainer list for all inmates in DOC custody. (from my usual source) This list is current as of May 8, 2006. It includes "country of birth" for the inmates. We now have a total of 909 illegal alien inmates sitting in our prisons at taxpayer expense.

This costs us $22,405,441.05 every year.

($67.53 X 365)909 = $22,405,441.05
Cost source

And this doesn't include the hundreds, if not thousands, of inmates in our county jails.

Now regardless of the dollar cost, look at the crimes on that list. Look at the human cost. Oregon taxpayers pay for the housing of these criminals who shouldn't even be in this country but the children and our communities pay as victims.

How can Bush look himself in the mirror knowing that children are being raped by his "good-hearted folks" who "just come here to work hard"?

And yes, Americans are rapists too. But we need to prevent every single crime we can and if the causation is clear: if these people were not in our communities then they couldn't commit crimes in our communities!

The black helicopters swooped down...

Because of the importance of gas prices to Oregonians in all walks of life, this office invites information that might suggest the presence of an unlawful conspiracy in restraint of the sale of gasoline.

On the state level, Attorney General Myers invites your assistance in collecting data that might help distinguish between the lawful operation of the marketplace for gasoline and unlawful conspiracy in restraint of trade. Although a rapid and dramatic run-up in the price of gas charged by all of the retailers in a community would not in itself establish that any unlawful conduct had occurred, it could serve as a flag for further inquiry.

If you observe a rapid and seemingly uniform increase in the price of gas in your community, and you have some reason to believe that it results from something other than competition between independent merchants, please use the Gas Price Reporter link. (their emphasis)

The Gas Price Conspiracy Reporter

Please briefly explain why you believe the price you observed was the result of an unlawful conspiracy to fix gas prices.

But wait, before you report the possible "gas price conspiracy" make sure that your tin-foil hat is securely on your head. Government websites read your thoughts so they know how to better control you for their experiments.

And what about other things that us citizens use on a daily basis? Like roads for example. Is he going to establish a website where we can report conspiracies to get us out of our cars?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Maybe he should go bowling

Question: Do you approve or disapprove of the job that governor Ted Kulongoski is doing?

Approve - 33%

Disapprove - 57%

See the poll

Looks like the opportunities are good for a Republican this election cycle. And when Oregonians see that when a Republican is in charge we don't have to be overrun by illegal aliens (and the meth, rape and ID theft that comes with them) along with the benefits of less government and more freedom we may stay red for a good long time.

A few more hours

Was anyone else driven absolutely crazy by the ending of tonight's episode of 24? And who the hell thought that it would be ok to leave the recording with one person all by herself?!?!?!


Tax dollars at work

UO outlines diversity costs, feedback continues
The University is spending about $4.1 million this year on diversity-related efforts, according to e-mails recently released by administrators in response to swelling concerns from the campus community about the current budget for diversity.

The e-mails show allocations of $430,000 for the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity and $856,000 combined for the Office of Multicultural Academic Supports, the Many Nations Longhouse and the Center on Diversity and Community.

Peversity, I mean diversity, is very important at U of O. I mean, without diversity how would you be able to justify a sexuality group for children as young as 13 that is facilitated by an adult?

Obviously we need adults with an agenda to convince, I mean counsel, children on their sexual orientation and desires.

Let this serve as a lesson the next time that Kulongoski opens his mouth about college being unaffordable. They could make it $4.1 million cheaper today if they wanted too.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Smoke pot, steal music, wear all black

My buddy Greg from Oregon Billoard reports on today's immigration protest held downtown. Of course, the Indymedia nuts (they hate gay people, if I keep saying it then it must be true), decided to send some of their readers down to counter protest... with predictable results.

Read Oregon Billboard.

The Portland boys have a mantra: pot is medicine, stealing music is "sharing" and if you wear all black all the time then you will be cool like us.

They all start to look the same

Whether you are talking about a march to give amnesty to illegal aliens or a march to legalize marijuana, they all have the same type of signs:

No human being is illegal

We are patients not criminals

The funny thing is, those signs could apply to anything. A child molestor could claim that "no human being is illegal" and a meth user could claim to be a "patient not a criminal."

Sorry guys, we have laws and you are expected to follow them.

From yesterday's "Million Marijuana March" in Portland:

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Because you can't stop burglars with hugs

Dear Fellow Gun Rights Supporter,

As you know, we have very high standards for people who are asking to be hired for public office. OFF PAC rarely endorses candidates but always holds them accountable.

We are getting close to the final days to vote in the primary election. If you are a registered Republican, we strongly urge you cast your vote for Senator Jason Atkinson for Governor.

Of the Republican candidates, only Atkinson has a solid record on gun rights. Of the three major Republican candidates, only Atkinson went on the record and returned the OFF PAC candidate survey. (Oddly, Ron Saxton completed a six page NRA survey, but refused to answer a six question OFF survey.)

Oregon Firearms Federation: Oregon's only no compromise gun lobby

No habla Republican

Ballots in Spanish set off debate
It's difficult to miss the fact that the Hispanic population has grown dramatically in Marion and surrounding counties.

Based on the 2000 Census, Hispanics make up 17.1 percent of Marion County's population. In Polk County, that figure is 8.8 percent. By contrast, Hispanics are 4.4 percent of the population in Linn County.

Yet officials there have made history by becoming the first county in Oregon to make Spanish-language ballots available to its Hispanic community.

What does Hispanic have to do with anything? My wife is Hispanic and her ballot didn't need to be in English. Oh I get it, by saying "Hispanic" the paper doesn't have to say "illegal aliens who don't care to learn English."

Funny thing, requirement number two (or dos) to register to vote says this:

You are a United States citizen.

And a requirement to become a US citizen says this:

You will need to take a test which demonstrates that you can speak and write in English.

This items is actually listed under the "disadvantages of becoming a US citizen" heading:
you must pass basic English and U.S. government/history tests, which require study and preparation

So if we put those two requirements together, be a citizen to vote/speak English to be a citizen, then whey do we need this:


Friday, May 05, 2006

What health care problem?

Here is the shocking statement of the year:

For the last few years, the Health Department has struggled to provide services to a growing population of undocumented, uninsured mothers in need of prenatal care.

In 2003, we served well over 300 clients, 90% of whom had no insurance.

In 2004, the number of clients seen at the Health Department from the Community Prenatal Project swelled to approximately 360 women, a 20% increase from the prior year. In terms of the entire project, there have been some 490 clients seen and referred for services within the network.

And that number is for a single county, not the whole state. The real troubling part is that this document does not see a root problem in this trend but rather they are energetic about providing more services at taxpayer expense to these illegal aliens.

Will SNL do a skit of him OD'ing?

Rep. Kennedy to Enter Rehab for Prescription Drug Addiction
Rep. Patrick Kennedy is on his way to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., to seek continued help for his addiction to prescription drugs after he crashed his car into a concrete barrier on Capitol Hill.

Does he at least get points for keeping the car out of the water and not killing anyone?

Uh, dude, wanna go to the march? Nah, pass the doritos

Get Ready for the Global Million Marijuana March
1 day left until we march through Portland to celebrate our community and call for an end to the arrest and persecution of adult cannabis consumers.

March with (Ma)*, the All-Cannabis Dragon! Measuring over 40 feet with a four-foot head, MA will lead the march, showing her cannabis-stalk head and hemp-cloth body as proof of the many positive uses of marijuana.*

*Shockingly, these positive uses aren't listed.

we call on the governments of the world to end the insane prohibition of nature's most useful plant: cannabis / hemp / marijuana.

More useful than trees...?

The marijuana dragon.

I originally went to the pot head site to see what kind of stuff they were saying about yesterday's supreme court decision but the "million marijuana march" is even funnier!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Vote or Die

Sean "Puffy" Combs, gangster rapper and youth role model, says that we should "vote or die."

I just say you should vote because you are an American.

How is Daniel voting? The following are the bubbles I filled in on my ballot. All my votes are informed votes, I have done research on every candidate for every position. In some cases I spoke directly to candidates and some I relied on interest group ratings and voting records.

Feel free to leave your own endorsements in the comments, even you Democrats. Also feel free to ask me why I voted the way I did, I can think of one or two that people might question. If you know me then shoot me an email or a phone call.

(Only listing contested races)

Governor: Jason Atkinson
Verifiable conservative record.

State Senator: Charles Starr
Responded directly to constituent concerns. I have personal assurances that he is on our side of the illegal alien issue and will work hard to pass good laws.

Superintendent of public instruction: Deborah Andrews
This statement from her website sums it up: Those in the field that think we need special categories for learning based on color or income need to step aside. Actually believes in teaching.

Judge of the Supreme Court: Jack Roberts
Supported by Oregon Right to Life, CVU, Taxpayer Association

Judge of the Circuit Court: Charlie Bailey
Has an -R next to his name. Supported by CVU.

Judge of the Circuit Court: Leon Colas
Long history of law enforcement, Christian

County Commisioner at large: Dennis G. Holtz
Gave all conservative answers to Oregon Family Council candidate survey

Metro Auditor: We're screwed either way

34-118 Increase lodging tax: NO
Yeah, let's encourage tourism by charging more. Smart.

34-116 Annex: NO

There you have it. I also have an honorable mention that I don't get the priviledge of voting for on my ballot: Tom Cox for Metro. If you are in that district mark the bubble for him.

For those of you in different areas feel free to let us know how you are voting. Make sure you put a reason why and a link is always helpful.

Fishwrap editorial boards demand recount

New Poll: Americans Prefer House Approach on Immigration
A new Zogby poll of likely voters, using neutral language (see wording on following pages), finds that Americans prefer the House of Representatives’ enforcement-only bill by 2-1 over Senate proposals to legalize illegal immigrants and greatly increase legal immigration. The poll was conducted for the Center for Immigration Studies.

When offered by itself, there is strong support for the House bill: 69 percent said it was a good or very good idea when told it tries to make illegals go home by fortifying the border, forcing employer verification, and encouraging greater cooperation with local law enforcement while not increasing legal immigration; 27 percent said it was a bad or very bad idea.

Support for the House approach was widespread, with 81 percent of Republicans, 72 percent of independents, 57 percent of Democrats, and 53 percent of Hispanics saying it was good or very good idea.

However, among Spanish speaking rapists who are currently in the country illegaly and have possession of more than an ounce of meth the support for the House bill dropped dramatically.

Another video

Video: Zarqawi Can't Shoot

Too funny. I guess that operating a weapon designed for actual compat, as opposed to something that is left behind to kill civilians, is a little much for our little jihadist.

Greatest idea ever

See Lou Dobbs video of the greatest idea ever: Watch

The religion of death

Are you a spiritual person looking for links between progressive action and your religion? NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon is developing a Believe in Justice program to explore these issues and broaden our educational reach. If you'd like to help, we'd love your perspective, connections and enthusiasm!

The baby-killing mill is desperately seeking religious folks to take their side. I know, these are the same people who will do anything to keep someone who believes in God from ever being a judge. No irony.

The direct connection

Fewer undocumented patients, funds good news for Copper Queen hospital
Three or four years ago, Jim Dickson, CEO of Bisbee’s Copper Queen Community Hospital, was not feeling very upbeat.

He had had to cut back on employees and hours, shutter his skilled nursing facility and close the hospital’s maternity ward. The reductions, he says, were largely due to a massive influx of patients from Mexico — illegal immigrants or residents of nearby Naco, Sonora — who could not pay for services.

This story goes on to talk about how much they used to write off in unpaid services but with much fewer border crossings in the area thanks to The Minutemen and the Border Patrol the hospital has seen a dramatic cutback in the number of illegal alien patients.

Our health care services have been absolutely ravaged by illegal aliens who have no intention of ever paying for their services. We pay in higher health insurance premiums and higher costs at the doctors.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The sissification of America

You worthless piece of garbage. Enjoy Hell.

Moussaoui Evades Death, Receives Life in Prison
"America, you lost. I won," Moussaoui said, clapping his hands as he was led out of the courtroom after the verdict was read.

So this is what everyone is talking about. I don't usually like to post on the stuff that everyone else is talking about but I figured that maybe I could make it unique. (Like my pig covered Moussaui)

First of all, I blame our K-12 public schools for this. What? That's right. The no dodgeball, no tag, yes to talking about feelings institution that attempts to systematically turn our boys into sissies.

Then these sissified boys grow up thinking that terrorists have feelings and bad childhoods and deserves some leniancy because maybe someone threw a dodgeball at them too hard in the third grade.

Well let me tell you society, you will never sissify my boys! That's right. When my dog, Lady, gets to old and sick to go on she's not going to the vet, one of my boys is gonna have to shoot her!

And let me tell you, my wife and I take the neighborhood kids up to the school playground behind our house and I play rough with these boys, we fight, not wrestle, fight. We hit and kick. These boys will not be sissies.

And they cut off fish heads. (disturbingly, one of them enjoys poking at the fish eyes...)

And when they are old enough they are going to shoot Bambi!

Now you liberals are thinking, gosh Daniel, you are one sick puppy but I'm not, YOU ARE THE SICK PUPPIES!! Allowing terrorists to mock us! Allowing them to continue with their vile propaganda at taxpayer expense.

Don't you realize that this pig will file a grievence every time a guard looks at him wrong? ACLU lawyers will be tripping over themselves to sue on his behalf. He will be able to issue anti-American statements that the press will breathlessly print in their entirety.

The prison will probably be forced to put the cable televisions to the channel Al-Jazzeera to accomodate this pig. He will demand a Muslim diet.

What a perversion of justice.

Not a "fair" wage

There is one group of people that is possibly overpaid in this state: workers who make minimum wage.

I wish that people would work for what their labor is worth. For some that's $5.00/hour and for some that's $50.00/hour. But if your labor is worth five dollars and you are getting $7.50/hour then you are overpaid.

But government (and Oregon voters) have decided that your employer should have to pay you more than you are worth.

Now I know that some of you will insist that if we eliminated the minimum wage that "all workers will be paid ten cents an hour" but that argument doesn't hold up. I make more than minimum wage and no one had to tell my employer to pay me that, I earned it. If the minimum wage was repealed tomorrow would it affect your wages? Would you start making ten cents an hour?

Which brings us to the second group of people who could possibly be overpaid: Union workers. While they have negotiated a wage they do tie it to the minimum wage. If we have established that the minimum wage is not a market driven salary then union workers are overpaid as well.

What's my point? Nothing. Just an early morning rant.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Do it again

A couple more pics from the Portland criminal alien march:

Can you geniuses cite the specific law you are referring to? Also, I'm pretty sure that most of the people alive in 1492 are dead now. Or is anyone with white skin here illegaly?

Huh? I think that I understand the "class" part (socialism) but who is the enemy? What is the union?

Shockingly the Oregonian didn't go with any of these pictures for their unbiased news coverage. It was all American flags and smiles...

Keep marching boys, you are doing us a favor!

Drug dealers: No more drug busts

A few pics from yesterday:

Oh ok, we'll stop enforcing the law because you say so...

And there it is. I'm sure that appeals to most Americans...

March again today

Republican leader predicts immigration backlash
Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo, leader of House Republicans opposed to a guest-worker program supported by President George W. Bush, said the May 1 walkout by hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and supporters was destined to backfire.

"I couldn't be happier (with the protests) because every single time this kind of thing happens, the polls show that more and more Americans turn against the protesters and whatever it is they are trying to advance," Tancredo told Reuters in an interview.

"I think 50,000 people protested in Denver, Colorado (on Monday)," he said. "Remember, when the Broncos won the SuperBowl in 1998 there were 600,000 people in the streets."

Ha, that's funny. When I talk to people who have been dealing with this issue for quite a while I get a unanimous opinion: these protests/media attention are good for our side.

It's like a neighborhood that puts up with thugs walking in the streets for a while until they commit a high profile crime and then the reaction is a huge crackdown. Americans are ready to crack down.

NOTE: I went to Wal-Mart in Woodburn yesterday and talked to the store manager who said that he had a full staff and there was no large group of people who skipped work. He said that several people called in sick but no more than usual for the number of employees he had.

Monday, May 01, 2006

TV coverage

TV coverage of today's march for criminals was interesting.

"We pay taxes" is something that I heard. How do you pay taxes? You need a Social Security number to pay taxes. So you commit ID theft and fraud but want a pat on the back for paying a tiny amount of taxes on your "low paying job that Americans won't do?"

And since illegal aliens aren't going to file a tax return they claim the maximum number of dependents so that no income tax is withheld during the year.

"They have families" is something else I heard. So do drug dealers, rapists and murderers. (It's like I'm still talking about illegal aliens huh?) It doesn't matter if they have families. Actually, I take that back, it does. It shows complete negligence and a disrespect for their family that they would have children when they could be arrested and deported at any time, when they are not legally allowed to provide for their family in this country and when they are teaching their children that it is ok to break the law.

I saw a lot of Mexican flags, heard some other people whose attitude was that "they broke the law but so what" and was generally pleased with the event. Americans who watched the local news broadcasts continue to see that this isn't about "immigrants" or "civil rights" it's about criminals who want the law changed to benefit them.

Tales from the other side

That's it folks, we are clearly outmatched. The intellectual prowess of the illegal alien marchers are far superior to ours. Case in point:

From "Speedballing" (the act of injecting a mixture of cocain and heroin) blog:

“The anti-war movement’s got nothing on this man. They had like a million f**king people marching in L.A.”

I’m sitting in the south park blocks next to two bombed out aging street hippies.

“F**k man, this could be the start of the real revolution,” the one on the bicycle replies.

About four hours earlier I had been walking vigorously through downtown looking for the march. I knew it was supposed to start at noon in the south park blocks, but I didn’t know the route, and I was already twenty minutes late – and a bit drunk.

This isn’t my march. This isn’t my cause. I’m an anglo. A gringo. More important than my ethnicity, I am a citizen.

I am here to show support. Solidarity. I will respectfully bring up the rear, while those who have earned the honor to do so, take the lead.

Wow. Is it even possible to understand a person who glorifies intravenous drug use and shows up to illegal alien rallies half drunk and filled with liberal white guilt? This is the "masses" that make up these rallies.

I'm not sure how you "earn the honor" to take the lead in a parade where criminals are demanding that laws be change for them (no officer, I wasn't speeding, the posted limit is way to slow...) but I'm guessing that it's not a pretty ritual.

So what?

So what? Today's pathetic display of... what were they displaying again? Oh yeah, that Unions are good at organizing people.

Sample conversation:

Union Organizer: Hold this American flag.

Clueless protestor: No senor, I am Mexican.

Union Organizer: No, no, today you have to pretend to want to be an American.

But really, the numbers are on our side. I have always said that any publicity that this issue gets is good publicity, the media can't spin it to work in favor of amnesy, of encouraging us all to have to learn Spanish, of workers being displaced and of our nation being disrespected.

Continue to march my illegal brethren, continue to make demands, continue to align yourself with communist groups. Americans know who you are and Americans don't like you.

The media can say this is about "immigrant rights" but they just taint the good people that are legal immigrants. They can say this is about Hispanics but they just taint the good people who are Hispanic. This is about illegal aliens, people who decided that they wanted something but didn't want to work for it.

So what if you march? If you think you have the numbers why don't you try to get something on the ballot? You think you could pass a ballot measure to give illegal aliens a "drivers privilege" card when they can't get a real drivers license next year? Don't make me laugh.

Enjoy your two minutes of fame guys, you will have some good stories to tell your family when you are back in Mexico!

Ooooh, we're so scared of Mexico

Mexican Unions Take to Streets in 'A Day Without Gringos'
Hundreds of Mexican union members took to the streets of central Mexico City early Monday to support Mexican migrants living and working in the United States and to boycott U.S. goods in what was dubbed a "A Day Without Gringos."

At least a half-dozen state governors in Mexico endorsed the boycott of McDonald's, Wal-Mart and hundreds of other U.S. companies here — an action timed to coincide with a call for immigrants to boycott work, school and shopping in the United States.

Fine, the only reason that people in Mexico have any buying power whatsoever is because of the remittance you get from America. If I was a Mexican citizen I would be ashamed of my pathetic country.