Sunday, May 21, 2006

Who was meeting? The KKK?

Meeting Minutes: April 13, 2005
Today, there are two topics: first we will focus on the Hispanic population, included issues specific to undocumented persons and farm workers in Oregon.

The Farm Worker Housing Development Corp. (FHDC) was incorporated in 1990. Farm
worker housing was first developed in 1992. FHDC provides 50 units for farm workers and
their families. In 1999 another 40 units were developed and another 12 are planned. FHDC
also provides health and safety services, child-care, youth services, education
development, computer access, driver’s education and recreation programs through a
community center opened in 2004 in Woodburn. Classes are open to the Hispanic public.

These are the minutes of the Oregon HIV Housing Task Force, a government entity. Apparently their main concerns are getting housing for illegal aliens and classes that are only open to one race.

No word on whether or not Kulongoski would stand in the doorway to prevent any white kids from entering the "Hispanics only" classroom.


Rick Hickey said...

That nice looking brand new complex in Salem just off Cordon rd and Lancaster is the latest Housing for "migrant" Farmworkers.

Rep. Jeff Kropf talked about this at the OFIR meeting yesterday.

City of Salem tossed in over $300,000.00 of OUR money on this DISCRIMNATORY Housing.

Eduardo Angulo of the Salem Keizer coalition for La RAza who is NOT A farmworker, lives there with his Wife & kids.

Go figure - He is at every School Board mtg. with his blue shirted friends begging for more Bi-Lingual money AND He is a citizen of Puerto Rico and He lives in Housing YOU pay for. AND Salem just asked for money for busses because they just don't have anymore money. hmmmm.

I am considering a big protest at this place, I bet if many more knew about this, like the Carousels, people would get mad and demand these facilities be used by the Elderly or terminally ill instead of young healthy people that have a JOB.

There are now over 1100 units in the Valley and more being built, AT YOUR EXPENSE, in Independence.
We already ARE paying $3 for a head of lettuce.

Rep. Kropf, a Farmer, said they are working on machines to do the work. If the farmers can't hire Illegal subsidised labor they will make machines that work, even quicker.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea we were spending taxpayers money on this garbage. I'm new to the State of Oregon, and have never seen or heard of such a thing in any other state I've ever lived in.

If you decide to protest these facilities I'll be there. Keep up the good work Rick.

Daniel said...

I've heard that there are some nice brand new trucks at these taxpayer subsidized complexes.

I will gladly join you in protest at one of these places.

Bruce said...

If you're going to do a protest at the apartment complex,Rick, PLEASE..PLEASE make it on a Sunday, so i can go. I would LOVE to protest outside his building in front of his neighbors. If you do it COUNT ME IN !!!!!!

Denise said...

Rick Hickey wrote..."City of Salem tossed in over $300,000.00 of OUR money on this DISCRIMNATORY Housing."

Mr. Hickey - would you please site your source for this information. I would like to know who on the council approved this expenditure.


Anonymous said...

They have a Head Start program in Clackamas County for children of "Migrants". Not only that but they serve "culturally appropriate" meals or some horsecrap like that.

And I know that they built a nice housing complex out here in Sandy for farmworker/Migrant housing. It is nice than the place that I live in, and they are only paying a small portion of their take home pay for the privelege of living there. Gotta be able to send the couple hundred back to Mexico each month. See Below:

Sandy Vista 1 Apartments
40747 SE Highway 26 Sandy, OR 97055
Have 29 unit,1,2,and 3 bedrooms available. Rent based on 30% of income.these units are for migrant farmworkers and their families. Occupancy is limited to 10 months out of the year.

One member of the household must be a legal farmworker and household income must include at least $3,525 from farm labor.