Thursday, May 25, 2006

Conspiracy Theory Thursday Part II

I knew that I could count on the folks from Indymedia. Self-important and pathological liars tell the best stories:

I've had FBI agents knocking on the doors of friends of mine, and even dragging some of them away in the night. I've had them haunting my own nightmares. Probably, since I am a media activist, I've even had them listening to my telephone conversations and reading my mail. So I am well aware that we are not in Kansas anymore, as the saying goes. Still, somehow it shocks me to learn that they have been so blatantly skulking around in, of all places, City Hall.

What could they be doing there? Seeking what kind of dirt? Is it retribution? Is it because Mayor Potter stood with the people of this city on the issue of the PJTTF, symbolically (if not effectively) kicking their asses out of town? Maybe it's that the city council refused to bow to Portland's business community on the issue of Schumacher furs. Animal rights activists are, after all, topping the FBI's questionable list of "terrorists" these days. Perhaps agents felt that the council was "giving aid and comfort" to those whom they have (irrationally) deemed terrorists.

I'm sure that the author here, "catwoman", is very reliable when she tells tales of friends being "dragged away in the night" by the FBI. Either that or her friends went to 7-11 for some late night munchies.

It's funny but it isn't that Portland's mayor has the same mindset as these kooks.


Polish Immigrant said...

They defended Maher "Mike" Hawash before he pleaded guilty to conspiring to provide services to the Taliban.

Anonymous said...

They also share hats designed by Alcoa!

Chris McMullen said...

I'm sure IndyMedia is all over supporting this fraud as well:

Doesn't matter if it's a lie, they'll post it anyway.

Anonymous said...

What a nutbag.

Bob said...

"Self-important and pathological liars tell the best stories"

The story improves even more when they're poorly informed. (OH wait, they always are!)

I invented the mullet said...

[Dark malevolent laughter]

"Private Eyes, they're watching you..."

"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you..."

"Every step you take, every move you make..."

I invented the mullet said...

Oh, if I had only waited another 18 minutes!

fschukar said...

I was thinking tinfoil hat too. Hmmm, now that the evil aluminum manufacturers have been chased from the gorge, I hope that's not being outsourced too. Could be a wait.