Sunday, May 07, 2006

Smoke pot, steal music, wear all black

My buddy Greg from Oregon Billoard reports on today's immigration protest held downtown. Of course, the Indymedia nuts (they hate gay people, if I keep saying it then it must be true), decided to send some of their readers down to counter protest... with predictable results.

Read Oregon Billboard.

The Portland boys have a mantra: pot is medicine, stealing music is "sharing" and if you wear all black all the time then you will be cool like us.


roger doger said...

At least you wrote it the way you feel Daniel.... "immigration protest". That is what you nativists despise isn't it? Immigrants.

Anyways, the whole 7 anti-immigrant protestors were rivaled by a larger group of anarchists. Go figure. Even when you guys advertise your immigrant smearing/scapegoating party , people who aren't really related to the rival cause can out number you. Sad really.

Ludwig says OFIR has doubled to 800, but they can't get 10 to turn out for a hatefest. I don't get it. Maybe OFIR needs new leadership. With a saps like Tricky Hicky and "Sleepy" Ludwig at the helm, at this point the "membership" would be better off trading this lackadaisical duo in for a pet monkey.


Daniel said...

You sure have a way with words Roger.

Erik said...

What is sad is to see someone so sympathetic to hoodlums, criminals and degenerates. Oh wait, that's just typical leftist position, sorry.

Anonymous said...

I would drather someone be sympathetic to immigrants wanting a better life than a bunch of redneck haters that want to take take their lives away.

Erik said...

Well, I didn't mention immigrants. I specifically claimed that leftists are sympathetic to hoodlums, criminals and degenerates. Unless.. you're implying that YOU think immigrants are one of the above? Anyway, you get the point, and yes.. I do hate criminals. They are a burden and should be outlawed. LOL.

MAX Redline said...

Dodgy Rogie:

Let me guess, you stare at frozen orange juice cans because they say "Concentrate", right?

I invented the mullet said...

Anon 1156 said :

"I would drather someone be sympathetic to immigrants wanting a better life than a bunch of redneck haters that want to take take their lives away."

Anon, Americans ARE sympathetic to immigrants. Why do so many insist on overlooking that distinction? Of course by being willfuly blind to that distinction they have the opportunity to call people "redneck haters" [is that the new euphanism for 'racist'?].
And really - who wants to "take their lives away"? Sheesh!

BEAR said...

Hey, Max Redline, you're a poet! The dodgy-one deserves no less. LOL

Sue K. said...

By the way, the Portland anarchists have nothing better to do than hang around and wait for something (anything) to counter-protest and cause trouble. They are just a bunch of hoodlums. doger roger, who really cares how many people protest? The millions of your "immigrant brothers and sisters" (illegal aliens) did not achieve what they set out to accomplish when they protested. Actually, just the opposite happened and more Americans saw just how badly we've been invaded. The 7 (and I question your numbers) who were downtown Saturday probably achieved more than your millions. Yeah, I guess it is sad that it has come to the point that law-abiding American citizens have to put themselves in harms way (your friends and "family") to try and save the United States from going further down the toilet. I don't see the anti-illegal folks getting violent.