Saturday, May 13, 2006

Leave a message after the beep

Senator Smith, are you with them:

Or with us:

(Both Portland pictures)

The Senate is getting ready to sell us out. It seems that a "compromise" bill will be accepted that will ruin this country.

The lawbreakers who came here illegaly will be rewarded, future lawbreakers will come here illegaly and claim that they have been here for years. There is no possible mechanism for verification or enforcement.

Millions of illegal aliens family members will become eligible to be brought to this country.

It's time to tell our junior senator that if he votes for amnesty, if he votes for guest workers, if he votes to allow illegal aliens to stay in this country under any name, we Republicans will not vote for him again.

We will stand by idly and watch his Democrat opponent win in 2008. This is Oregon, he has an "R" next to his name, he needs every vote he can get and and he won't be getting mine if he sells our country out.

Weekends are a perfect time to call because you can leave a message. Monday morning his staffers will come into the office to hundreds of messages saying "Senator Smith, are you will the illegal aliens, or are you with your constituents? If you vote for amnesty we will not vote for you!"

Portland - 503.326.3386

Pendleton - 541.278.1129

Eugene - 541.465.6750

Medford - 541.608.9102

Bend - 541.318.1298

Washington DC - 202.224.3753

Leave him a message!


Erik said...

So.. was there a carousel of crime in Bend today?

Allen said...

My message was, that having been a volunteer in his first campaign for the Senate he can count on my working equally as hard or harder to reverse the effort if he supports any kind of Amnesty.

Guest worker perhaps, but no bringing in the entire family back two generations and no automatic path to citizenship for anybody.

Michael T. said...

Senator Smith,
is simpatico for illegal aliens, don't let him tell you otherwise. I called his Eugene office to vent on the Borper Patrol brass, providing information about the Minutemen, and ask if Sen. Smith would meet with the Oregon Minutemen? His aide flatly said that would never happen. I reminded her that he is running for re-election, and she rudely said no he isn't. She was informed I knew he was already contacting people for campaign contibutions for 08. This guy is a Rino and needs to be replaced. Sen. Wyden and Rep. Defazio's staff were much more courteous!

Robin said...

I'm not a bit surprised that they are voting in favor for the "guest worker" amnesty bill.

It is not about God and country... it's all about money & greed.

Anonymous said...

Done. I called his DC office and left him a message. I emphasized my belief that we need to secure the border FIRST before we even think about what we are going to do with the illegals here. I then said that if we have to deal with that second issue at the same time, I do not support blanket amnesty for illegals. I also suggested that if, in fact, Bush announces a plan to send the Guard to the border on Monday, that he support that, or any other efforts to fully secure the border first.

I invented the mullet said...

I am concerned about Sen. Smiths stance on illegal aliens (calling a spade a spade here) but I am anxiously awaiting Pres. Bush's address Monday. I "have a bad feeling about this" in that he may ignore the wishes of the majority of Americans and push his (disguised) amnesty program forward.

I don't know how the American public will react, though I would bet that "the usual suspects" will be soiling themselves with glee.

I would so love to be wrong!

Mike Mayhem said...

This post through the eyes of Mike Mayhem:

< picture of hip youths taking part in the largest labor movement in recent years >

< picture of those "experienced" folks in the minority that are pushing a failing agenda >
or us?

blah.... blah... we're losing, we're not changing the world... blah .... blah... mindless rhetoric... blah blah blah.....

It's something like that.

Daniel said...

What is a "hip youth" Mike?

I think that most youth are pretty malleable, looking for a cause and frequently change their views on almost everything when they reach adulthood. (usually corresponding with milestones such as marriage, the birth of a child, realizing that they too have to pay taxes...)

I've always thought that the democrat party and their related causes would be embarrassed to say that the MTV crowd votes with them.

Anonymous said...

Today's liberal is tomorrow's conservative.

I am a middle of the road type of guy. I don't get too hung up on the politics around here, because to do so would drive one crazy. I make my decision and move on. But I can assure you lefties of one thing, I am the silent majority. When you get me motivated, you have truly done something to stir the pot. Running around with signs of Che, communist flags, and socialist org flyers, that is over the top outrageous when it comes to the border and "brown" people. It's so ridiculous, it just defies any sense of logic at all.

I'll continue to be in the silent majority. You won't see me protesting, but we are out there and we will defy you every step of the way. Yell and scream all you want about your political BS, we are still out here. When it is time to vote, we will stick it in your ass. Enjoy.

Oregon Infidel said...

Hey Mike,

What do you mean by "Hip Youths"? Hip to what? Breaking the laws and then bitching that we aren't accomidating them enough? Supporting those who break the laws? Waving flags of a dead communist rebel? Wearing cool clothes?

I would really like to see you in ten years Mike. You'll have an epiphany or two beetween now and then, and you'll be the "Experienced" one who looks back and says "what was I thinking?"

Every time I see a "Hip" youth with the big earlobe rings, a pierced nose, and tattoos on the neck, I just think that that person will constantly have to explain themselves to the "normal" crowd. Not to mention, if they decide to get a degree in something other than "Women's Studies" or "Atr History", they will never land that decent paying Corporate Job.

people do change the way they look at life, but a tattoo of a skull on your neck will always be there.

Anonymous said...

Got to love those Che Guevara flags... Are these people complete idiots? Che is a lame ass communist nobody, and they're celebrating him? Goes to show the level of mentality that this group has. I guess rebellion is what they want, and at the Gringo's expense.

I say "Bring it on Wetbacks!" If a fight is what you want than a fight is what you'll get.

axe01 said...


Faux just reported (Banderas) that vincente fox telephoned the White House and told President Bush not to use the National Guard to secure the border. Is there no end?

R Huse said...

Look – If you haven’t gotten it through your head that Mike is more of a nutty statement maker than a reasoned debater by now, you are on something. Anyone who would call people with a Che flag hip is a little out of the realm of reasonable. It sort of makes you wonder, how can any group hold up a flag of someone who believed in mass murder be taken as any serious voice? Why are we listening to them or even considering their “rights”? Why aren’t they thrown on the ash heap with the rest of the vile racist groups that have plagued our world? At this point my patience is sort of running out with treating these people with any kind of civility at all. It’s why Neo Nazis don’t get their opinion treated very seriously. "Nope, sorry, not very interested in mass murder, thanks for your input". I am beginning to think of these people in the same vein. Sure, the Nazis were bad, killed a lot of people, but let’s face it, Che is pretty much a lateral move from Hitler.

Mike Mayhem said...

Che = Trendy.
Dissent = Hip.

It's part of a teenagers genetic makeup to rebel. Also saying (insert anything posted here, excluding me because I'm the epitome of all things hip) is not hip. Feel free to talk for the youth of America although you're rather out of touch, that way you're consistent with the rest of the things you speak on.

Scottiebill said...

My wife was at the Vancouver Mall yesterday with two of our daughters and our twin granddaughters. She was in the food court reading a magazine waiting for the others to wind down their shopping when two Mexican women(I won't refer to them as ladies) got on either side of her and started ranting about their doing work wwe won't do, that we can't get along without them, etc., yada yada. They finally left her alone when she threatened to call the mall security.

My wife is 73 with aheart problem. She does not need nor does she deserve this kind of hassling. She doesn't know if they are illegal or no, but I would bet they are. These creeps need to be rounded up and taken back to their country. Along with all their compatriots. And it needs to be done NOW!! In spite of razonador and roger doger and all the other ultra-liberal wack-jobs out there.

Oregon Infidel said...


Teenagers don't naturally rebel. When I was a teenager, I joined the Military as did thousands of other teenagers that year. I gave back to the country rather than bitching about what I don't like about it.

If a teenager lived in my home, than bitched about the way I run my home?....That teenager (hip or otherwise) can take a walk.

Thank god the country isn't run by hipster knucklehead teenagers.

R Huse said...

And once again Mike demonstrates why he isn’t exactly on the A list when it comes to forming a cogent argument. If dissent is hip then it then follows that Nazis are hip. It would also pretty much follow that abortion clinic bombers are hip as well as racial supremacists of all stripes. The interesting thing would be to see how hip Mike would be when this group of hip racial supremacists was gutting his hipster self open. In that respect it is an interesting point

Dissent for some laudable goal? Possibly hip. Dissent for a racialist Aztlan society, with Che as some role model? Definitely not hip.

As for Che being trendy? Good luck on that one. Trendy is one thing Che most certainly is not. Che’s main contribution was he was photogenic. That’s why its been the same picture on the same T shirt and flags for 30 years. If Mike were a little older, or a little smarter, he would know that. Che has a popular picture, very true. But something that has been used in the same way for decades could hardly be called trendy. Oh well better luck next time Mikey

Mike Mayhem said...

ouch, burn on me!

Teenagers rebel in order to find worth, or a sense of belonging (i.e. joining the radical left wing or the Military).

R Huse, thanks for demonstrating that age doesn't make one acquainted with grammar. After I deciphered your rambling non-sense I decided to just refer you to the above stanza. Please see the above stanza.

Nazis are viewed as hip, see the neo-nazi sub-culture. Che is hip, see the socialist sub-culture. Blaming illegal immigrants is hip, see this blog. This is all because of ones need to belong, most people just hit and grow out of that stage in the teenage years. Please not that my use of the word 'hip' was rather facetious.

R Huse said...

Mike – dude, you’re loosing it. Put down the pipe man. You can do it, just walk away. If you cant do that, then please try and refrain from two things:

One - Don’t let my use of proper grammar and word usage threaten you. It’s simply the way I speak. Deal with it. If you don’t have the education or wits to use words properly and with some semblance of reasonable grammar, that’s not my problem.

Two – Don’t use words you don’t understand. The word you were looking for was “paragraph” not “stanza”. Stanza generally refers to a section within a poem or song. Incorrect word usage or poor grammar isn’t really a big deal generally. But when you criticize someone for grammar, it’s best to cite examples and not use completely incorrect words in an attempt to appear more educated than you are. In this case it has caused your argument to fall completely flat. It confirms little but that people who speak well threaten you. I would suggest not trying so hard the next time. Use simple words and don’t try to over reach. Better luck next time!

Anonymous said...

Che Guevara was a murderer. He presided over the executions of thousands of innocent people in Cuba and South America. If these people have a “Che” flag, do the also have a “Hitler” or “Stalin” flag?

Mike Mayhem said...

yawn, I used the word stanza because everything I say is poetic. Also note that R Huse made no mention of anything on topic, unlike myself who took a left handed jab then returned back to the subject at hand.

Pieces of fabric offend me too anon. That's why I don't wave the American flag, after all that's the flag that's been waved during the execution of thousands during many wars, segregation, concentration of Asian populations etc... When you wave an American flag do you have a "Hitler" or "Stalin" flag as well?

There's a way to be patriotic and not be ignorant to the global community, you folks are just struggling to find it.

Disclaimer: My comment regarding the American flag was satire, used to show that many folks can view our flag the same as you who disagree with Che's actions see his.

Anonymous said...

Che is one man. The comparison doesn't work.

R Huse said...

Wow, that takes me back. I remember when I was a teen and that "so what, America is responsible for lots of deaths too" moral equivalency tack seemed thoughtful. Anyone else remember being into that same tired crap that, at the time, we thought was so novel?

Oh and Mike? Nice try about not knowing what stanza meant. You brighten my day like no ones business kid, thanks.

Mike Mayhem said...

Go ahead and dismiss the claim, it just re-affirms your ignorance to the global community.

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