Monday, May 01, 2006

So what?

So what? Today's pathetic display of... what were they displaying again? Oh yeah, that Unions are good at organizing people.

Sample conversation:

Union Organizer: Hold this American flag.

Clueless protestor: No senor, I am Mexican.

Union Organizer: No, no, today you have to pretend to want to be an American.

But really, the numbers are on our side. I have always said that any publicity that this issue gets is good publicity, the media can't spin it to work in favor of amnesy, of encouraging us all to have to learn Spanish, of workers being displaced and of our nation being disrespected.

Continue to march my illegal brethren, continue to make demands, continue to align yourself with communist groups. Americans know who you are and Americans don't like you.

The media can say this is about "immigrant rights" but they just taint the good people that are legal immigrants. They can say this is about Hispanics but they just taint the good people who are Hispanic. This is about illegal aliens, people who decided that they wanted something but didn't want to work for it.

So what if you march? If you think you have the numbers why don't you try to get something on the ballot? You think you could pass a ballot measure to give illegal aliens a "drivers privilege" card when they can't get a real drivers license next year? Don't make me laugh.

Enjoy your two minutes of fame guys, you will have some good stories to tell your family when you are back in Mexico!


Brent said...

If's poll is any indication these protests are doing exactly the opposite of what these illegals want. :)

The poll asks if illegals should be granted citizenship. As of a few minutes ago 81% of the responses are against granting them citizenship.

BEAR said...

Daniel, I was on the street during the "too lazy to work" march. I counted at least 20 mehican flags in five minutes. One guy saw me frowning loudly at a marcher who was waving a large mehican flag, ran over to him and pulled the flag into a furled position, and reminded the guy not to wave it so high....PRICELESS! I was also on "pill hill." Lots of illegals up there,taking a break from the anti-American march to get free health care.

axe01 said...

"beaners go home!" "NOW!"

Mike Mayhem said...

Reasons why you folks hold no credibility:

"beaners go home!" "NOW!"

Enough said.

Sue K. said...

Have to admit, my day was not impacted whatsoever because illegal aliens did not go to work or school. Hmmmmm, and I was hearing that the protests were going to paralyze the United States! Just goes to show ya, maybe the illegals aren't as important to our economy as they think they are. Anyone hear from Bush today? He's probably hiding.

Allen said...

Remember, a Guest Worker Program could and would likely will give the Illegals all the benefits of a Citizen and Bill Bradbury and his Demo pals will give the ability to vote.

As they were chanting, "Today we march, Tomorrow we vote."

In South Salem I saw where the La Hacienda restaurant was the only closure and that happens to be about the best Mexican food.

Pity! We are going to miss it.

Anonymous said...

How About, instead of calling them illegal, we give the legal residence in the u.s.a! And then they won't be illegals, problem solved :).

Axe01- they are home. . .

nek said...

Where are any of the politicians hiding when it comes to enforcing the Country's laws? The discriminatory application of the Country’s laws is a sure sign of our coming demise as so elegantly stated by former Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm in a Washington D.C. speech about the eight methods to assure the destruction of the United States.

Bruce said...

I went to several places in and around Salem. I checked the Adult and Family Services on Mission....only two sets of hispanic lookin' people. Although there was a beautiful bright red Chevy truck(pretty recent) in the parking lot with one of "those people" (said especially for bm & mayhem to rag on me) in it waiting for the fatter, pregnant half to come out. I then went over to the Salem Hospital in the Emergency (read,hispanic's primary care physician) Room. Was shocked to see absolutely NOBODY there....not a soul (it was pretty dark in there,the lights didn't reflect off any gold teeth). Then went over to Winco on Commercial (usually busy). It was the highlight of my day. NO HISPANIC WORKERS...No hispanic customers. Gotta hand it to them,they didn't go into Winco when i was there. SUCH A PLEASURE!!!! Not to hear that infernal shitty language all around me. Not to see any fat, pregnant mamacitas with uncontrolled,crying,runny-nosed kids grabbing at things on the shelf (probably learning how to shoplift). Such a pleasure to see,just for a day, what my country used to look like and sound like when i was a small boy. Came close to tears realizing how far we have let this country slide into the grip of the socialist based agenda of the far radical left PC crowd. Have spent a couple of hours watching Channel 44 on all the special coverage,mainly with Rep. Dana Roerbacher....what a guy!!!! Hates this crap that went on today. Larry King has a good discussion going.....a lot of coverage on the side of people that DON'T believe this crap is a good thing for our country. I do see a large response on the TV from a lot of people that have verbally come out hard against this invasion after the shit they pulled today. If we grant amnesty or a watered down version immigration bill all it does is put up an open sign to everybody in the world that we cave in easy. Had a good day overall but i think i'll retreat into my memories that were brought out so vividly at Winco. Play a little Doo-Wop...5 Satins "In the Still of the Night"...Cleve Duncan & the Penquins..."Memories of El Monte"....Ron Holden's "Love you So". Kiss my girl goodnight hopeing that this country will be safe and still here when she is on her own and try not to cry myself to sleep.

R Huse said...

God Damn – Viva la Revolution! Could we please have a protest like this every day of the week? I don’t know if it was all the urging to counter the protests and buy something, but business was great today. Normally this is a slow season for us, but today was incredible.

And Mike Mayhem - Glad you finally seem to recognize that name calling destroys ones credibility. Who knows, maybe you will apply that logic to yourself!

A banner day as far as I am concerned!

peod in Oregon said...

Down here in Eugene I didn't notice a diffence at all except the streets weren't quite as crowded. Please more boycotts.

Mike Mayhem said...

lol, I don't call people names... I speak of characteristics vaguely and those who posses those characteristics get offended. Thus me never having to call anyone a name and still being able to provide myself with humor.

Scottiebill said...

Anonymous 825 came up with his usual brand of idiotic solution to the problem of the illegal criminal aliens - give them what they want carte blanche: No applications for citizenship (not that they could read them anyway), no waiting for the process to work through the system, no going to Seattle to take the oath of citizenship, no memorizing of the various historical events in the making of the U.S., none of that which any serious applicant for citizenship has to do. These people want it all handed to them for nothing, just as they want drivers licenses, voting privileges, and welfare checks and food stamps handed to them the minute they illegally cross our borders. And anonymous is buying into all this, just like his heroes in D.C., namely Kennedrunk, McCain, Pelosi, Reid, and, last but not least, the California state legislature, Guillermo Bradbury, and Teddy the K.

Anonymous, have you applied for your citizenship in Mexico yet? You should really get that done, because with the encouragement you and your ilk are affording the illegals, there are bound to be lots of openings down there. And you can take roger doger, elrazonador, and BM with you.

peod in Oregon said...

Mikey-keep up the mental masterbation. Maybe your skin will clear up.

BEAR said...

just thinking of all the original concepts coming from central america: The "zero," and the Mayan calendar seemed the most important.....the former being their best attempt at self-description, and the latter what they refer to when a task needs to be completed within hours.

Anonymous said...

Mike gently chides us with:

"Reasons why you folks hold no credibility:

"beaners go home!" "NOW!"

Enough said.

How do you feel about the term "gringo", Mikey?

[ he won't like it. he hates everything.
he likes it!
hey, mikey! ]

R Huse said...

Mike is denying he is the biggest name caller when he cant support his argument and gets all frustrated? Zounds!

Quoting Mike Mayhem from his reply to my post in the Cost Benifit Blog.

>Again nice attempt, try to debate the actual topic next time einstein (yes, I was calling you a name).

Dude - That was like two days ago. Put down the pipe. Put down the pipe and step away. Just walk away.