Monday, May 29, 2006

4 more years of Ted

Constitution Party to select governor candidate
The Constitution Party of Oregon has recruited a mystery candidate for governor who promises to make things uncomfortable for Republican nominee Ron Saxton by raising abortion as a central campaign theme.

"We've had what I would consider to be an excellent candidate for governor that has stepped forward," Ekstrom said. "I think our candidate this year is going to be someone you'd call a well-known public figure."

The Libertarian Party is the party of small government. Four years ago they ran Tom Cox in a three-way race between himself, Teddy K and Kevin Mannix. The margin of victory that Kulongoski got was less than what Cox got.

So what did the Liberterians get? MUCH bigger government with Ted.

What will the Constitution Party get? Much more abortion with Ted.

I'm all for bloodletting (see Tues or Wed for announcement) but losing on the very issue that you claim to support is self-defeating.


Allen said...

Divided we fail.

Our thanks to Tom Cox for having to endure Teddy Koolonkowskis.

What a patriot!

Lets stand together behind Ron Saxton and run the bums out.

This is our last chance.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is like some of you BLOG idiots that are such cry babies about Jason that you would support WESTLUND!

EVERYBODY get behind Saxton or TED will sit in that chair again.
Saxton is not perfect and neither is ANY politician.

YOU vote for anyone but Saxton and I hope you rot in HELL & get all the pain and discomfort you deserve.

GULLY, you fricking PUSSY, that includes you. DO NOT give "resistance is futile" any HITS, IT doesn't deserve the count, N. Korea already has a website for childish imbeciles.
And my space can fulfill those teen fantasies for the rest.

Crackpot said...

We could all rationalize reasons to not vote for Ron Saxton this year. I have heard a few compelling arguments, but none that outweigh the alternatives.

The Constitution Party is a one-trick pony with abortion being the be-all, end-all issue. Then theres Westlund, the big government "progressive" (ex-republican?) running as an independent. No self respecting conservative could vote for this guy, unless they were deliberately trying to sabotage the republican nominee.

I'm going with Saxton. Somewhat surprisingly, even a few of my registered democrat friends have said the same. He'll get no love from either fringe of the spectrum, the pro-amnesty crowd or those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo with PERS, but the rest of us should be on his side.

BEAR said...

I'll continue to abstain until Saxton shows his true colors. If he caves to the left, he'll not get my family's vote.

Daniel said...

I think on this issue you have to ask yourself a simple question:

Will a vote for the CP candidate stop or reduce abortions now or in the future?

I believe that the answer is no.

Will a vote for Saxton stop or reduce abortions now or in the future?

The restriction bills that may pass the House (not the Senate) would be signed by Saxton. (He says) This would have the effect or reducing abortions.

Again, I agree with everyone that we need to hold Saxton accountable for the positions that he has taken. Wavering on something like opposition to partial birth abortion is not something that we should tolerate.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand folks that would support a one issue candidate that could possibly toss the election to a guy like Teddy K. again. C'mon you folks, think it through. What is there to gain with a one issue candidate? Standing for principle is great but sinking the ship in the process gets none of us anywhere! Support our only hope for control in Oregon. Support Saxton!

KS said...

The Constitutional party are losertarians. Do they really care about the known consequences ? Why don't they meet with Saxton and negotiate their issues ? Also, what about Ben Westlund ?

Those who vote Repub., but don't want to vote for Saxton, ask yourself - is there any way Ted K. would be better than Ron Saxton - don't be fools !

Anonymous said...

What do you get if you run a minor party candidate and throw the election? Why, name recognition, of course!

Who would know about Tom Cox if he hadn't kept Mannix out of Mahonia Hall? Who would have heard of John Hinckley if he hadn't harmed Pres. Reagan? Recognition by damage is weak recognition.

Who is this mystery man who will injure us by trying to save us? Whoever you are, I wish you well, but I wish you were wiser.

From our Bunker near the Lloyd Center

Gullyborg said...

Anonymous 2:10 is Rick Hickey of Oregonians for Immigration Reform. I can no longer support his organization as long as he is their mouthpiece.

If Kulongoski is re-elected, it won't be because of any 3rd party candidates. It will be because Ron Saxton isn't a good candidate.

Lavern said...

Ricky Hicky is a complete douch. As a lobbying organization that was supposed to work towards getting the illegal criminals out of this state, they sure the hell dropped the ball.

Smith and Wyden were easy marks and OFIR didn't even put pressure on them. The best Hicky can do is trash good allies. Where was the action on illegal immigration, you worthless prick Hicky?

As for Saxton, I won't be voting for a liberal like him. If all I have is the CP candidate, I will take it. A vote for Saxton is a vote for abortion and every other liberal pet project. So, do what you like. Neither I, nor my family will be joining you.

I am Coyote said...

Like Bear I too am abstaining for now. Just call me Missouri (show me) on the gubernatorial election for a while.

I voted for Al Mobley against Dave Frohmeyer and now we see just how CRAZY LIBERAL Frohnmeyer has become. I think we saved our state from a real wackjob that could have done the Republican party A LOT of harm. Remember Tim Nashif endorsed Frohnmeyer back then as well.

The difference this time is that Saxton has at least paid a passing glance to conservatives, whereas Frohnmeyer tried to publicly shame them. The problem with Ron is that he is not being honest about his change. He is saying that he has not changed when he has been caught in several changes.

THAT goes to candor. It would be much easier if Ron would say something like... "I have learned a lot since the last election. I have spoken with many people I have changed my outlook on some issues...yadda yadda..."

Anyway... I will be breaking the name of the Constitution party nominee later this moring.

yip yip

bobby said...

Im just not going to vote, I would have voted for Mannix or Atkinson but not Saxton IMO he is selling himself out and the voters out just to get elected. I will not have my name attached to him when he turns left.

Yes people can tell me but Teddy K... I learned from voting for Bush never to vote for RINOS again, and at the end of the day when Bush=Kerry on over half the issues it makes no difference if you have a RINO or democrat.

Playin' Possum said...

HA HA HA HA HA! If there is a single issue Republicans "deserve" to lose over, its abortion.

Until you learn to mind your own business and keep your morals where they belong - in your own privacy - you aren't fit to rule anything - even yourselves.

CapitalistPig said...

When will conservatives in Oregon learn that they can't get everything they want? I mean I'd prefer a more conservative Governor too, but hey that isn't going to happen. The solution is to get someone who is at least "moderately conservative" in and start turning back the damage these extreme leftist governors have done to the state for the past 20 years and start paving the way for more conservative candidates down the road. Now Saxton is better than "moderately conservative", but anyone to the right of Kulongouski could do the State a lot of good.

This is part of being an adult...accepting you can't get everything you want and working with what you got. Too bad there's always got to be some conservative faction in Oregon that won't grow up though.

MAX Redline said...

Lars claims the CP candidate is Mary Starett.

What a waste of money!

Two things really bother me about this "race", and both deal with single-ssue mindsets.

The governor can't do a thing about abortion, so running as an anti-abortion candidate is stupid. Even if SCOTUS were to overturn Roe v. Wade tomorrow, the Portland voters would never permit a law that counteracts the supposed "right" to "choose".

Same applies on running as an anti-illegal alien candidate. While there are presently a few things a governor could do, such as denying drivers' licenses and other services to illegals, the fact of the matter is that federal policy determines the outcome of the issue. If Bush and the Senate get their way, the governor's view of illegal immigration will be moot - because they'll be granted amnesty and suddenly won't be illegal any more.

Atkinson had a realistic view of the situation; Saxton did not - and now that he has the nomination, he's already backpedalling furiously.

I invented the mullet said...

Possum sez : "Until you learn to mind your own business and keep your morals where they belong - in your own privacy - you aren't fit to rule anything - even yourselves."

So, by that standard my moral objection to murder shouldn't be made public? After all, it's none of my business if some one wants to kill you, right? And child molestation is morally repugnant to me also, but- hey, that's just my moral standard and I should keep quiet, right?

I don't get it.

Tell us, Possum, were you born this stupid, or did you go to school in Portland?
[W/apologies to those who, although educated in public schools, actually learned something useful.]

P.P., you're such a tool!

BEAR said...

My family is sick and tired of being taken for granted by every tom, dick and rino who gloats, "so who are they gonna vote for?" We'll vote for whoever we please, or not at all. We shall not settle for Saxton or any other democrat posing as a republican. Ron can call himself a green koala bear, but that won't make him one. He is a politician lawyer!!! Nothing can keep him from "adjusting" or denying anything that issues from his mouth, regardless of the semantic contortions or perversions required to fit his candidacy to the latest polls.

HMIL said...

Capitalistpig (geez, I feel a little guilty writing that ... seems mean ... oh well), I agree that part of growing up is understanding that you can't always get your way and working with what you *do* have ... however, another very important part of growing up is learning what's important to you and learning how to take a stand and support that stand.

As my mama used to tell me while I was growing up: "If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything". I haven't made my mind up about Saxton just yet, but it's my right *and* my responsibility to stand by the decision I make, whether the rest of the Republicans I know and love agree with/respect that decision.

One thing I fervently believe is that Republicans shouldn't be trying to bully each other into voting as a bloc. What are we if we stop being independent thinkers? Isn't that part of what being a Republican is about ... actually thinking through things instead of trying consensus building?

Defeat Saxton said...

Rick, you and you alone are the prime reason for me staying out of the fight.

As long as you lead OFIR, I will not support it with funding. Nor will I support your chosen candidate, Ron Saxton.

Congrats, you have just lost the election for Ron Saxton.

Anonymous said...

If anyone who votes for Saxton claims that they are for life, they need to rethink themselves as being for life. Supporting an abortionist is no different than performing one yourself. That may seem too simple for you ultra complex haggling minds but if you can't stand on principle then you should to be clear about that. A vote for Saxton is a vote in favor of abortion and the liberal values that are destroying our state.

Anonymous said...

"vote for my guy, or else you are a pussy idiot"

wow. I was going to vote for Saxton, but now I think I'll vote for Kulongoski instead. I judge candidates by the people who support them. if Rickynonymous is indicative of who likes Ronnykins, aint no way in hell he gets my vote.

you "vote Saxton or else" people may as well say "vote Saxton or jackbooted thugs will kick in your door and beat you with hammers." that's about as shrill as you are getting.

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