Monday, May 22, 2006

Kudos to Kulongoski

Washington County Corrections Hispanic Services Team
Provides bilingual/bicultural assessment and supervision to approximately 425 monolingual (Spanish) offenders, about 200 of whom are on supervision for DUII.

Almost half of the Spanish only folks on probabtion in Washington County are drunk drivers? Do all of you realize that every single one of us is potentially a victim, a dead victim, of a drunk driver?

Obviously giving drivers licenses to people doesn't make them safer. Kulongoski could stop making Oregon a "we love DUII drivers" state by taking away the ability of illegal aliens to get drivers licenses. This won't stop the ones here from driving drunk, and potentially killing a kid, but it will discourage new ones from coming.

More failed leadership from Kulongoski. Saxton says he will stop this practice.


Anonymous said...

It won't make any difference if the washington crowd make them all citizens.Then they (illegal Aliens) will still get to legally drive vehicles

Daniel said...

You are absolutely right.

Anonymous said...

And 47% of them will do it while completely smashed on Pacifico and Tequilla.