Friday, May 19, 2006

I guess I'll fax him again

Senator Smith's voicemail is full. Again. I hope that it's you guys lighting him up about how you won't ever vote for him again if he votes for amnesty, guest workers or an increase in immigration!


Crackpot said...

Emailed Senor Smith just the other day. No cookie cutter response yet.

On a semi related topic, has anybody else been approached by PCUN propogandists recently? Two men identifying themselves as volunteers for Oregon Farmworkers had setup shop in front of my neighborhood grocery store and were stopping folks as they entered. The main theme of their rap was that our government was forsaking them, comparing their plight to the victims of Hurricane Katrina on the gulf coast. I briefly skimmed the leaflet they were passing out, which echoed the same sentiments. I politely stated my opinion on the matter, both men paused and moved on. From what I saw and overheard while I shopped and when I left, they were not having an easy time selling their misinformation. Anyway, I found it funny in an odd sort of way. Think all of this congressional debate and political heat is making the undocumented crowd a mite nervous.

So, any similar encounters out there?

Anonymous said...

I filled S. Smith's voicemail to continue with his decisions.

Sue K. said...

And each time you called did you leave your name, anonymous?

Anonymous said...


I called both Wyden and Smith about the Guest Worker/Amnesty scam. Couldn't leave a message using the Portland numbers... both voice mails are full. I left a message instead using the Bend and Pendleton contact numbers.

Hope it does some good.

Dan Jezeski, USCG (Ret.)