Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Moving forward

A lesson from last nights election: Don't come out in favor of amnesty!

Moving on, we have a candidate who says no licenses for illegal aliens, yes to private property rights, no to out-of-control spending and yes to school choice.

Those of us who had/have misgivings about this candidate should now put them aside and work to give Oregon a Republican governor.

All three Republican candidates said that they would support the eventual winner, we should all take a lesson from that.

I look forward to replacing Kulongoski. (seen with Fernando Ugarte, Mexican consul)

Statement of Governor Kulongoski
We are Americans not due to our birth or immigration status, but rather because we choose to accept the concepts upon which the country is founded.

We don't need more of that.


Fundy said...

We are Americans not due to our birth or immigration status, but rather because we choose to accept the concepts upon which the country is founded.

And what concepts would those be, breaking the laws of the country that you sneak into? Oh I know..... Not learning the language or customs of that conceptual country, or obtaining forged documents for employment. So to say that only those who accept your Utopia concept are Americans is a little far fetched, I believe the term melting pot comes to mind sir! That is what the United States is all about oh clueless one; enjoy your last days in office!

Rick Hickey said...

Democrats & Republicans voted for RON because most Americans want a stop to illegal immigration.

We all need to come together to get rid of Ted.

If any of you are going to send money to his campaign to help, send it to OFIR via our PAC.

Ron is already grateful to us BUT money talks and B.S. walks (Gully you can run away now)

You want Secure Drivers' Licenses?
Proof of citizenship to Vote?
NO State benefits to Illegals?
English Immersion only?

Send money to OFIR ,we will send Ron a big check and he will sign these Bills next year as a thank you. We can hold him to his word.

I hope nobody wants Gay marriage, Art Foundation at Taxpayer expense and BIG Supporter of ILLEGAL Aliens, Ben Westlund.

We have to all come together on Saxton as I have read & talked to many Democrats that want Ron for immigration enforcement. Ted will lose, Ben isn't even close.
Don't waste your vote on Ben or Ted, lets fix Oregon this year.

Bruce said...

Daniel... now that Saxton is the candidate why don't you take down Atkinsons picture and now make it a Saxton for Governor blogsite network. You can do that on mine if you want to.'ll never get it, will ya? The Melting Pot concept would work just fine if ALL people would sort of assimilate to the abstract concept of "American Dream" but when you have a large and vocal faction out there that looks you in the face and says to you "I will not learn English and i will not respect your culture or your values or your ways...I'm just here for the benefits and jobs" WE HAVE A LARGE PROBLEM!!!!!!!

Ric said...

I know it is from a differnt blog - but check out this post and photo
The Corner

The posts can roll off their page.

Jim in KFalls said...

Um Rick
Do you want us to keep sending money when Ron starts waffling on his immigration/guest worker stance too?

Rick Hickey said...

Jim - That is the point I tried to make.
If Ron sees money coming in from OFIR, He will be reminded NOT to waffle. We have more than DOUBLED our membership this year.
rik - Great TRUE photo of a little Kid shooting at our Border Patrol.

Saxton has seen the results of the Governor race in Nebraska and the Mayor race in Herndon Virginia.
He knows that what happened was because of their stance on ILLEGAL Immigration.

AND most important - if Votes are wasted on Westlund, Ted will win.

Scottiebill said...

Daniel, That's a good photo of Tweedle-dum-dum and Tweedle-dee. Which is which? Or does it really matter? I can't tell them apart.

If the President and the powers-that-be in D.C. really wanted to stop illegals from coming here, they would have to do two things: 1. Tell the IRS to disallow any wages paid to illegals by any and all employers as deductions. 2. Tell each state that any continuance of giving drivers licenses, voting privileges, welfare and food stamps, and free schools, and any thing else in between to anyone who cannot provide legal proof of legally being here, that state will be cut off from any Federal funding for everything - schools, roads, everything!

Do you suppose that this might get the attention of Teddy the K and Guillermo? I didn't think so. And, of course, the AlQaeda Civil Liberties Union would have a lot of b.s. rhetoric that they are so famous (or infamous) for.

Anonymous said...

A better lesson is don't underestimate the power of Lars Larson in beating a fellow conservative to death. Instead he and KXL threw everything behind a RINO while condemning Jason Atkinson every step of the way. There is no doubt that those third party candidates are going to be a factor. I won't be voting Republican this November.

Anonymous said...

don't lose sight of the damage done to America by greg walden and gordon smith. rated 0% and F- by immigration watch organizations. these corrupt bastards are as much responsible for the danger we are in as is mexican george. they think if they lay still in the weeds no one will notice them. don't let 'em get away with it.

Crackpot said...

Amen Brother Daniel!

It is time to unite the clans and focus on on defeating the greater enemy, rather than squabble amongst ourselves. There will be plenty of time for that after we replace the current governor with the republican nominee. I hope that's one goal we can all agree on, even if the chosen candidate may not jibe with some folks wish lists. I'll take a pragmatic approach and back Saxton, believing that even making a small dent is progress toward busting through the wall. I almost find it difficult to believe that some folks who supported other candidates in the republican primary would be willing to just hand it over to Ted or cast their votes for Westlund. I guess they must envision some sort of republican martyr payoff, but I aint seeing it.

As an independent, I do not vote in the republican primary. My political philosophy would also be classified as more conservative than most around here, even many registered republicans. I decided last year to cast my vote for the republican nominee, even if he was not my favorite candidate. I'm going to make good on that pledge, and it remains the best option. Bottom line, electing Saxton beats every alternative. Even if you don't particularly care for the man, realize that you're facing one of life's shit sandwich dilemma's. Take a bite & enjoy.


BEAR said...

Daniel.....If Saxton can remain STRONG on taxes, all illegal alien issues, and those stupid California emissions standards, I'll breakdown and vote for him. Otherwise, I expect a (tongue-in-cheek) told-you-so.

Daniel said...

I'm absolutely going to hold him accountable for his promises. I'm anxious to here his message for the general election.

Jim in KFalls said...

So what you are saying is if we flood his coffers with cash he will continue to stand up against illegal aliens?

Doesn't that sound like buying someone's allegience to you? I thought we nominated someone who truely believed in the cause?