Monday, May 01, 2006

Tales from the other side

That's it folks, we are clearly outmatched. The intellectual prowess of the illegal alien marchers are far superior to ours. Case in point:

From "Speedballing" (the act of injecting a mixture of cocain and heroin) blog:

“The anti-war movement’s got nothing on this man. They had like a million f**king people marching in L.A.”

I’m sitting in the south park blocks next to two bombed out aging street hippies.

“F**k man, this could be the start of the real revolution,” the one on the bicycle replies.

About four hours earlier I had been walking vigorously through downtown looking for the march. I knew it was supposed to start at noon in the south park blocks, but I didn’t know the route, and I was already twenty minutes late – and a bit drunk.

This isn’t my march. This isn’t my cause. I’m an anglo. A gringo. More important than my ethnicity, I am a citizen.

I am here to show support. Solidarity. I will respectfully bring up the rear, while those who have earned the honor to do so, take the lead.

Wow. Is it even possible to understand a person who glorifies intravenous drug use and shows up to illegal alien rallies half drunk and filled with liberal white guilt? This is the "masses" that make up these rallies.

I'm not sure how you "earn the honor" to take the lead in a parade where criminals are demanding that laws be change for them (no officer, I wasn't speeding, the posted limit is way to slow...) but I'm guessing that it's not a pretty ritual.


Mike Mayhem said...

It's funny, I often cite your blog this same way when I talk to rational humans.

Daniel said...

Well thanks Mike, but would you say that the author of the speedballing blog is rational? I would like to know for comparison purposes.

R Huse said...

Hey – Lets face it. If you have always wanted to get totally lit up in public and go wild, this was the place to do it. Clearly it is a law enforcement free zone so you kind of have to let this poor pathetic guy have his fun where he can find it.

At the end of the day you can almost understand him – a protest to demand the right to be rewarded for breaking the law; to demand the right to be a citizen, while waving the Mexican flag; to demand the right to be treated without racial discrimination while organizing, to a large extent, under the auspices of some very racist organizations. At its core you really do have to be a little drunk to see this as reasonable.

Mike Mayhem said...
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