Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stress relieving rant

Posts have been thin because my daughter is in the hospital with either a strep or staff infection in her leg. My wife and I are taking turns being there and I'm driving back and forth to Emanual a lot. She could use your prayers.

Have a sick child is tough and I'm going to use this forum to vent about a few things.

First, my kids don't watch tv. Maybe once a month. But having a bunch of tubes in you and being stuck in a hospital bed my daughter is watching what passes for cartoons these days.

It is disturbing. This morning I watched two shows: "Dora the Explorer" and "go Diego go." Both of these shows seem to be marketed to the children of illegal aliens whose parents use the tv as a baby sitting device.

Diego is the male version of Dora and let me describe this episode. He was taking a llama (who only spoke Spanish) to a library to deliver books to kids (who only spoke Spanish). Along the way he counted things (in Spanish) and sang songs (in Spanish).

Now my daughter (who the folks at the Oregonian would call "bi-racial" and would refer to the neighbor girl she plays with as "whiter") doesn't speak Spanish. She counts in English, sings in English and checks books out from the library in English.

I anxiously await the day when illegal aliens start self-deporting because they can't get jobs, social services, a bank account, a drivers license, a library card, etc and kids can watch cartoons in English again.

As for the drive back and forth to Portland... I'd like to kick an "urban planner" in the balls right about now.

And hospitals... I hate them. Germ filled places of death as far as I'm concerened but my daughter is getting some great care and while this is going to cost me some money, (my insurance requires me to pay a portion) I'm glad that we aren't under Hillary-care where we would probably be on some waiting list.

Oh yeah, as I was driving back home just a bit ago I caught Lars' round table with the candidates for governor... two of them. Now I voted for Atkinson because I feel that he has the strongest verifiable conservative record, but staying away from Lars' show is... I can't even think of the appropriate word.

El razondor, Mike Mayhem and company come to this forum even though the majority of people here disagree with them. Folks like Kaelri usually try to make actual arguments and back up their positions. (I'm not giving any credit to the name-callers) Do these guys have more guts than Atkinson to take a position, take it to an "unfriendly" forum and defend it?

If Atkinson wants to take a bad position then he should be willing to stand up and tell us some good reasons why. If he wants to be governor then he should be willing to take his message on all the issues to any forum that is provided. I'm disapointed that he chose to stay away.


Anonymous said...

Daniel, sorry to hear about your daughter, I hope she gets better soon. Prayers are with you. ORB

I invented the mullet said...

My prayers go up for your little girl.

MAX Redline said...

Those staph infections in the leg are really nasty; I had one last year. Doctor told me that part of the problem is that there's not a lot of blood supply to the front of the leg - where these things usually begin. Hoping for a quick recovery for your daughter!

On the other stuff: urban "planning" is wonderful - just ask Metro. They love 'em.

Atkinson - That's the one area in which I've been fundamentally disappointed in him. I don't mind that he "supports the President's plan" because it doesn't matter. That's a federal issue, and so it doesn't matter whether any governor is for it or against it. What mattered to me was that Atkinson was the first candidate to identify steps that he, as governor, could - and would - legally take to stem the flow of illegals into this state.

lgwdnbdgr said...

Just another reader delurking to send my prayers to your daughter...

BEAR said...

Hey, Daniel, your daughter will be fine. My son was born at Emmanuel.

Saxton was asked two direct, yes or no, questions on the Lars show. He ducked big time. When Mannix asked him to actusally answer the questions, Saxton ducked, AGAIN. My wife and I didn't vote for any so-called Republican candidate this time. None of them are worth warm spit.

Rick Hickey said...

My prayers to your daughter Daniel.

I am sorry I never talked with you about supplemental insurance or you would be getting a check in the mail to help with those expenses.
I have helped many people with their money problems related to an injury or illness, some in the 5 figures amount.

I voted for Saxton even though I like Jason also. Ron hasn't hid under his desk from anyone, Jason has. Next wednesday it won't matter anymore anyhow.
We need a Republican to run this state for a change.
AND next round a R as Sect. of State and a R as Attorney General And another R for Supt. of Schools.
Yes Castillo was a D.

Mike Mayhem said...

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter, as for your rant I couldn't help but think of this;

el razonador said...

Hope your daughter has a speedy recovery, Daniel.

Daniel said...

Thanks to all of you. She's 3 years old and having a tough time understanding that the doctors are doing what they do to help her, she's pretty upset with everyone right now.

Kaelri said...

My best wishes for you and your daughter. I appreciate the mention in your post, as well.

Rick said...

Daniel, here's hoping your daughter gets well soon.

Sue K. said...

Daniel, I know it must be hard to see your little girl sick. Here are some hugs and kisses XOXOXO! Hope she is up and running around soon!

LarryB said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter, I have been there before and it is very tough having a child in the hospital.

No doubt there are other lurkers who wish you both well.

Robin said...

Daniel, your daughter is in my prayers and I hope she has a speedy recovery.

On the way home today, they were talking about Peter Defazio being the guest speaker at one of the universities and that there are going to be protests because he supports HR 4437.

The same old song and dance, where college students are upset that crossing the border will become a felony if 4437 passes.

For me, I was just very thankful to hear that Peter Defazio is supporting 4437, conversely, it saddens me that the college students that support illegal immigration don't really understand the consequences of what they are supporting.

Please keep us updated on the progress of your daughter.

RINO WATCH said...


My daily prayers are with your daughter & family.

As for your comments re: Jason....

I'm so dissapointed in him and his lack of manhood to stand up to Lars.

Best to ya & your family!!!

Bruce said...

Daniel...Me and my daughter really hope that everything goes well and safe with your daughter. Emanuel is a good hospital. I catch her sometimes reading the blogs when she thinks i'm busy doing something else and not looking. I too, am disappointed in Jason's ducking out of the Lars show, but i guess at some time every politician acts like a "politician". All of us know that at the top of every politicians list of things to do is first and foremost....protect himself!!!! However, Jason will be on 1430 at 9:00 am tommorrow...I have heard!!!!

greenInk said...


From one father to another, best wishes for your daughter's quick recovery. It's way harder to watch them go through stuff like this than to endure it yourself.

The Cheezer said...

Our prayers are with you and your family as well. Your daughter is in as good a place as she can be.

As for Atkinson, I have to respect the man for telling Lars to bite off.
Lars attacked Atkinson on several occasions in a way that wasn't acceptable and for Atkinson to realize he is more mature than that is a huge thing.
Atkinson moved away from a platform that proved negative and only offered him harm. Would you continue to put your hand in the dog’s mouth if you got bit every time?
I respect Atkinson for his decision and his balls to turn away from Lars.
I have lost all respect for Lars and his antics.
The longer Saxton and Mannix are around Lars, the more negative the campaigns have become.
You don’t see that with Atkinson

Anonymous said...

Daniel Don't Worry, in that hospital there is a lot of latino nurse your daughter is in good hands and you can ask for the permit to work if you don't trust.

the 'Virgen Maria' is with all your family, remember she is the mother of all mexicans she is going to take care of all your family if you have faith.

and for the cartoons remember, spanish is going to be the language in america soon!
by the way, your national anthem is going to be in spanish soon!

take care Daniel and have faith.
think in virgen of guadalupe.
pray a lot.

Sue K. said...

I just knew anonymous would have to appear on this thread. roger doger can't be far behind.

Daniel, Still hoping that your little girl is home soon and well. Please let us know when she's out of the hospital.

Erik said...

Anon, I hope that you get pinned between two city buses today. I'll be praying.

Oregon Infidel said...

I'm hoping your daughter gets better soon.

Tim Lewis said...

Praying for your daughter and your family.

Gullyborg said...


In a few days, your daughter will be fine and Oregon can look forward to GOVERNOR Atkinson.

Lars makes it sound like he is reaching out and Atkinson is backing away, but there is more to it than that. Lars has been on full-blown attack mode since January, and Atkinson has made a wise strategic decision to use other forums. He has noting to gain and everything to lose by appearing on the Lars Larson show.

Now go get some books for your daughter to read so you can turn off that hospital tv!

Anonymous said...

Wishes to be with you. I remember how freaked out I was at 6 years old when I had a series of hospitializations due to some particularly nasty ear infections. Read her the Bible, that always comforted me.

Anonymous said...

Dan'l, you have my prayers for the kid. As a parent, I know what you're going through and I support you.

Bruce said...

Anonymous 8:23 (the first anonymous). That is really lowdown to post something like that on Daniels blog when everyone is wishing him the best for his daughter. This thread should be for Daniel's daughters well being ONLY!!!! Therew will be plenty of oppurtunity to post your wish for a hispanic America on other threads....HAVE SOME CLASS!!!!!

Bruce said...

El Raz.....Very nice post and nice sentiment. Good Man!!!

KS said...

Atkinson has no chance to win the primary. It will probably be Saxton. I am from Washington, but grew up in Portland and I marvel at the fact that alot of people don't see the corruption that a all-male voting system brings here. They are trying pass that garbage in King County, reputed to be the 3rd most corrupt county in the USA.

If Ted K. gets reelected governor by a narrow margin - less than 2% even with the 33% approval rating, Oregonians should consider the likliehood that the illegal votes will be what pulled him through and there was a fraudulent result. How about getting an initiative on the ballot to repeal that corrupt system ?

KS said...

I meant all-mail voting system.

Anonymous said...

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