Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kulongoski: Illegals are more important than kids

Kids Are the Collateral Damage in Meth Epidemic
Authorities estimate there has been a 45 percent increase in the number of children in foster care in Oregon in the past four years due to a huge increase in drug- and alcohol-related arrests. And that has put enormous strain on the overburdened Oregon system.

"The number of calls we started getting in child welfare around meth-using parents … shot through the roof," said Jason Walling, head of Child Protective Services in Marion County. "We've seen a rise on average of 35 to 38 children coming in to foster care a month, till now we have well over a hundred children a month coming into foster care. And in March of last year we saw approximately 165 children come in, just in that one month."

So meth, among other drugs, is ruining children's lives. This article keeps talking about local meth labs but clearly there are more users than there are cooks here. So where does the meth come from? Let's ask the DEA:

DEA on Oregon

Methamphetamine is one of the most widely abused controlled substances in Oregon. Two "varieties" are generally encountered: Mexican methamphetamine, which is either manufactured locally or obtained from sources in Mexico, California, or other Southwest Border states; and methamphetamine which is produced locally by area violators. Of the two types, Mexican methamphetamine continues to flood the market.

Gosh, the solution must be to give Mexicans guest worker status so they can travel back and forth between Juarez and Oregon with greater ease. Oh, and let's give them drivers licenses so when they get pulled over on I-5 they will just be given a ticket and then they, and their trunk full of drugs, can go on their merry way. And according to the DEA they will not just bring back meth:

Heroin typically is transported overland to Portland via the Interstate 5 corridor from source cities in Mexico through traffickers in California.

Mexican black tar and brown heroin are the primary types of heroin distributed throughout Oregon, controlled by Hispanic poly-drug trafficking organizations.

These organizations also traffic in cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana (of Mexican origin).

Hispanic traffickers are the most common sources of cocaine in Oregon, and it is sold to Caucasian distributors.

"Transporting the drugs that Americans won't transport."


Robin said...

yes, we can see how sleepy Ted's plan to take cold medicine off the shelf has really reduce the methamphetamines supply in Oregon.

Way to go to Teddy

by the way, wasn't it a really great that he asked us if we even wanted this law in the first place..oh wait.. he didn't!

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Mike Mayhem said...

I've been silly enough regarding your absurd meth related comments.

Stop minimizing a serious life destroying problem such as meth. As someone who has lost touch with many friends to said epidemic I am offended by your exploitation of this problem to push your utopian agenda. Again I ask you to stop, it's absurd and inconsiderate.

I invented the mullet said...

Mike, Mike, Mikey, I too have lost not only a couple friends but a family member as well due to drug use, so if your statement is true(and I have no reason to doubt it), I understand how you must feel. But to say that Daniel is "minimizing" it or exploiting it to push his "utopian agenda" is a bit beyond the pale, even for you.
And what's wrong with wanting a world where no one is addicted to or dies from drugs?

BEAR said...

MMMMikeyyyy, folks who acknowledge drugs as a problem, and then refuse to support actions required to stop it are.....INSANE!! Get yourself to rehab, please.

Khaldun said...

Daniel, I didn't realize there were so many illegal Canadians transporting drugs in and out of the state as well.

Better get that fence up on both sides!

Returning to reality, your bias slant that (all) Meth is being transported by "illegals" is rather silly, almost as much as the parallel you try to draw between said Meth suppliers and the kids they effect.

What happened to all that "personal responsibility" your types are always chirping about? Is it the Mexican drug trafficker's fault that people get hooked on Meth and ruin their's and their children's lives? Maybe it's the illegals fault, you say?

There's plenty of realities concerning illegal immigration to be concerned about without making them the cause of everything that is wrong with the world.

Mike Mayhem said...

bear, thanks for the immature response.

There's nothing wrong to push for a world without drugs, in fact I've dedicated a lot of my time to try and build said world.

I personally feel that Daniel's either minimizing said problem or he's actually buying this cop out that a closed border will stop meth. They'll stop people who pick your fruit not the well oiled machine known as drug trafficking.

The militant and naive presentation of these facts, leads me to think that Daniel is taking statistics about a large issue and exploiting it to go after the scapegoats known as illegal immigrants.

Which is why I find it offensive, it seems (I may be wrong) he sees numbers to help push an agenda where as I see friends and family members who are unable to hold jobs or see their own kids.

Again, I ask you again to STOP politicizing a serious problem.

BEAR said...

85% (?) of meth comes from mexican superlabs, I believe. Mayhem, you continue to make a fool of yourself. Border security is not possible to scapegoat, it either exists or it doesn't. Thanx to the turncoat rinos, kids will continue to be victimized. Pick a side, Mikeeey.....sheesh.

B.M. said...

So it goes from illegal immigration being a national security problem to a concern for our childrens sake, hmmmm. If you say so.

Sue K. said...

Both......and more! (national security problem and concern for our children's sake).

While securing our border(s) will not eliminate the meth (drugs) problem completely, it sure as hell will put a huge dent in it! I don't know how anyone can argue otherwise.

Scottiebill said...

Of course illegal aliens are more important to Teddy the K than kids are. In Oregon illegal aliens are allowed to vote (primarily Dumocrat) and kids are not.

Anonymous said...

Sue k.,

You are correct. A huge reduction in the availability of meth and other illegal drugs would be realized with improved border security. Other benefits to a secured or closed southern border include;

• Reductions in crime (particularly rape and murder)
• Reductions in the cost of public assistance programs
• Less exposure to disease
• Reduced health care costs

Khaldun said...

Other benefits to a secured or closed southern border include;...

Did you miss the amount of trafficking across the northern border, or are you willfully ignoring it?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I had a friend who's parents came here legally from Mexico. He was born here in the US and became a cop. He told me that nearly all the meth busts were illegals bringing it up from Mexico as well as cooking it here in the US with supplies from Mexico. It was very disturbing to him as well as me. I've witnessed people who got hooked on meth and let me tell you, they will do anything to get it at some point in their addiction, even murdering their own family. If Kulongoski succeeds in giving illegals driver's licenses; I believe it will only increase the flow of illegals and illegal drugs into the US and our beloved Oregon... God help us all. Let's vote him out of office US Citizens.