Monday, May 01, 2006

They love our country

Today is the day that criminal aliens demonstrate that we "need" them. Much like a doctor could demonstrate that you need him by cutting of your pain medication after surgery, the criminal aliens goal is to make businesses and the community suffer. By attempting to make us suffer they will show us how much they love this country...

Indymedia is providing this helpful note for parents:

To: (Principal's Name) , Principal

(Name of School) School

I gave my son/daughter permission to exercise his/her constitutional right to protest. Therefore, he/she did not attend school on May 1, 2006. The U.S. Constitution and the California Education Code (Sec. 48907) and Board Policies permit students to exercise their rights. As a parent I will not tolerate any sort of punishment for my child's participation in protected activity. Any type of punishment will be considered retaliatory against my childs civil rights and subject to legal action. If you have any questions or concerns please put them in writing and mail to my address of record.

NOTE: Taking legal advice from people who protest naked is not a smart idea... therefore every illegal alien should definitely use this note.

Some things to note:

The top three beef-producing companies, Tyson Foods (TSN), Swift & Co. and Cargill Inc., all said they were closing plants. (for this event)

Take note of which businesses support this nonsense and which are able to carry on their activities with no shortage of workers. The ones that aren't short handed are the ones that play by the rules!!

Make today your shopping day, buy a new lawnmower, some clothes, perhaps a new firearm. But nothing that is made in Mexico!


Roger Doger said...

Conservative shopping day? You are failing to mention the high numbers of wall street conservatives that are supporting the Today's work stoppage. Surely you don't think all those business, farmers, stores and resturaunts are owned by Liberals. If you so, you are more wet behind the ears than Mr. Hicky.

One business owner that I know, a staunch Savage conservative, will have his business closed down for today. I am sure there are thousands of other conservatives in this country doing the same thing. Take that into account when you make some phoney-ass name up for tday.

B.M. said...

Nothing from Mexico? I thought you werent' racist Daniel. You think that there aren't other illegal immigrants from other countries? But your not racist right?

B.M. said...

And what are you going to do with your new firearm? Go shoot an illegal?

Your true self is coming out Daniel.

Are you the real daniel too?

Erik said...

Yeah, B.M. is really making sense now!!

Bruce said...

I hope everybody owns a're going to need it in a couple of years. Don't forget to go to a practice range and bone up on your marksmanship. Use one of those human figure targets but first paste a copy of Vicente Fox's face on the head portion or any life size picture of someone with 5 gold teeth holding a Trail Card or TANF check.

Mike Mayhem said...

I'd like to congratulate the illegals on being able to strike fear in the heart of Daniel. Good work guys, I knew they didn't have faith in their cause.

Bruce said...

You should fear too...Mayhem. Your name describes perfectly what is coming in the future.

Playin' Possum said...

No common sense at all...

You know, I think it's time for a complete meltdown here in the good ol' USA. We've earned it.

It's becomming increasingly obvious the real problem is cheap American businessmen who want a way around wage laws, safety laws, and general worker's rights... If those businessmen - those capitlist enemies of capitalism - are, as roger doger insists, "conservatives," all the better. Arrogant fools... If employers really followed existing laws there would be no problem - except a massive labor shortage, which would be a good thing. If people had to pay a fair price for the goods produced by the near slave immigrant labor maybe they would re-learn respect for their affluence.

Political union with Mexico now. While we can still control it.

Rick Hickey said...

MEXICO is having a "No Gringos Day" via Papers and Radio in MEXICO
MEXICAN flags are flying at these Rally's.
Not ONE from China or Ireland.
It is NOT a Racial thing, we have Illegal Aliens from all over the World.
ONLY MEXICO is being defiant and Boycotting this Country that takes care of over 30 Million of its citizens, just from MEXICO.
And if CHINA or wherever starts this crap, we will BOYCOTT them too.
THEY have made it a Racist thing, You don't here or see the Illegals from CANADA whining about RACE, do you?

Scottiebill said...

I wrote a rather lengthy email to Tyson yesterday informing them that I will never buy another Tyson product because of their support of the illegal criminals. They have sent no reply as yet. That could be because they have recieved a good deal more negative emails besides mine.

Scottiebill said...

Possum has it right. Besides going after as many illegals as possible and deporting them, the government whould go after those employers who hire illegals by telling them that they will not be permitted to write off wages to the illegals on their tax returns. That aslone should slow down a whole lot of this nonsense by these employers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah its may 1st. No school and no work. Awesome.

Many companys closed for the day! We have great support guys, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I not only made my kids go to school today but told that they needed to wear their flag pins and they were to call me if they got sh-t for that.

B.M. said...

I can't decide who is more hateful Bruce or The Real Daniel.

Or are they the same person?

peod in Oregon said...

B.M. you are an idiot.
Nothing from Mexico? I thought you werent' racist Daniel. You think that there aren't other illegal immigrants from other countries? But your not racist right?
I suppose NO GRINGO DAY isn't racist. Get a clue. The most vocal of these anarchist are extremely racist (La Rasa, Mencha) They don't want to be Americans, they want to remain loyal to Mexico. Unfortunately, there are enough near sited hate America sheep like you to make this a problem.
Personally, I would gladly exchange a hard working immigrant that wants to become an American for a bunch of slack ass ignorant
anti-American BMs.

B.M. said...

So, peod in oregon, I supposed that everyone, and if not everyone the majority, of immigrants legal or illegal are trying to convert america into mexico?
As for ignorance let's not go there, it shows through when you have to resort to vulgar or innapropriate language. Don't act as if I am anti american because I don't agree with the hateful attitude of people like Bruce, The real Daniel, and yourself.

Learn how to treat person even if they are here illegaly, be grateful that you were born in america, it would be a different story if you were born in some third world country.

Big Mike Lewis said...

I've started a Boycott Cinco De Mayo campaign on my blog...let's show them who has the power!

Erik said...

I don't think that anyone here that was born in the United States is not grateful of that fact. The greatness of this NATION is exactly WHY we need to secure our borders and our sovereignty. Transforming this great NATION into one that more resembles our neighbor to the south, both politically and economically, is not something I am prepared to let happen without a fight!

B.M. said...

Boycotting Cinco de Mayo, how can you boycott something that you don't partake of? Isn't that a Mexican Holiday?

So what are you boycotting going to a hispanic bar and getting wasted?

B.M. said...

People do forget that they live an amazing country, and then they get prideful about it, and want to get rid of anyone that isn't here legally or that doesn't believe the same as them.

If you really think that our country is being taken over and you are prepared to fight for it.
Why don't you pack your bags and go offer your service with the minutemen. Or are you not that concerned about it?

Tom Alexander said...

We kept our office closed today. We don't have any illegal aliens or immigrants on staff (for sure), but our employees did decide to work Saturday so they could take today off to show solidarity with both our nations workers and immigrants. I am having all calls routed to my cell. It was a great idea becuase today is too gorgeous to sit in an office, but I'll tell you the cell is keeping me hopping.

I gotta tell you, driving around Salem and through Portland this morning there were alot of businesses closed. I think this is definately a great thing. It must really scare many of you far-right conservative folks to know that American workers and immigrants have such solidarity. Well, I got to head home. The sister is cooking up something to celebrate a little May Day. ;)Adios!

Mike Mayhem said...

Does being wrong ever get boring for you guys?

Anonymous said...

Tom, thanks for the support.
Haha good one mike.

MAX Redline said...

There are two big things that really irk me about Bush:

1) his constant reiteration of the lie that illegals are here to do work that Americans won't do.
2) his push for amnesty (or as he calls it, "a path to citizenship"). I've long maintained that the majority of illegals have no desire to become citizens. They want everything they can grab, but they don't want to assimilate as US citizens.

There are a few thousand illegals and their sympathizers marching in downtown, and of course the news media is feeding it.

one of my co-workers (from Uganda) is so laid back that I'm often tempted to check his pulse to see if he's still among the living, but this outrages him. He says that there are laws, and if he can fill out the paperwork and go through the long process of becoming a US citizen, then so can they. He says, "the paperwork is very imposing; you would not believe. And it takes a long time to become a citizen. But I am an American! Not an African-American, not a Ungandan-American, but an American. And these people wish for all of the benefits of America whereby they do not have to spend any effort to earn them. What is wrong with these people?"

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Daniel said...

Mexico is not a race. Mexican is not a race. Perhaps you mean Hispanic but I won't put words in your mouth. A boycott against products from Mexico is not racist.

I think that Mexico is a pitiful country. They would rather export their citizens than try to make their country better, they refuse to help us in the war on terror, refuse to extradite killers and they are about to legalize marijuana, coaine and heroin.

Calhoun said...

tom alexander said : "We don't have any illegal aliens or immigrants on staff (for sure)..."

Why don't you? You a racist or something? Maybe your office should get picketed until you confess your thought-crimes against The Race.

BEAR said...

I'm trying to remember how many wars the mehicans have won.....oh yeah, the same as france, albania, and nigeria.....NONE! March on, chicos.

Big Mike Lewis said...

Keep sippin' the Kool Aid, brother.