Sunday, April 30, 2006


Also, I just found out that I will be giving a statement to KGW channel 8 for their nightly news. Look for me there.


Bruce said...

GOOD FOR YOU....GIVE IT TOP THEM BUT GOOD. What time is the channel 8 news on??? Don't let them make you look like a fool. Keep those wits about you.

BEAR said...

The leftie media just don't get it. No wonder their numbers are failing!

Daniel said...

The channel 8 will be at 11:00 I think.

Allen said...

Gonna hafta stay up to see Daniel on the tube and rejoice in the Rainy forcast potential for Monday.

Cool and windy if nothing else.


Anonymous said...

Please know that tomorrow the Illegal Aliens and their supporters plan to deprive the US economy of their spending the Illegally Gained Incomes they
enjoy at our expense, and also hope to compound that Harm on all retailers and industry by jamming the streets and highways and keeping we Non-supporters from going about our business and spending our . . . Legally Gained Income.

The purpose is to Shut Down the United States of America so as to prove who has the Power and . . . who does Not!

Mike Mayhem said...

Yes, that is the idea of a strike...

Allen said...

Oh yes, the ODOT Reader Boards (both fixed and portable) are up and shining all over the central valley and Salem explaining the Major Road Closings and expected traffic jams that are to come off as of Monday May 1.

That includes a Big chunk of Hwy 22 which is a major East/West route through the City.

I would not want to try getting to Salem Memorial Hospital short of Lifeflight.

Nice to see how our Governments are Embracing the Diversity of the Lawless!

Anonymous said...

Rain tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Lets see if they can see if they can stay away from the free health clinics for a day. I doubt it. When all they have to do for payment is smile and say "Gracias", I doubt that they will boycott any of the freebies that they enjoy due to the hard work of LEGAL US citizens.

I am so sick of their bitching I could just scream. Lets hope that once they start marching tomorrow that they will head south and keep on walking.

Anonymous said...

Mike Mayhem,

Many today look upon strikes as only to call attention to their cause.

Harmless events you see.

These folks intend to Harm!

Robin said...

you did good

jwalker said...

And immigration patrol will be there looking for green cards?

B.M. said...

Who says people aren't racist.
Bruce please stop posting yourself as annonymous.

It's sad to think that people believe that these human beings are going to try to harm others.

Mike Mayhem said...

the strike i took part in didn't harm, in fact we even put a break in our line of 700 plus (in a town of no more than 13,000) so an ambulance could get through. The only "harm" that was caused was from the opposition (i.e. your kind).

Anonymous said...

I did not know they started airing "ignorant redneck of the week" segment.

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